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The Importance of a Cool Intranet Solution

Get out your binoculars folks. Beyond the hills is a massive group of young and talented misfits that have learnt to value the meaning of cool. Many organizations today are faced with a Baby Boomer generation approaching retirement and now is a critical time more than ever for organizations to start attracting Millenials to their workplace.

Beat your competitors by getting a head start on the development of your future assets. Build a talent pool that encourages future innovation, creativity, technical adeptness, cultural understanding and competitive advantage. With an increasingly rampant competitive business sphere, great y...

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How to write a Community Manager job description

So you've got yourself an online community and need someone to take care of it... Considering the recent wave of Web 2.0 technologies and the advancement of community and forum-type platforms, you think it would be easy to find someone who can head up a community, right? Not even close.

The job of community manager is a fairly new one and often encompasses a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Finding just the right person to fit the bill can be a challenge. Starting with the right job description is critical to making the right hire for the position. The bottom line is that you won't find someone who can do every single thing on your list. You'll need to know up-front which responsibilities are more critical to your community than the others.

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I am going to Intranet Now. Are you? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I signed up today to go to Intranet Now, the conference / unconference about intranets and the digital workplace. I am looking forward to going because it will be a great event.

I also want to find out if the governance of intranets and the digital workplace is improving and if so, how that is being done.

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Six ways to present quick links on your intranet homepage

Synopsis: See six different examples of how companies have designed the quick links on their intranet homepages, with screenshots and analysis.

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Do you Need a Cloud Based Intranet?

If I had five bucks for every time someone talked about ‘the Cloud’ in conjunction with intranet software, I would surely be able to fly our team off to Brazil to watch the World Cup finals!

Investing in a cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) model, for corporate enterprise intranets is a hot trend that continues to build momentum in the market.

Having said that, interestingly, when we talk to our Intranet Connections customers about making the move to ‘the Cloud’, the answer is – No, they will not. Perhaps many of them are not interested in moving their on-premise intranet to a cloud-based intranet because a large maj...

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5 intranet features you shouldn’t live without

Is your intranet being used frequently amongst your employees? Have you managed to get your least technology savvy employees on board and embracing your intranet in their everyday activity? If the answer is hmmm, not sure or no then carry on reading, you may just be missing one of the ‘must have’ features that our customers find vital to the success of their intranets.

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Crowdsourcing a department’s glossary | Ellen's Digital Workplace

It was interesting to see 2 posts in my blogosphere last week about using wiki’s for enterprise acronyms, one from Mark Morrell and one from Thoughtfarmer.

I agree with this:The Wiki is a great tool for co-creationA repository of enterprise acronyms, or a company dictionary, or a jargon buster, or a company glossary, will be very useful for every organizationThe repository is essential to speed up onboarding of new employeesGiving employees the option to help build the repository is a wonderful idea

However, I still totally disagree with using a wiki for the company glossary. The main reason: you do not want everyone to be able to change official descriptions.

Here’s how I created a departmental glossary.

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Resurrecting your intranet from near-death

Your intranet may be neglected, or even grinding to a halt owing to age. Whether you mean to revamp or replace it, here are some ideas to help you improve it now.

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Early-bird tickets available for Intranet Now | Intranet Now

‘Intranet Now’ is the brand new UK conference for everyone who contributes to the intranet.

Join us on Tuesday, 2nd of September in central London for a full day focusing on how the intranet is best used to support business goals.

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Animated intranet launch videos to excite and delight » Interact Intranet

Using video to promote the launch or relaunch of a new intranet is a great way to gain exposure and engage employees.

We have seen some great videos over the past 12 months and have been extremely impressed with the design and messaging that has been used to ensure our customers and others have launched their intranet with a bang!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your own intranet launch video then here are some of the best videos that have worked towards ensuring high adoption levels and employee excitement towards their company intranet.

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Why sites keep you coming back for more | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

The sites I use most frequently for the latest news or to order something I want to buy or to help me with a problem e.g. travel directions are not unique sites. There are alternative sites I could choose to use but I don’t. I keep using the same ones. Why is that?

Firstly the site I keep using obviously meets my needs but if we take news sites as an example there are many that provide the latest news. It is not just that it provides me with news, there are other reasons why. A new design may be compelling for the first time and new features may also ...

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13 Weird, Wacky and Fun Intranet Ideas & Features | Intranet Extranet Blog

We’ve come up with 13 downright weird, wacky and fun intranet ideas and features. Some of these suggestions are so crazy they might just work, others, we’re happy to admit, should never see the light of day. 

 Reminders from your Mum

To make sure your day is full of tasks and reminders from both your work and family life, the Mum Reminder is the perfect solution. If your Mum hasn’t received a response, she can use the medium of the corporate intranet to channel her disappointment, and to rally support from your colleagues with her campaign of shaming you into action. 

 Random Intranet Cat Generator 

This has ...

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What do you want people to do on your social intranet? Two lists

It’s not about the social features, it’s about getting stuff done. Don’t tell people about ‘status updates’ and ‘activity walls’, rather, focus on working out loud and helping colleagues.

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Is Your Workflow Management Software Working For You?

If your company is similar to the many of the small businesses that I speak to, you likely still have workflow systems that were implemented based on the size of the company back when you were just starting up. The most common methods of communication that I’ve run into include sending internal emails and filling out paper forms.

These manual workflow methods are efficient and cost effective methods of running your business when your company still has a relatively small number of employees.  However, as the size of your company grows these methods can cause information to fall through the cracks, causing potentially detrimenta...

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What it takes to launch a new intranet conference

There isn’t an independent intranet conference in the UK. If willing to travel, you can have your pick of annual intranet events across Europe, but there’s little for the intranet manager at home.

wedgeThat could all change if you’re ready to support a grass-roots initiative that has the potential to deliver the most innovative and practical intranet conference outside of Copenhagen.

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Stellar Intranet Blogs & Intranet Experts

Hello Intranet Connectors! As the newest addition to the Intranet Connections team, I had a thirst and desire to ramp up my intranet knowledge quickly. Probing my stellar and informative Intranet Connections teammates on who and what they read to stay informed on intranet trends, ideas, research and thought leadership, they provided me with a wealth of knowledge that you may also find valuable to you.

Here is the quick list of intranet blogs to follow that have come highly recommended by our Intranet Connections Team: Worldwide Intranet Challenge (@roojwright) Wheat & Chaff (@Peter_Richards) Intranetizen (@Intranetizen) Column...

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These Intranet headlines will make you rich!

We had a little fun with the #IntranetLinkBait hashtag on Twitter – transforming everyday corporate news into overly sensational headlines to parody the outrageousness of some websites. Here we share some of the best, but is there a need to modernise our internal comms headlines?

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Content tactics – creating intranet pages

How to implement your intranet content strategy on the page.

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How to spot your intranet is on its last legs

You mean to get the maximum value from your ageing intranet and try to ‘sweat the asset’, but everything is slowing down and whole sections of the company ignore the intranet. At some point, you have to admit that the system is on its last legs. What are the signs that push you over the edge?

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An equation for good comms – a short video

A channel experiment - and the key equation to good communications.

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