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Benefits from up to date content you can rely upon | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

The problem many organisations find difficult is seeing the benefits from publishing standards.  I remove the barriers to show the benefits from each publishing standard in my next few posts.  Publishing standards aim to:Improve the overall user experienceMake people using your intranet more satisfied with itImprove people’s productivityBenefit your organisationImprove people’s quality of work

People must be confident they are using the most up to date information.  They need to clearly see a review date to be assured...

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The benefits from knowing who owns all your intranet content | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

The problem with many organisations is their difficulty seeing the benefits of publishing standards and why they are needed.  I will remove the barriers by showing the benefits from each publishing standard in my next few posts starting with content ownership.  Publishing standards aim to: Improve the overall user experience Make people using your intranet more satisfied with it Improve people’s productivity Benefit your organisation Improve people’s quality of work...

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Leveraging the Power of Online Forms at RRPS

As a Support Technician at Intranet Connections, I have the pleasure of working with the wonderful and creative individuals that make up the Intranet Connections family of customers. I am blown away by the unique ideas implemented in our intranet software by our outstanding clients. One client that continues to revolutionize the way they use their intranet is Rio Ranch Public Schools and their intranet champion, Peter Barron.

Rio Rancho Public Schools (RRPS) is a public school district run in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. At the center of this school district is an incredibly passionate and enthusiastic Intranet Services Ma...

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Top 6 Other Names For Intranet Software -


You may remember my last post about stellar intranet experts and thought leaders I researched to get a better understanding of this fascinating and exciting industry. As I’m still fairly new to this industry, I take every opportunity to learn more about intranets as I can. In my research, I’ve found intranets are referred to as so many different things, it’s hard to keep up! Everything from ‘Internal Website’ to ‘Web Workplace’, intranet software can have many names. My blog post today covers what other names for intranet software are, and what other software systems an intranet replaces.What is an Intranet?

As a rece...

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Be more dog and other first time intranet manager tips » Interact Intranet Software

Depending on the size of your company and the scope of the intranet, it may not be necessary to add a full time employee to your workforce in the shape of an Intranet Manager and indeed many of our new customers do not have budget or scope for this role.

It therefore becomes a responsibility that is absorbed by HR, IT or Internal communications (indeed my own background is as an Internal Communications Manager who took on launching an intranet).

Sound familiar?

I’m often asked “what are your top tips for people taking on the Intranet Manager role” and whilst the answers can vary organisation to organisation there are some principles that are constant. So I thought I would share these with you!

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Your publishing standards toolkit | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

In my last post ‘Looking under the intranet bonnet‘ I explained how publishing standards are the foundation to a consistent user experience. The problem I find is that most organisations have publishing standards – usability is the most common one – but how they are implemented can be flawed.

I recommend you follow the next steps and use it as part of your publishing standards toolkit.  The other part of your toolkit will be the publishing standards.Frequently I find there is no agreed scope for the application of publishing standards.  Is it just for news and pol...

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SharePoint is not for you | Ellen's Digital Workplace

It is very tempting to create and configure a Team Site according to your own ideas. You have a very clear view on how you want a site to look, and the site will be a good showcase of what you can do. But this is not always the right approach.

You may like things that look nice, but are not so useful for your audience.

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Intranet Search Designed for Maximum Productivity

Intranet Connections will soon be releasing Super Search, Version 13 of its intranet application. As the Product Manager, I wanted to focus this weeks blog on the reasoning behind re-imaging the intranet search experience, and the lessons learned. The following is a discussion I had with one of my colleagues when asked about Super Search.“Why did you choose to focus this release on intranet search?”

We listen very closely to what our existing customers have to say, and for our customers who have been on our product a long time, search was becoming frustrating for their users. You see, in the beginning, at any organization the...

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How Microsoft is integrating Yammer into SharePoint 2013 | Content Formula

Microsoft is working tirelessly to integrate Yammer with SharePoint 2013. We take a look at the features you can expect very soon that will make your intranet more social.

Yammer enhances your SharePoint intranet by replacing or complementing the basic social features of SharePoint 2013. The two systems are not quite integrated yet, but much progress is planned and has been made for Yammer and Office 365 integration.

It’s not possible to talk about SharePoint 2013 without mentioning Office 365...

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The Microsoft digital workplace – new tools to get to grips with

The intranet is no longer ‘one thing’. While the intranet may be the foundation of the digital workplace, it is made up of several platforms and tools. If SharePoint has always been your focus, prepare for the new wave of Microsoft tools to enhance your ways of working.

