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4 Essential Elements You Really Need in Your Employee Handbook

If you are a small business and you have an employee handbook in place, congratulations. You are already a step ahead of many business owners who feel they are “too small” to need an employee handbook.

Employee handbooks are a critical part of managing your employees and keeping your business compliant with the ever growing list of employment rules and regulations.**

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Increase user adoption with Intranet Rewards

Thank you is easy to say yet many of us feel it’s not said enough. How would you like your employees to be able to say thank you to anyone who helps them do their role, regardless of location or job title?

How would you like something which will instantly engage your users and give you information your HR department will love you for?

How much more would you like it if I told you it was free if you’re an Interact Intranet customer?

Well welcome to the Intranet Rewards tool.**

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Selling the idea of mobile | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I have the great privilege of delivering the keynote address on 13 November at the IntraTeam Event in Stockholm.  I will be showing delegates how to sell the idea of mobile to senior executives with examples of how a good experience along with a great plan can convince decision makers in your organisation.

This builds on previous posts on mobile which you may have missed before over the past year.  I have shared my presentation here for you to find out more mobile......

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Are Intranets Becoming Irrelevant?

Let’s dispense with the hype and marketing speak; an intranet is an internally focused, private website. And like all websites they’re meant to hand out information like a Pez dispenser. They are corporate brochureware and their time has come and gone.

There was a time when an intranet was the best possible solution for internal communication. Most companies have events, announcements, files, forms, presentations, workflows and general information that needs to be accessible to the employees or groups within the organization. This content is the stuff of the intranet.

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How clean is your intranet?

Think about your house, do you have an untidy draw, or cupboard? Even an entire room? If you do, I am sure you have good intentions of tidying it up sometime in the future, although that might never come. This is your chance to look at your intranet to determine how tidy it is, tidiness… read more >

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Event Recap: Intranets that Surprise & Delight

We were very fortunate to have James Robertson, global intranet expert extraordinaire, live in Vancouver on October 30th. The Vancouver User Experience Group, with sponsorship from ThoughtFarmer, hosted a special evening keynote about designing behind the firewall.

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How Do You Define a Modern Intranet? It's Simple

t's possible to dress up intranets with a lot of bells and whistles, but at the end of the day an intranet should do three high level things and do them well. A modern intranet is a smart and integrated system with an intuitive user experience that focuses on three high level things your employees care about most:

  1. News and information — The official corporate and onboarding stuff from HR, Executives, Corp Communications

  2. Finding stuff — i.e., people, experts, information, knowledge and ideas that help people do their job

  3. Getting work done — You know, the "project" and "process" type stuff that actually drives your business, builds product or services your customers.

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The digital workplace is for everyone (not just office-based workers) | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

In my last post ‘BT field-based workers use the digital workplace‘ I talked about the benefits and drawbacks of people who work remotely adjusting to huge changes in the way they work.

It made me think of when I have discussed with clients or people at workshops or after presentations who had the view the digital workplace only affected people in offices or more specifically ‘knowledge workers’. They were surprised this wasn’t the case.

So, let me say now very clearly (big drum roll please) the digital workplace is for all employees......

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The 11 vital internal communications trends you’d be crazy to ignore | Visual Communication | Blog | Holtz Communications + Technology

by Shel Holtz

A client recently asked me to put together a webinar for the company’s internal communication staff on hot trends in internal communications. In addition to listing the trends that were already top-of-mind for me, I sought out thought leaders in the internal communications space to see what was on their radars. Here are the 11 trends that every employee communicator should bear in mind as 2014 approaches.

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How to fix a broken intranet without any money

Here at Intranet Directions we want to help get intranet managers (and those who have just been told to manage the intranet) get unstuck, when stuck.

So I thought I’d create a (rather unorthdox) strategic plan for the most broken intranet possible – the minimum viable repair. So grab a box of tissues, then man-up:

You’ve got nobody to help, no money and a broken intranet. You could sit under your desk collecting dust or roll-up your sleeves and try and make a difference – it’s your choice. Once more unto the breach, or leave them to it.

