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Financial Retail Training on your Finance Intranet -

Your intranet can be an indispensable tool in implementing the universal banker model.

The tellers at your bank or credit union branches are highly trained on transactional processes. When a customer comes into the branch to deposit a cheque, your tellers can do that quickly, and with a smile. But what happens when a customer asks how to install your bank’s new mobile application?

The transformation of tellers into universal bankers is a daunting challenge for any financial organization. Universal bankers (or member consultants at credit unions) must be proficient both behind and in front of the counter. With the c...

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Publishing content: Use it, don’t abuse it! | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Content that is easy to use does not appear like that by magic.  It is having standards on usability, supported by training and guidance, that helps to make this happen.

Many organisations find it difficult to see the benefits from publishing standards.  I remove the barriers to show the benefits from each publishing standard in this series of posts.  Publishing standards aim to:Reduce the risk of sensitive information leaksImprove the overall user experienceMake people using your intranet more satisfied with itImprove people’s productivityImprove peo...

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Why is the Scottish referendum similar to intranet governance? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Last week the people of Scotland took part in an historic vote to decide on the level of democratic governance they felt best met their requirements.  Did they want to have a full devolved level of governance where they made all their own decisions?  Or did they want to have a framework balancing the right level of central direction or strategic governance while meeting local requirements?

I thought it sounded familiar and I realised how our intranets have a similar approach.  If your intranet is out of touch with what your organisation, users, and ...

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Why Document Management is Necessary for your Organization -

You’re sitting at your desk, when suddenly an e-mail from your boss requesting the latest version of a critical policy document she urgently needs for a meeting arrives. No sweat, you will easily find it on your company’s document share drive. You begin by looking in the likely places starting with your department folder you think it should be in – no luck. No problem, you will just use the search box to find the document, typing in a predictable title. There are plenty of document matches for your search but you know that not one is the document you seek. Panic sets in and your boss is now calling your desk phone, as sh...

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How to Optimize Your Finance Intranet for Financial Planning Week -

As Financial Planning Week descends upon us, the hustle and bustle of getting your bank, credit union or financial firm prepared for this busy week is daunting. The good news? Your Financial Intranet can help by eliminating the dozens of emails that need to be sent to all employees, providing a central depository for all related documents to be stored and educating/training staff on financial planning week initiatives.

Want more good news? This blog is packed with great ideas on how you leverage your Financial Intranet to accomplish all this and more. Have a browse and let me know if you come up with even more ideas o...

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3 Highly Effective Intranet Examples -

“Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery” – Charles Caleb Colton famously wrote in Lacon, Or, Many Things in a Few Words: Addressed to Those who Think Lately (1824). Given this, we decided to share some highly effective intranet examples you could, um…’flatter’ them, by leveraging the incredible ideas and innovative ways they have been using their intranets.

Digging through our previous blog posts, there were number of highly effective intranet examples we could have highlighted. However, through a diplomatic internal vote and impending time constraint, we have presented the three fantastic highly effective intr...

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5 Keys to Improving Employee Retention -

Recently, we published a blog about how eLearning can help improve employee retention, and I’ve stumbled upon several other articles on ways to boost employee retention. Employee retention has become a hot button topic these days as it becomes a growing concern for many companies. According to a recent Forbes article, employees are abandoning their current employers at a record rate making employee retention evermore crucial for employers today.

With employee engagement initiatives on the rise,  is there something your organization could be doing better to retain your top talent?  I was curious myself and set off on a...

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Supercharge your web content entry using Markdown

Markdown is much faster using the text styling features built into most content entry systems. Invented 10 years ago, learned in 10 minutes and loved by geeks, academics, medics and bloggers around the world - but who else has even heard of it? What is it and why are writers predicting that it will be the next big addition to CMS software? Malcolm Davison of 'Writing for the Web' explains and invites you to follow the links and become a convert yourself.

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What to do after the launch of your intranet – part 2

The intranet design and launch project may have been a vast investment of time and energy, but that’s now in the past. You need to help make the intranet an integral part of the people’s ways of working. Creating and delivering specific training topics will give people the confidence and competence to make best use of the intranet.

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What to do after the launch of your intranet – part 3

Continuously improving your intranet after launch will not only ensure it remains relevant to people and your organisation, it also demonstrates your value. Aside from developmental and design improvements, your maturing intranet needs to support new projects and help solve business problems.

