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Building a developmental #intranet team | Intranetizen

It’s a common question, often asked, with no perfect answer: “What’s the right formation for my intranet team?”. The response will differ each time and is defined by many criteria, not least your budget, the size of the organisation and the skills available to you. Importantly, it’ll also depend if you’re planning a major overhaul of the site, or simply maintaining and existing site. Whilst most intranet teams wish they didn’t have an “intranet as a project” mentality, it’s an inevitability in many organisations.

In a series of Intranetizen posts, we’ll explore the makeup of intranet teams. Today we’ll take a look at the format of a developmental intranet team, set up to redevelop an existing corporate intranet. You’ve hired the agency, now it’s time to get to work.

Getting the right team of people, with the right mix of skills, is a critical part of the process. Here are the key constituencies you’ll need.

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Oh good – our intranet upgrade budget has been cancelled! « Ellen's Digital Workplace

So, there is a new version of SharePoint coming up, so you may be thinking about moving to the latest version. But there’s an economic crisis going on, so your budget may be under attack.

In any case, I expect some very interesting discussions will take place in many organizations on this subject. And if your management decides not to spend money at this time, please do not despair! There will be other opportunities to improve your intranet, and you will now have the time to explore them. Read on!

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What benefits does an intranet have for an organisation? | purencool website development

This article explains the why you would want an intranet

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The largest physical intranet gathering in the world!

The yearly Congres Intranet, organized by Entopic in The Netherlands, is said to be the largest physical gathering of its kind in the world. The 2012 (4th) edition was almost sold out. It comes therefore as no surprise that this is the Dutch Intranet Event of the year, where nearly all your intranet contacts can be found in person.

It was interesting to see that two of the three keynote speakers (James Robertson and Michael Sampson) were from the other side of the world. Also Jane McConnell was present for breakout sessions. There may be an opportunity for a Dutch intranet “guru”!

What was the main theme? Of course everyone will have a different takeaway, depending on their choice of breakout sessions. For me they were “traditional hierarchy versus modern democracy on intranet” and “an intranet should reflect your business goals”.

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What should a global intranet team be doing? - James Robertson

We’ve written a lot about the roles and responsibilities of intranet teams, with a focus on the activities of teams in medium to large organisations.

Intranet teams in global firms, however, face different challenges. At a minimum, they maintain the global intranet site, providing a channel for corporate communications and a home for information common across the whole business. But is this enough?

In a global company, whether a pharmaceuticals firm, international NGO or manufacturing business, a lot happens outside of head office. Regions and countries will have their own intranet sites, as will major business units and divisions. Whereas the central intranet in a medium-sized company directly serves the needs of staff, in a global business, any central activity is far separated from frontline and operational staff.**

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What is the right governance model for a digital workplace? « Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Thank you to everyone who read my last post ‘What is a digital workplace?‘ and contributed to a great discussion helping to define it. Staying with the digital workplace theme I want to show you the views given in my workshop at IntraTeam 2012 event ‘How to build the right governance model for the digital workplace‘ which produced some great responses.

The workshop covered four areas needed for the right level of governance: Ownership, Consistency, Standards, and Integrity.

Read about the outcome and add your views to the discussion.....

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Real intranet managers: Nigel Williams is a workplace anthropologist - Intranet Blog

This is one in a series of posts from our Real Intranet Manager Interviews where we highlight the creative and thoughtful people behind successful intranets of all types.

Read more about the series, or see previous posts on Emily Staresina of Stockland Property Group, Luke Mepham of Aviva PLC, Tanis Roadhouse of MD Physician Services/CMA, Christy Season of SCANA, William Amurgis of AEP and Dinesh Tantri from ThoughtWorks.

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Is your Intranet using the Right Tools to do the Job? - Ken Barnett

Most large enterprises these days are likely to have specific online tools to perform different functions. Perhaps you use one system for T&E, another system for booking travel, and you use a different system for performance reviews.

Yet many intranet teams feel that the intranet has to be all things to all people. This one website should be your news center, your social networking tool, your collaboration platform, and so-on.

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Is addiction the dark side of digital working? - Steve Bynghall

In “The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work” book we also explore some of the potential negative outcomes arising from the fundamental shifts in work. We believe one of these is an “addiction” to being connected to the Digital Workplace – an end-result which can undermine and erode any distinction between work and family life.

Addiction is an emotive word. It has some clinical definition around it, so perhaps we have to caveat how it is used. There is also a commonly-held belief that there is a tendency to conveniently label everything as a “disorder.” However even if we are looking at “addiction” in a more loose and populist sense, perhaps such as a compulsive tendency to work disruptive hours -– then we believe it is still a significant problem.

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How to use a social intranet to unite a sales team

Setting up a structure in an intranet can be a tricky business. Many organisations follow the organisation tree and decide to structure sites, folders, etc based on the established hierarchy of the company.

Others let it grow organically. In most cases the results of the former approach is that it turns into a data coffin because the only people who think along the lines of the org chart is the HR department.

