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The “hidden gem” that is IBF Research - @ibf

Over in the UK the nation is getting into party mood as we start the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It’s also a year of celebration at IBF as it’s our 10th year anniversary and we’re excited about the New York and London member meetings coming up on 13-14 June.

Something I’m very passionate about at IBF is our Research Programme, which over the years has spanned a wide range of intranet topics and provides our members with a reliable resource for best practice, thought leadership and inspiration. ...

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How do you justify the value of your intranet to senior management?

In these tough times, how do you demonstrate the value of your intranet? I've just a published a Youtube video showing a possible way of aligning your intranet with your organisation's KPIs.

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Standards that make SharePoint 2010 a success « Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

When you are faced with implementing SharePoint 2010 your intranet needs the right standards to make the launch and ongoing use a great success.

How can you do this? Firstly you need to be clear why you have standards. The reasons why usually include......

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10 ways a social intranet cuts down on email

Inboxes become overloaded, and sometimes important messages get overlooked. One intranet software company offers solutions for common tasks.

Social intranets can help facilitate communication. The ability to connect with others through the intranet reduces our reliance on email. Besides, we lose a significant amount of time and productivity every day because we have to process so much email.

I'm going to show that many things you accomplish with email can be done more efficiently using internal social networking applications.

I think these apps often do an even better job than emails, especially if you want immediate response or better archiving.

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Filtering out web page errors

On his courses Malcolm Davison of often ask people: ‘Does anyone check your work before your web pages are published’. With frightening regularity the answer comes back ‘No’. Malcolm relates in his blog how recognising that errors will occur is the first step - and then outlines ways to remedy the situation.

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DoMoreWithSharePoint – Promote your services « Ellen's Digital Workplace

It has been some time since my last post about the process we used to “DoMoreWithSharePoint” so let me do a short recap: All businesses have a strong need to streamline processes, use workflows, manage requests and collect complaints. Not everything is in scope, or in scope yet, for the company’s ERP system. There is always a need for facilitating those simple processes that will never make it into your ERP system.

Yet SharePoint is there, but most people do not know how it can help them, except for sharing documents and using the odd Calender or Announcement list. Read on to learn how we have promoted our services to bridge the gap between business needs and SharePoint functionality.

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The Running Librarian: Does age matter? (for an intranet manager) - James Mullan

So I've had an idea in my head for a while now and the only way I feel I can get it out of my head is to write a blog post. So some context;

I'm sitting in my office completing my appraisal, reflecting both on what I've done in the past year and what I'd like to do going forward and it strikes me that I cant see myself sitting here when I'm 50.

Now before anyone accuses me of being ageist I believe I could do the job perfectly well when I'm 50* and that someone else with the required skills and experience could do the job perfectly well when they're 50.

James Mullan explains in the article the two possible answers:

  1. Yes it does need to be young
  2. Yes it does need to be older
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10 Lessons for Intranets – from 10 years of IBF

On June 13th the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF) celebrates its 10 year anniversary in a live, London – New York joint meeting of its 100 plus members.

The original IBF mission to improve the performance of our member intranets through interaction, measurement and best practice has defined the intranet industry over the last decade. Here, IBF CEO and Founder Paul Miller, outlines his ten personal lessons for intranets from the last 10 years – and what they mean for the future of intranets.

Lesson 1 ...

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J Boye Intranet Conference – what I discovered… - Interact Intranet is Intelligent Intranet Software

Having heard so much about the J Boye conferences I decided it would be a good idea to attend this year and see what all the fuss was about. Plus it was a handy half-way stop on-route to our new Dallas office and a chance to enter the Web Idol competition.

I was particularly interested to hear ‘real’ stories from leading world organisations on the problems and experiences they faced when rolling out their intranets. The overall theme of the conference was ‘Sharing is Caring’, a message that came through many of the talks. I’ve split my overview for each day of the conference below for easy reading. Enjoy!

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Ensure #intranet project failure: A guide for project sponsors - Intranetizen

So you’re sponsoring the Intranet project? Good work – you have an opportunity to really make a difference to an under-utilised and potentially hugely valuable tool that is already used by most of the company on a daily basis.

But what’s that? You have heard about an unwritten code for intranet project sponsors? That being obstructive, dis-engaged and difficult is ‘bang on trend’? You want to join the fast growing club of sponsors of failed projects?

You are in luck. Here are our top tips...