You have a digital workplace, even if you don’t have a digital workplace strategy yet.

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The intranet dump and how to rise above the pabulum

Relevancy and usefulness are the keys - good communications should not only be interesting to people, but influence their behaviour as well.

First drafts are precious, and so not to be trusted. Step away from the screen; let someone else read it; come back and revise without squeezing the life from your words.

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Measuring internal communications: Don’t get drunk on cheap intranet statistics « Digital Workplace Group

When measuring internal communications on the intranet, you can’t rely on basic web statistics to demonstrate value. Don’t settle for the number of comments per article and get side-swiped by an underwhelmed executive.

“A page view is not an idea understood, a behaviour changed or a user engaged.”

I wrote those words in a DWG research paper called “Measuring Intranets” published in 2012. It seemed to strike a nerve. Metrics is an area that is always tough for intranet teams. You either don’t have good numbers or, when you do get numbers, you have no idea whether to trust them or even what they actually mean.

Today we publish a follow-up briefing paper for DWG members called Measuring Internal Communications: Targeted metrics that demonstrate impact. The full report is exclusively for DWG members but I’ll give a flavour here and you can download the executive summary for free.

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12 key concepts behind digital workplace success « Digital Workplace Group

How do you define and manage the digital workplace? What is the role of the intranet and the intranet team? This compendium includes 12 key concepts to answer those questions. Are you ready?

In this, the last of my series of blog posts, I’m going to look back at what we’ve covered and also tackle that tricky question for intranet managers: When is the right time to try and manage the whole enchilada of the digital workplace? Or, if you are in the trenches of intranet management being shot at on a daily basis, should you just concentrate on Mission One?

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Improving the ‘single box’ of enterprise search

Search on intranets has become a little box of desperation. We need to move away from thinking of enterprise search as being a single search box on the top right of our intranets. Instead, we should offer dedicated search interfaces tailored to specific tasks.

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Looking under the intranet bonnet | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

When you buy a brand new car, what is it that impresses you first?  Is it the colour?  Maybe the shape?  Or the style of the interior?  That is what a new intranet can be like; a good design, nice graphics and maybe some dynamic images that catch your eye.

However, what will most likely make you decide to buy is what is under the bonnet.  How reliable is your car?  How comfortable is it for you as the driver or passenger?  How economical will it be to run?  Again, this is what an intranet can be like.

Have you compared a brand new car with a recently launched or ...

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Intranet Now – the UK’s first intranet (un)conference | Intranetizen

Here at Intranetizen we’ve long wondered why the UK doesn’t have its own fully-fledged intranet conference. It seems we weren’t alone – but now two intranet practitioners have taken matters into their own hands and organised the UK’s first independent intranet conference, Intranet Now.

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Connect. Collaborate. Create. with Your Intranet Software

You may have noticed that recently we revamped our Intranet Connections, logo with a new tagline: Connect. Collaborate. Create.  However, this is more than just a change to our logo, it speaks to how Intranet Connections helps and interacts with organizations every day.How We Connect. Collaborate. Create

Connect. Collaborate. Create. not only showcases what our intranet software, helps you and your organization do better, but also it speaks to all facets of what we do at Intranet Connections. This includes our interactions with you - our customers, our Intranet Connections family, and potential clients that would like to joi...

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Your intranet hosted in the cloud – turning the idea into a reality » Interact Intranet Software

So you’re thinking about hosting your intranet in the cloud but struggling to get buy-in? Maybe recurring costs are looking high in comparison to the traditional on premise offering which is putting the Senior Management team off and you’re not sure how to bring them back on-board.

If you’re concentrating on cost saving then this may prove problematic.

The true potential of a cloud solution is to look beyond the cost saving and consider the long term objectives of the company. Let’s examine some of reasons why a cloud hosted intranet can benefit your organisation:

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Join 80+ people for a full day intranet conference in the UK

We offered 80 cut-price tickets for 'Intranet Now' and they all sold in a fortnight.

This means we’re certain to fill our room – which is important when you consider just how big our room is!

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Does your intranet inspire, involve, inform and aid interaction? » Intranet Conference

If you’re looking for some new ideas to reinvigorate your intranet or you’re just starting your intranet journey and you need some guidance then Interaction, the UK’s biggest intranet conference, is the event for you. Read more

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