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Does your intranet inspire, involve, inform and aid interaction? » Intranet Conference

If you’re looking for some new ideas to reinvigorate your intranet or you’re just starting your intranet journey and you need some guidance then Interaction, the UK’s biggest intranet conference, is the event for you. Read more

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Who has the best intranet team? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

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What is the purpose of your intranet team? 

How many people should you have in your intranet team? 

What should their roles be? 

How much money should your team have to improve your intranet? 

What is the right level of support from your senior managers?

All of these questions I used to ask when I was the BT Intranet manager and since I left BT I have found clients who also ask me the same type of questions about their intranet team.  Intranet teams mean different things depending on who is asked.  How do you define an intranet team?

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At last, a UK intranet conference | Intranet Focus | Martin White

Back in April I blogged about the lack of an independent intranet conference in the UK. Today I agreed to sponsor Intranet Now, styled as an un/conference for intranet and comms managers, which takes place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Portman Square, London on 2 September. When I set up Intranet Focus Ltd in 1999 I made a conscious decision not to sponsor anything, so the very fact that I have changed my mind after 15 years of business should give you some idea of the importance I attach to the launch of this conference.

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How to Plan & Launch a New Intranet »

Follow the 10 steps below to successfully plan and launch your new intranet:

Step 1. Understand & Capture Employee Needs and Requirements

The starting point for any new intranet project is to understand and capture employee needs and requirements.

Before conducting intranet vendor research, you should have a strong understanding of employees’ needs as this will act as as an indispensable guide to selecting the right software. If your employees’ needs are not being met with the functionality on offer, user adoption will inevitably be low.

1.1 Establish Strengths and Weaknesses of the Current Intranet

If you’re repla...

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Amazing speaker line-up announced for Interaction Intranet Conference 2014 » Interact Intranet Software

Interaction Intranet Conference #IIC14 is once again shaping up to be the best intranet conference in the UK and something you definitely don’t want to miss out on if your role involves looking after your company’s intranet.

This year we have some fantastic new speakers lined up to motivate you to create an intranet that inspires, informs, involves & aids interaction amongst employees. If you haven’t booked your tickets for this event do it now to benefit from our early bird offer which is available until 31st July with prices starting from £129.99.

99% of Interaction’s 2013 attendees would recommend this event to others – see what they had to say about last year’s event:

Read more

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The Importance of a Cool Intranet Solution

Get out your binoculars folks. Beyond the hills is a massive group of young and talented misfits that have learnt to value the meaning of cool. Many organizations today are faced with a Baby Boomer generation approaching retirement and now is a critical time more than ever for organizations to start attracting Millenials to their workplace.

Beat your competitors by getting a head start on the development of your future assets. Build a talent pool that encourages future innovation, creativity, technical adeptness, cultural understanding and competitive advantage. With an increasingly rampant competitive business sphere, great y...

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I am going to Intranet Now. Are you? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I signed up today to go to Intranet Now, the conference / unconference about intranets and the digital workplace. I am looking forward to going because it will be a great event.

I also want to find out if the governance of intranets and the digital workplace is improving and if so, how that is being done.

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Early-bird tickets available for Intranet Now | Intranet Now

‘Intranet Now’ is the brand new UK conference for everyone who contributes to the intranet.

Join us on Tuesday, 2nd of September in central London for a full day focusing on how the intranet is best used to support business goals.

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Why sites keep you coming back for more | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

The sites I use most frequently for the latest news or to order something I want to buy or to help me with a problem e.g. travel directions are not unique sites. There are alternative sites I could choose to use but I don’t. I keep using the same ones. Why is that?

Firstly the site I keep using obviously meets my needs but if we take news sites as an example there are many that provide the latest news. It is not just that it provides me with news, there are other reasons why. A new design may be compelling for the first time and new features may also ...

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What it takes to launch a new intranet conference

There isn’t an independent intranet conference in the UK. If willing to travel, you can have your pick of annual intranet events across Europe, but there’s little for the intranet manager at home.

wedgeThat could all change if you’re ready to support a grass-roots initiative that has the potential to deliver the most innovative and practical intranet conference outside of Copenhagen.

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How to spot your intranet is on its last legs

You mean to get the maximum value from your ageing intranet and try to ‘sweat the asset’, but everything is slowing down and whole sections of the company ignore the intranet. At some point, you have to admit that the system is on its last legs. What are the signs that push you over the edge?