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Why SharePoint 2010 needs to have a good mobile user experience « Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Why is SharePoint 2010 so widely used? I believe it is because it offers for the first time one technical solution that meets many business needs rather than just one.

If you want to improve knowledge sharing you will have many tools to consider. Again if you need to manage your documents you will have a wide choice of vendors. But if your business has more than one need or can see how solving one will create other requirements then a solution like SharePoint 2010 comes become more attractive to consider.

What if your organisation needs employees to use your intranet while away from their place of work? There are huge savings in office costs and increases in productivity if employees can use the intranet to help them with their work while they are mobile.

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The Business is the Bottleneck « Ellen's Digital Workplace

“Ellen, could you have this site up and running in about 2 weeks?” my clients often asked. “Yes, I could, but can you?” I always answered, “my experience is that the business, and that is YOU, is usually the bottleneck.”

The client always looked a bit annoyed when I said that. And that was a good starting point for a conversation about roles and responsibilities. Understandable, because the business does not always know what is expected of them, and when they know it, they do not always know how to do it. Read on to learn how we tried to manage mutual expectations.

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Calling in logistical support for web publication

Military experts would agree that most successful battles are the result of meticulous preparation. A sound well structured battle plan is needed, a thorough approach to bringing the right resources to the right place at the right time.

Publishing on the web should be approached in much the same way. But we do need powerful software support to achieve this. Sadly content management systems simply don't recognise text structuring as important, so for content creators that means using an ‘outliner’. Malcolm Davison of looks at the history of this software and the latest optons.

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Intranets 2012, Sydney. Conference report - Intranet Focus by Martin White

It was well worth spending a day in a 747 to attend the Step Two Designs Intranets2012 conference in Sydney on 16-17 May.

This is the second time that James Robertson and his team have run the event, which like the Intrateam event in Denmark is based around the Step Two community of intranet managers, though of course open to all.

One of the benefits was that the speakers were remarkably honest about the problems they were facing...

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Social intranets, user adoption and cocktail parties: Tips for dealing with barriers to adoption | blogsuniqueworld

I recently read that intranets (think also online workspaces, online communities etc…) are like cocktail parties.  You arrive and case the room to see who else is there and where the action is.  

You decide pretty quickly whether you’ll be staying awhile, and will be in for a great night.  Or, if it’s a quiet affair – missing the big personalities, the ambience and the buzz – you’ll stay for just a drink or two before heading off to find the action elsew...

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How a social intranet helps your organization – Part 1/3

In this blog article I will explain why a social intranet is a great way to bring value to your organization in three ways. This is the first part and in this article I will focus on the power of innovation.

As we know knowledge as a resource becomes more important in this fast growing world every day. Markets have always been rough on organizations who didn’t keep up with innovations and now that markets become more global the competition gets even harder. Organizations need new ideas and an ongoing supply of innovations because otherwise they will very quickly be left behind the competition.

To understand how innovative power can be added to your organization it is important to take a look at how creative new ideas develop in an organization. Amabile said that creativity can be enhanced by three components:

  1. Expertise
  2. Creative thinking skills
  3. and Motivation
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Intranet Best Practice Check List

Earlier this year Interact held two very popular intranet seminars that focused on best practice tips for launching an intranet. At Interact we like to make such sessions not only informative but also interactive, so we asked attendees to judge what activities they would do, or had done, when implementing an intranet and what order they would look to do them in.

The 12 key activities they were presented with were...

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"One Intranet" project (Intranet diary)

Fresh on the horizon for me is the "One Intranet" project that will merge intranets from many organisations into one with a vision of saving money and improving efficiency. This is a great opportunity to rethink the intranet within the workplace and to put in place some governance and strategy around content.

I've had my head in our public website for a while now and the intranet has been bubbling along in terms of content updates and section changes. But there has been no real development in terms o...

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3 Ways Communication and Intranet Professionals Can Become Linchpins

In what ways can intranet professionals contribute value to an organisation by facilitating innovation or improving operations?

Read about the innovation to operation life-cycle and how intranet and communication professionals can contribute and all phases of this life-cycle.

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Should You Complement Your Intranet With Knowledge From Employees?

Employee intranets have traditionally been owned and managed by technology, communications, or human resources. Today, there’s a trend toward employee intranets being owned by teams responsible for internal knowledge sharing or knowledge management.

That makes a lot of sense, but it also can cause confusion. Words like “knowledge,” “knowledge sharing,” and “content” mean different things to different people. Often, the problem is that people are trying to draw a line between knowledge and content.

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