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PhD – The knowledge trap: an intranet implementation in a corporate environment | Hazel Hall

The links below are to the edited versions of the chapters of my PhD thesis on the role of the intranet in knowledge sharing, completed in 2004.

The chapters were reworked to provide a report that (a) focuses on the main findings of the study, and (b) is of interest to both a corporate and academic audience.

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What’s in a domain? - @wedge

...What’s the address of your intranet when you’re on / within your network? What’s the address of your intranet when you’re outside your network and want to log on ‘over the Internet’?...

The best way to value a domain or address for your website or intranet is to consider these...

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Digital Asset Management from an Intranet Perspective

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are not only for big, flashy and expensive web properties but have a place in managing intranet content too.

Before we get into details, perhaps we should establish some common ground by defining the term “Digital Asset Management.” According to Wikipedia:

Digital asset management (DAM) consists of management tasks and decisions surrounding the ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of digital assets.”

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Why is Enterprise Community Management Important?

...For my dissertation I chose to focus on the role of Enterprise Community Management in getting success from collaborative and social technologies. I learned a great deal in the process, and I’d like to share some thoughts on how I came to study this area, how I went about doing it and of course the insights and findings from my research...

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To SharePoint or Not to SharePoint?

As one of the Product Specialists here at Intranet Connections, I have seen many examples of organizations who implemented a SharePoint platform with high hopes, only to wind up frustrated when confronted with its many unanticipated costs and challenges. When I ask “why did you decide to go with SharePoint in the first place?” The answer I often get is “because everyone else uses it” or “because the initial costs were quite low.”

SharePoint can be a high functioning, beneficial platform for your organization. However, if you jump in with both feet uninformed of the potential ...

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10 Tips to Increase Business Efficiency INFOGRAPHIC

We have compiled our top 10 tips to help organisations increase their efficiency – see the following infographic. If you’d like to share some of your business efficiency tips, get in touch by adding a comment below or send us a tweet @claromentis. Go forth and increase business efficiency! 

Claromentis 10 Tips to Increase Business Efficiency – INFOGRAPHIC

Embed this infographic on your website 

report by Claromentis


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The Top 10 Workplace Trends Of 2013 - Forbes

This year, through primary research through my company and secondary research by a variety of trusted sources, I’ve tracked ten major workplace trends affecting the world of work. They focus on the generational shift, the rise of freelancing, the skills gap and more. From a professional perspective, understanding these trends will give you the leg up as you make career choices. From the corporate perspective, these trends will help you make more informed business decisions.

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Five hats for global intranet teams - Step Two Designs

Large organisations aren’t becoming any simpler when it comes to managing information, communicating news or collaborating between staff.

Recent technology advances have brought new tools and platforms into organisations, but at the cost of increased complexity. Intranets are growing in scope, but in large organisations, there may be multiple sites, with overlapping roles.

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Secrets of award-winning intranets

The Intranet Innovation Awards, organised by Step Two Designs based in Sydney, have been running for seven years. These global awards celebrate innovation in the intranet space and uniquely reward selected functions, design elements or approaches on an intranet, rather than the platform as a whole.

Steve Bynghall @bynghall, is a London-based consultant and writer specialising in intranets, collaboration and knowledge management. He is the founder of his own consultancy Two Hives Ltd, and works extensively for the Digital Workplace Group and Step Two Designs.

He coordinates the Intranet Innovation Awards and here he writes for my blog to share some insights from the recent ones and what trends he has spotted. Over to you Steve…

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BT field-based workers use the digital workplace | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I read Jane McConnell’s latest blog post ‘Floor-field workforce: the forgotten people?‘ with great interest. I agree with Jane that office workers are currently the main focus for digital workplace transformations. But there are some enterprises who lead the game for field-based workers.

It reminded me of when I was the BT intranet manager. BT had employees who worked mainly from offices or while mobile or remotely from home or local hubs. I was involved in a project to give everyone, including field-based workers, access to BT’s intranet and developing digital workplace..........

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How to create a social intranet employees will love

According to the Great Places to Work Institute, which compiles the annual list of the Best Companies to Work For, "the defining principle of great workplaces" is trust.