The latter approach, while encouraging adoption, just turns into a mess where no-one can find anything. Instead of being a functioning society of information it turns into little pockets of activity which no-one outside of the people using it a) know even exists b) would know where to go if it did exist.

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ConocoPhillips' intranet culture: ask questions, don't hoard answers | Articles

Energy giant ConocoPhillips' intranet, eStream, doesn't run on the newest platform. It doesn't even run on the second-newest. It uses the nearly decade-old SharePoint 2003.

"It's not about the technology or the version or the whiz-bang," Dan Ranta, director of knowledge sharing at the company, told the panel on this month's IBF Live broadcast. "What we're focused on is the behavior."

The behavior that ConocoPhillips is looking for is a bit unconventional for a huge company where people are assigned complex, technical tasks. What it's looking for are people who can admit not knowing something.

"Demonstrating vulnerability—it's really positive behavior," Ranta said....

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IntraTeam 2012 round-up - Intranetizen

by @sharonodea

Last week your intrepid bloggers, Luke and Sharon, jetted off to Copenhagen for a conference put on by Scandinavian intranet specialists IntraTeam. The IntraTeam Event, now in its fifth year, brought together intranet specialists from across Europe and further afield for three days of talks and workshops – not to mention a lot of meat and beer.

Day one... Day two... Day Three...

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What’s happening in Intranets and the Digital Workplace – IntraTeam 2012

Sam Marshall is at IntraTeam 2012 in Denmark and will be blogging his take on the highlights... (Sam apologies to the speakers in tracks he missed)

  • Jim Ylisela on Writing for the internal Web

  • Martin White on Virtual Teams

  • …and Martin White again on Mobile Intranets

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Is the "Digital Workplace" just a fancy social intranet? - ThoughtFarmer

Our friend and intrepidly practical intranet expert James Robertson has written a paper defining a concrete vision for the “digital workplace.” This is important because there has been much discussion and debate around what “digital workplace” means and how it’s relevant to the intranet.

Many well known intranet experts have weighed in on the topic, including Paul Miller, CEO of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF), who has actually written a book about the Digital Workplace.

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13 Qualities of a Great Intranet Manager

There’s no doubt much of your intranet’s success is driven by the intranet manager. So whether you’re choosing one right now, or you are an intranet manager yourself, it’s useful to ask,

What makes a good intranet manager?

Most people and organizations answer that question by identifying the skills they think are relevant to the job. Skills are, of course, important.

However, it’s also necessary to look for certain qualities in a person...

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What women (and other #intranet users) really want - Intranetizen blog

Worldwide Intranet challenge recently ran a poll on Linkedin asking the question “What is the one improvement to your intranet you would like to see in 2012?” Nearly 300 people responded, and the results make interesting reading, but as many commentators before us noted, this is a poll of what intranet professionals want. The 300 respondents are not representative of the average intranet user – they’re much more representative of people like us, and the answers they gave reflect that.

Here is some tough love. Your employees don’t want any of that stuff.

What users really WANT

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How NOT to implement a Discussion Forum « Ellen's Digital Workplace

I hope that everyone by now knows how to start and manage a Discussion Board or Forum. But just in case you are new to this, let me share my experiences as a warning! We received a request from the CEO to collect tips for cost reductions (and revenue increases) throughout the company. A global topic, of high relevance, and endorsed by the CEO; this was a wonderful opportunity to use our Forum functionality. In the first few weeks, the Forum received many suggestions and it looked as if this was going to be very successful project. Until two things happened...

Free Repport: A week in the digital workplace - Step Two Designs

The “digital workplace” is an emerging term that describes how the working environments in organisations of every type are being transformed by new technologies and behaviours. While the digital workplace offers a holistic view of the enterprise space, the challenge is to understand it in concrete terms.

To overcome this, we have published a free report, A week in the digital workplace, that outlines a scenario of how we will work in the future.

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Poll reveals what employees want most on an intranet

Of about 280 respondents in a recent LinkedIn poll, the largest group—more than one-third—said the improvement they'd most like to see to their intranets is greater interactivity and collaboration. The second-largest group—a little more than one-fourth—said they want information on their intranets to be easier to find.

"The world has become so much more interactive and participatory, so it makes sense that employees demand the same from their intranets," says William Amurgis, director of internal communications at American Electric Power. "We manage our intranet with the understanding that consumer technology drives employee expectations at work."

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Digital workplace - points to cover - NetJMC

This diagram is work in progress with three of my clients who have asked me to help them evolve their “intranet+collaboration+social” online environments to a more coherent digital workplace. The slide has also evolved gradually thanks to input from workshops in Washington DC and Stockholm with participants in organizations with different cultures, and a range of experience from a few “well on the way” to most “just starting” the digital workplace journey.

I’ll be talking on my blog about these “building blocks” over the next few weeks, but wanted to already publish the slide, hopefully to get some feedback.

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