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IBF Live is now Digital Workplace Live, but why?

Over the years you came to trust and respect IBF Live. You knew that every month there would be a reliable place to peek behind the firewall, to see live tours of an intranet, collaboration platform or mobile app at companies such as Adobe, Barclays, and IKEA. You enjoyed hearing from thought leaders in the field.

None of that's changed! Just the name...

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4 Ways Intranet Software Can Benefit Your Financial Organization

Any financial institution, no matter its size can benefit from implementing intranet software within the organization. While a well designed intranet can assist any organization in improving communication between employees as well as between business units and divisions, financial organizations in particular can benefit from introducing a business intranet.

Here are the top four ways in which a business intranet can benefit your financial organization...

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Creating an essential intranet with Dollar Finance

Dollar Finance have an intranet which is at the core of their business operations, it is there sole method for speaking to and listening to a dispersed workforce in 650 shops across the UK.

When most retailers decide whether to open individual stores on a Sunday... read more >

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Get the recognition your intranet deserves in 2014 - by Wendy Jordan

Holmes, our beautiful intranet at Glasgow Housing Association, was handed the accolade ‘Best Value to Employees’ at the last year’s Ragan Awards in Chicago, beating the Disney Corporation, Emirates and Domino’s Pizza (among others). Really! That actually happened. It’s true! I swear. Look, here’s a link to a page that says it’s true. So, how… read more >

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CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2013: Intranets

Pity the modern intranet. It's hard to define, underappreciated, suffers from an identity crisis and is often regarded as a source of frustration. It may even have grown too big to fail. But the death of the intranet has been greatly exaggerated. They still hold a place in the enterprise, where they can drive employee communication and collaboration, facilitate document sharing and aid productivity, according to a bevy of CMSWire authors this year. Here's a look at the 10 most popular intranet related stories of the year...

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Who Has The Power On Your Intranet? - Intranet Ideas

Recently, we were having a chat on Twitter about how to define intranet news, the role it plays, where it comes from and crucially who contributes the information; while that’s a whole discussion in itself, it got us thinking on a related but different note.

Intranets, as we’ve noted before, have the power to connect with absolutely anyone in any organisation. As our short chat above outlines, news and information can originate from anywhere across an intranet as well. But, if the potential is there for information to flow across an intranet from absolutely any part of an organisation, why is it that some people and department...

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Employee Retention Doesn’t Just Happen: Five Keys to a Clear Strategy

What employee retention strategies do you use to engage and retain employees?

Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics bureau show that the average American will hold around 11.3 jobs during their working years. The average number of jobs held is actually going up — especially with Millennials. Eleven (11) may seem like a really high number, however that depends on various factors, including the work you do, and what generation you are from.

Employee retention doesn’t just happen.

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The Curse of Customization | Ellen's Digital Workplace

The briefing for our new intranet was: “It should work like the current intranet as much as possible”.

We had just spent a lot of energy in educating our users, and usage of our custom-built intranet was going up rapidly. We had appointed some Intranet Champions that were keen to create intranet sites for their departments or processes. We did not want to annoy or even lose them by changing the functionality that we had created with such care.

A bunch of excellent consultants had built our old intranet. They were a Microsoft Gold Partner, so when management decided we would “buy” rather than “make”, they were the perfect partner to create our new SharePoint intranet as well. Read on...

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Intranet tactic cards - Intranet directions

A seasonal gift from Intranet Directions.

In the spirit of goodwill to all men and women, and to help bring festive joy for intranet teams all over the world, Intranet Directions are proud to present a free gift to everybody. Introducing our cut-out-and-keep Intranet Tactics Cards.

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My 2014 predictions | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I reviewed my predictions for 2013 and believe they are happening more as we move towards 2014.  So what has 2014 got in store for us?  Here are my five predictions: Cloud, Mobile, Collaboration, Governance and Value....