When my former company conducted a comprehensive internal survey a few years ago, the intranet ranked as the most trusted source of important information about the company. Other sources, including top leaders, direct supervisors, and co-workers, lagged far behind.

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Intranet Innovation Awards 2013 - Rebecca Jackson

It was clear from the weight of the Intranet Innovation Awards report that 2013 has been a fantastic year for intranets. James Robertson of Step Two Designs led us through an ‘afternoon of intranet goodness’, confirming why judging was such a difficult task this year. It truly is ‘an exiting time for intranets’.

James Robertson presents the 2013 Intranet Innovation Awards in Melbourne

At the Melbourne awards presentation were treated to:Barclays Bank’s mobile intranet for frontline staff. A BYOD offering for their 40,000 staff which has demonstrated excellent return on investment for them. (Platinum Award)PwC Australia’s Pw...

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Create a Governance Group When Choosing & Implementing a New Intranet

When considering an intranet project, a key feature to look for is its ease of use.  Intranet platforms like make managing content easy enough that non-technical department administrators can update information themselves.  These types of systems are great because IT staff is freed up to concentrate on other mission critical tasks and department information is always up to date.  However, they are only effective when the editors work together. 

It is essential that...

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Melcrum Summit 2013 - The Art & Science of Performance

Will McInnes kicked off the conference with an energetic talk. Author of Culture Shock, he was introduced as not specialising in communications but focuses on how to do business in the new world and how to work with employees to make them successful in their own right.

Discussing the power of data and democracy and how it relates to employee performance he highlighted how we want to accelerate the speed of conversations in our business to match the speed with which it is happening outside. For example in the external world the passengers are first to tell train operators when there is a problem.

Companies need an intranet, online platform, to kick-start those conversations and help with the speed employees can set up project teams, vote new ideas and comment on ways to improve the business and contribute to company’s direction... Read More >

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Valuing information tip 4: finding it more easily | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

In this series of posts ‘Showing the value of your information’ I help you with tips and advice. So far I have covered owning content, accredited content and collaborative content. I now want to cover findability of your content.

By findability I mean how you can make it easier for people to find the information you publish and manage. Making that difference will show that your content is more valued by anyone finding it....

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Employees shrugging off your intranet? It’s probably the platform - Holtz

I see my share of intranets.

The intranets I see tend to be the home to content produced by excellent communicators. These smart people understand the role of content in an employee communications strategy. They produce great articles, video and audio. Employees who view their content almost universally like it. Usually, they call me when they can’t figure out why, despite all this, employees turn to a variety of other channels for news, information and collaboration before they turn to the intranet...

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Why ‘top tasks’ should not be your top task

Malcolm Davison of tackles the 'top tasks' priority mantra head on and argues that over emphasis on this type of navigation is wrong. He supports a devolved approach so that the site will deliver what's most beneficial for the web reader and the organisation itself - steered with the knowledge and cooperation of the publishing departments themselves. This applies on intranets just as much as it does on websites.

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Demonstrating intranet ROI (via increased staff engagement)

There have been many discussions recently about the ROI (return on investment) of intranets.

At one level, this is extremely difficult to measure. The number of hits, and time spent on the intranet, don’t easily correlate with intranet value (I wrote about this a long time ago: 25 reasons why time saving is a bad metric). The level of activity (number of comments, likes, etc) is equally tricky.

On another level, however, demonstrating intranet value can be quite easy. The general principle is this:

Determine what business outcome is the priority, and then choose intranet activities that target it...

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What Should You Name Your Intranet? - Intranet Ideas

Coming up with the right name for your intranet can be quite a task. In most cases, your intranet name is something that everyone across your organisation will see and/or say at some point, and it will be with you for at least the first iteration of your intranet project, so it’s easy to feel like there’s a lot of pressure to come up with the perfect name.

Well, we’ve got some guidance for you below on what and how to name your intranet, based on our experience of client naming processes. Hopefully you’ll find it helps you to choose an interesting, innovative name that really suits your intranet; some people do still opt for t...

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With HP's Work-From-Home Directive, Is the Digital Workplace Broken?

Depending on who you ask, Hewlett-Packard made this week one of two moves regarding where its employees work:

They either pulled a Marissa-Mayer-Yahoo-esque directive or … they didn’t.

Kinda Like Yahoo?...

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