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Delivering digital workplace training to 6000 global employees

Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company with 2000 employees at head office in Denmark and thousands of employees around the world.

Frederik ZebitzFrederik Zebitz, Collaboration Manager, leads a small team supporting the company’s strategic goal to create a ‘high performance workplace’ by delivering training that covers people’s everyday software and specific tasks.

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What to do after the launch of your intranet – part 1

Designing and launching a new, or revamped, intranet may be a massive project, but the success of your efforts isn’t the launch – the journey towards a useful intranet has only just begun. Some ideas on where you should focus next.

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Would you like a sneaky peek of other company intranets? » Intranet ConferenceWould you like a sneaky peek at other company intranets?

SpeakersWorkshopConferenceLocationWhy Attend?GalleryBlogBOOK YOUR TICKETiiC14 on TwitterKelly ConnorConference SpeakersTags: interact intranet, intranet conference, intranet software, intranet tours, intranets Sep 23Would you like a sneaky peek of other company intranets? Intranets by their very nature are internal assets with only company employees having the credentials to access them, so when researching intranets to find out the good, the bad and the ugly you won’t find much to look at in the external world. Real life examples, the pain points of adoption and honest feedback on what works and more importantly what doesn’t...

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Your working life just got a whole lot easier with Interact Intranet 7.5 - Interact Intranet Software

The easiest intranet in the world has landed with the launch of Interact Intranet 7.5. This latest release of our intelligent intranet software incorporates over 100 small changes to make one big difference – an intranet that is simple to use and helps people get work done.

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Blog -How to Create Engaging Intranet Content - Blog -

This blog post has been written by Claromentis Co-Founder and Information Architect Michael Christian.

I had a meeting with a customer who is both an intranet and internal communications manager; the topic of how to create more engaging intranet content came up and after much discussion, we agreed that it’s down to one simple method:

“Don’t create news, create stories”

Storytelling is one of the oldest engagement techniques – it has been used since the dawn of human civilisation. Stories tend to stick for long periods of time and they’re often passed from generation to generation.

It’s also the most powerful wa...

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Can you risk your sensitive information leaking? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Can you risk your sensitive information leaking?  Many organisations find it difficult to see the benefits from publishing standards.  I remove the barriers to show the benefits from each publishing standard in my next few posts.  Publishing standards aim to:Reduce the risk of sensitive information leaksImprove the overall user experienceMake people using your intranet more satisfied with itImprove people’s productivityImprove people’s quality of work

Information needs to be correctly categorised so people can access all the content they have permission to view and use...

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Intranet Now has a bright future! | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Congratulations Wedge and Brian for successfully giving birth to Intranet Now yesterday.  It was a privilege to be there yesterday.  I have never experienced such an atmosphere of goodwill and wish for everything to go well from everyone – delegates, speakers, and sponsors.

It is hard to appreciate the amount of hard work over a long period of time with many decisions needed for any event to take place.  You succeeded: well done!

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How Your Intranet Helps with Change Management -

As we are gearing up for our Super Search release, I began to think about all the different things an intranet can help with within an organization. Not just the “techy” things, but how it helps with productivity, efficiency, employee engagement, collaboration and even employee retention. But another, perhaps less thought of way to utilize an intranet is with change management, which is critical in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business world.Change is in the Air

Whether we embrace it or avoid it, change is inevitable. Especially in today’s workplace with how quickly technology improves. And often when organization...

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Intranet Personalization to Drive Adoption -

Your intranet is a central hub of information which allows your employees to find information faster and get their work done more quickly. A central Document Repository, Interactive Online Forms with Automated Workflow, Company Events with Outlook Synchronization, are just a few ways that the intranet can help streamline your business processes.

An intranet is a great place for employees to go to for information and resources.  However, the intranet houses resources for several departments such as: IT, Marketing, HR, Sales and more. This means when an employee goes to find the information they need, it is surrounded b...

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Intranet Now 2014 – the afternoon session | Intranet Focus Ltd

Several of the morning presentations at Intranet Now had been about small intranets, so it was a good contrast to have Kim England (Pearson) describing the implementation of a global Jive social intranet called Neo to complement a large number of individual intranets. Pearson has 40,000 staff speaking a very large number of different languages. People prefer to be social in their own language and the Pearson social intranet uses the auto-translate in Google Chrome. Even though the results are not always spot on they are good enough for people to decide whether to follow-up with a call or emai...

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