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Learning at Intranet Now - by Brian

When I think of what Intranet Now should be like as a conference, I think about the first intranet I worked on in a small government department in Northern Ireland. Those who bravely set it up and ran it (some technologists and some administrators) had zero experience (this was 2001) and they made plenty of mistakes. How much would they have liked to meet people trying to do the same things? How much could others have learnt from their mistakes?

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5 ways to bring the Digital Renaissance of Work alive in your organization

Synopsis: Overhauling your digital workplace to make it fit for the future is no small task, but it is critical. Simply getting people to talk about the “digital workplace” is an important first step and this article explains how to move the conversation forward.

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The Power of WHY for Intranet Software

Recently, I took another look at a very popular Ted Talk – by Simon Sinek on “Start with Why”. Simon is a highly engaging speaker; he has no problem hooking you right away. He then goes on to talk about uber-successful organizations like Apple and Google, who start their entire company strategy around what they do, but rather why they do it.

No one talks to us about the Why when they come looking at our intranet software. Most intranet products have similar feature sets, similar “what” value propositions. That is good news for those looking for an intranet! It is likely your checklist will be fairly covered. The “why” usually comes from the business community inside your company that perhaps tasked you to go find an intranet. A catalyst within that gives you the reason to invest in an intranet.

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Improve collaboration to increase employee engagement | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

This week I will be running a workshop on mobile collaboration at the World Class Mobile and Social-Enabled Enterprises event on 5 and 6 June in Frankfurt, Germany.  While I will be focusing on how to make it easier to collaborate while mobile, this post covers the wider area of collaborating online.  Most importantly how it can increase employee engagement and how that benefits an organisation.

Many people are now very savvy about how they use the internet to share knowledge, build up contacts, help solve a problem. This especially can apply to new recruits who choose your organisation to work for....

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Does Your Intranet Need a Vision Statement?

We’ve all been there. Taking on a new project, gathering the troops and trying to define a common objective that resonates with everyone. Is your intranet project different than undertaking any other IT project? The answer is NO. And to successfully execute an intranet’s deployment, it requires the same structure and planning.

Why an intranet vision statement? We get it. Many companies we talk to think vision statements are corny, an unnecessary burden. But ask yourself, if vision statements aren’t useful than why does nearly every Fortune 500 company still have one today?

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6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Intranet Name and 27 Cool Examples | Vauzo Intranet

Your intranet name should be interesting and relevant to its purpose within your organization. To inspire and support users to adopt the intranet, it helps to avoid trite, overly serious, and boring names. The name shouldn't be too long, and it should be easily remembered.

Sure, it's fun to get creative with names, but you can seriously reduce the user adoption of your intranet by simply choosing the wrong name for your intranet. The best overall suggestion when choosing an intranet name is to pick a name that reflects the culture of your organization. A hip or irreverent name wouldn't work for a conservative organization. Likewise, a serious name wouldn't work for a laid-back organization.

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Getting the full value out of SharePoint | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I recently posted on how you create a strategy that helps you to implement SharePoint successfully.  I then posted on how you to develop the right level of governance to manage SharePoint well.  But how do you gain the full benefits that SharePoint offers?  And how should you be measure it?

There are three areas you should prioritise:Productivity improvements: time saved solving problems using SharePoint instead of meeting in person to do this.  There are the costs of travelling avoided too.Savings in hardware, support costs and licences from moving c...

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DWG facilitates intranet and digital workplace peer learning at June London and Minneapolis member meetings « Digital Workplace Group

An important pillar of membership for Digital Workplace Group is peer learning; the opportunity for our community to share their knowledge, reveal their challenges, network and learn from each other is a key experience of being part of the DWG family.

Next month, we have two in-person member meetings lined up: in London on Wednesday June 11th and Minneapolis on Wednesday June 18th to Thursday June 19th. Each has an exciting, thought-provoking and practical agenda, which will allow attendees to hear from an array of practitioners; participate in workshops; and take advantage of networking opportunities. Whilst these meetings are reserved for our members, we do sometimes invite guests who are considering DWG membership. If you are interested in attending either the London or the Minneapolis meeting, or in finding out more about becoming a member, please complete the form in the post.

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Measuring Intranet Adoption with Intranet Stats - Intranet Software by Intranet Connections

In managing your intranet, it is important to perform “temperature checks” to understand whether or not you are keeping your intranet relevant in the minds of your users. These checks will indicate which areas of your site are popular and unpopular, translating to whether employees are finding what they are looking for on your intranet.

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