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A Critical Quality You Want in Your Employees? It’s Inquisitiveness

“I want to buy a flip phone; I do not want one of those new phones. I do not text because it gives you carpel tunnel syndrome. I can’t be bothered to use that GPS system [even though he gets lost every day]. I do not do online banking.”

One of the main competencies that any company today should look for in any new employee is inquisitiveness. If you are looking to build a stable of expat-eligible employees, do yourself a favor and move inquisitive to the top of the list.

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PhD – The knowledge trap: an intranet implementation in a corporate environment | Hazel Hall

The links below are to the edited versions of the chapters of my PhD thesis on the role of the intranet in knowledge sharing, completed in 2004.

The chapters were reworked to provide a report that (a) focuses on the main findings of the study, and (b) is of interest to both a corporate and academic audience.

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What’s in a domain? - @wedge

...What’s the address of your intranet when you’re on / within your network? What’s the address of your intranet when you’re outside your network and want to log on ‘over the Internet’?...

The best way to value a domain or address for your website or intranet is to consider these...

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Digital Asset Management from an Intranet Perspective

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are not only for big, flashy and expensive web properties but have a place in managing intranet content too.

Before we get into details, perhaps we should establish some common ground by defining the term “Digital Asset Management.” According to Wikipedia:

Digital asset management (DAM) consists of management tasks and decisions surrounding the ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of digital assets.”

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Why is Enterprise Community Management Important?

...For my dissertation I chose to focus on the role of Enterprise Community Management in getting success from collaborative and social technologies. I learned a great deal in the process, and I’d like to share some thoughts on how I came to study this area, how I went about doing it and of course the insights and findings from my research...

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To SharePoint or Not to SharePoint?

As one of the Product Specialists here at Intranet Connections, I have seen many examples of organizations who implemented a SharePoint platform with high hopes, only to wind up frustrated when confronted with its many unanticipated costs and challenges. When I ask “why did you decide to go with SharePoint in the first place?” The answer I often get is “because everyone else uses it” or “because the initial costs were quite low.”

SharePoint can be a high functioning, beneficial platform for your organization. However, if you jump in with both feet uninformed of the potential ...

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10 Tips to Increase Business Efficiency INFOGRAPHIC

We have compiled our top 10 tips to help organisations increase their efficiency – see the following infographic. If you’d like to share some of your business efficiency tips, get in touch by adding a comment below or send us a tweet @claromentis. Go forth and increase business efficiency! 

Claromentis 10 Tips to Increase Business Efficiency – INFOGRAPHIC

Embed this infographic on your website 

report by Claromentis


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The Top 10 Workplace Trends Of 2013 - Forbes

This year, through primary research through my company and secondary research by a variety of trusted sources, I’ve tracked ten major workplace trends affecting the world of work. They focus on the generational shift, the rise of freelancing, the skills gap and more. From a professional perspective, understanding these trends will give you the leg up as you make career choices. From the corporate perspective, these trends will help you make more informed business decisions.

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Five hats for global intranet teams - Step Two Designs

Large organisations aren’t becoming any simpler when it comes to managing information, communicating news or collaborating between staff.

Recent technology advances have brought new tools and platforms into organisations, but at the cost of increased complexity. Intranets are growing in scope, but in large organisations, there may be multiple sites, with overlapping roles.

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Secrets of award-winning intranets

The Intranet Innovation Awards, organised by Step Two Designs based in Sydney, have been running for seven years. These global awards celebrate innovation in the intranet space and uniquely reward selected functions, design elements or approaches on an intranet, rather than the platform as a whole.

Steve Bynghall @bynghall, is a London-based consultant and writer specialising in intranets, collaboration and knowledge management. He is the founder of his own consultancy Two Hives Ltd, and works extensively for the Digital Workplace Group and Step Two Designs.

He coordinates the Intranet Innovation Awards and here he writes for my blog to share some insights from the recent ones and what trends he has spotted. Over to you Steve…

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