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9 things your intranet must do in 2014

  1. Help get work done NOW

In a recent survey we looked at why people come to the intranet. We have over 500,000 users on the Interact Intranet platform and here are the top 3 reasons users gave for why they visit their intranet:

  • To complete a task
  • To find information relating to my current role
  • To connect with people that can help me

They are all user centric. The simple fact is that people come to work to complete tasks and get work done. Collaboration software should be there as a tool to make this more efficient and help them complete their tasks. Just as an electric screwdriver improves efficiency over a manual screwdriver... read more

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9 things your intranet must do in 2014 » Interact Intranet Software

People often ask us what is coming in 2014 and we share with them some of the exciting features that we will be releasing in each of our 3 major product updates.

But how do we decide what to update in our product? I have listed 9 things that I feel a company intranet must do in 2014 and what we already do at Interact to enable these.

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My top ten intranet and digital workplace predictions for 2014 - @IBF

Paul Miller (@PaulMillerSays), CEO and Founder, Digital Workplace Group and author of “The Digital Workplace – How Technology is Liberating Work”, tells us what will happen in the accelerating digital workplace industry globally in 2013.

It is clear that in 2013 not only did intranets increase their velocity and criticality for any modern organization (with widespread upgrades, investment and expansion) but the digital workplace came of age and became an accepted, essential digital and work reality. - See more at:

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Raise Your Glass! It’s Intranet Appreciation Day - Intranet Blog

by Maz Mohammadi

Hello there, fellow intranet fanatic. Today, I bring you joy and another reason to celebrate in the midst of this very festive season: Intranet Appreciation Day.

I use our intranet, EVERY day and yet, I have never taken a moment to profess my love for The SQIntranet** on public grounds. I LOVE my intranet because it is the ultimate resource. It is pretty, it is informative, it is flexible, and, it allows me to effectively help my teammates! Below, I’ve highlighted my favourite SQIntranet area and the respective specific business problem that it addresses. THANKS to the capabi...

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They're Watching You at Work - Don Peck

What happens when Big Data meets human resources? The emerging practice of "people analytics" is already transforming how employers hire, fire, and promote.

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The Modern Intranet: A Mobile, Social, Collaborative Decision Support Platform

How do you define something in a state of flux, that supplies different features and functions for different organizations and whose success depends on how well an organization's business strategy is reflected in its stated requirements? That is the challenge of defining the modern intranet.

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5 Views on Intranet Trends for 2014

With the New Year approaching, we asked five experts in building intranet projects what they think the main trends for intranets will be in 2014.

Our experts are based in five different countries and cater to clients in various industries who range from medium- to enterprise-sized. Clients include Ageas (Insurance), Kapsch (IT), VIRO (Engineering) and many more. The question was simple:

What do you consider to be the main intranet trend for the coming year(s)?

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Designing intranet role pages - Step Two Designs

Written by Catherine Grenfell, published November 27th, 2013

Intranets by their very nature serve many different audiences, reaching many different staff members across departments, organisations and even continents. It can be quite challenging to cover all the needs of staff, whose roles vary from process-driven jobs with set tasks to specialist expertise in unique positions. While personalising content might be an option, this is not practical in many organisations with technology and/or profil...

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Intranets Battle Enterprise Social Networking - Business 2 Community

I recently read an article in CMSWire titled “Are Intranets Becoming Irrelevant?” (see article link below) that brought about some strong beliefs surrounding the use of social networking tools in the enterprise.

I have to first admit that I am not privy to the author, Tom Petrocelli’s research data and can only speak to the subject based on my own experience with our more than 1,600 customers, as a provider of intranet software for over 14 years which consists of both business tools and social utilities, as well as a dash of my own opinion, to which everyone is entitled.

The statement of debate is that enterprise social networking tools such as Yammer have taken the place of business intranets. The article states that “Ultimately, the goals and usefulness of an intranet can be achieved by the enterprise social network but not the other way around”.

I disagree. Intranets are far from obsolete and I’ll tell you why...

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Move over Intranet: here is the new Intranet - DZone

Every once in a while it is very reassuring to hear your hunches played back to you. I had a very interesting discussion with an IT systems head for a 200-person legal firm today and we got to talking about Intranets.

Now honestly, this conversation can go one of two ways.

A useful discussion about what it is that the company wants to communicate to all staff. Or a 500 line item request for mostly nonsensical features that have not been in active use since the Stone Roses played Spike Island (“we’d like a wiki so the chef can update the daily menu: he has some basic HTML”).

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