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Valuing information tip 4: finding it more easily | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

In this series of posts ‘Showing the value of your information’ I help you with tips and advice. So far I have covered owning content, accredited content and collaborative content. I now want to cover findability of your content.

By findability I mean how you can make it easier for people to find the information you publish and manage. Making that difference will show that your content is more valued by anyone finding it....

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Employees shrugging off your intranet? It’s probably the platform - Holtz

I see my share of intranets.

The intranets I see tend to be the home to content produced by excellent communicators. These smart people understand the role of content in an employee communications strategy. They produce great articles, video and audio. Employees who view their content almost universally like it. Usually, they call me when they can’t figure out why, despite all this, employees turn to a variety of other channels for news, information and collaboration before they turn to the intranet...

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Why ‘top tasks’ should not be your top task

Malcolm Davison of tackles the 'top tasks' priority mantra head on and argues that over emphasis on this type of navigation is wrong. He supports a devolved approach so that the site will deliver what's most beneficial for the web reader and the organisation itself - steered with the knowledge and cooperation of the publishing departments themselves. This applies on intranets just as much as it does on websites.

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Demonstrating intranet ROI (via increased staff engagement)

There have been many discussions recently about the ROI (return on investment) of intranets.

At one level, this is extremely difficult to measure. The number of hits, and time spent on the intranet, don’t easily correlate with intranet value (I wrote about this a long time ago: 25 reasons why time saving is a bad metric). The level of activity (number of comments, likes, etc) is equally tricky.

On another level, however, demonstrating intranet value can be quite easy. The general principle is this:

Determine what business outcome is the priority, and then choose intranet activities that target it...

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What Should You Name Your Intranet? - Intranet Ideas

Coming up with the right name for your intranet can be quite a task. In most cases, your intranet name is something that everyone across your organisation will see and/or say at some point, and it will be with you for at least the first iteration of your intranet project, so it’s easy to feel like there’s a lot of pressure to come up with the perfect name.

Well, we’ve got some guidance for you below on what and how to name your intranet, based on our experience of client naming processes. Hopefully you’ll find it helps you to choose an interesting, innovative name that really suits your intranet; some people do still opt for t...

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With HP's Work-From-Home Directive, Is the Digital Workplace Broken?

Depending on who you ask, Hewlett-Packard made this week one of two moves regarding where its employees work:

They either pulled a Marissa-Mayer-Yahoo-esque directive or … they didn’t.

Kinda Like Yahoo?...

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Does Your Healthcare Intranet Have a Pulse?

Working with so many different companies on a day-to-day basis, we see how important design and architectural structure is to the success of an intranet over time. Your organization is a living, breathing organic entity and therefore your intranet should be flexible and accommodate organizational changes. Making sure that your intranet is keeping up with the needs of your business is essential in achieving healthcare intranet success.

I write today, in hopes that this article will help raise awareness about the health of your intranet. Let’s begin by placing our index and middle finger on the wrist of your intranet site and checking its pulse....

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Solve Project Communication Overheads Using Intranet Teams

I’ve worked in and with numerous companies around the world where Communication Overhead has been a major risk to delivery, yet it still seems a curse for many Project Managers. Many of these symptoms also impact our everyday roles. Today I want to propose a way you as an Intranet Manager or member of a… Continue..

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Valuing information tip 3: how to manage collaborative content | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

In this series of posts ‘Showing the value of your information’ I help you with tips and advice.  In my last post I covered  how to make sure your accredited content is up to date so people using it can rely on its value.  I now want to cover collaborative content in this post...

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4 Tips for Better Intranet Management - Intranet Connections Blog

My fellow colleague Ayendra recently posted Removing the “IT Intranet” Perception, which outlined his previous experience working in a company where the IT department had become a bottleneck in the intranet communication process.

After joining the Intranet Connections team and working with our customers he saw examples of businesses using a different method of intranet management – smart delegation.

In these businesses distribution of content management meant the intranet was being utilized as a platform for collaboration, leading to a variety of benefits for the organization.

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Social Enterprise Collaboration Governance: A Little Done, A Lot More To Do

Metalogix didn't wasted any time in incorporating the SharePoint governance and administration assets it acquired from Axceler in August into its corporate portfolio. This week, Axceler has rebranded itself and its remaining assets under the umbrella of a new company called View Do Labs, which will focus on offering enterprises governance and analytics across social networks.

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Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC): Intranets: the signal and the noise and the need for a 'content miner'

Andrew Wright

In science and engineering, signal-to-noise is a measure that compares the level of a desired signal to the level of background noise. The term is also commonly used to describe a ratio of things that are useful (signal) to less useful (noise).

In intranets, it’s a useful analogy to describe the relationship between work-in-progress (WIP) type content such online collaboration & discussions (noise) and more formal content such as policies, procedures, work instructions, templates and forms (signal).

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Superhero Intranets = Superhero Culture

Eric Ryan, co-founder and self pledged co-parent of method believes that the method culture is their only sustainable competitive advantage for innovation and that all employees must embody the brand. Imagine that. Imagine the power of that statement. Now imagine the many ways to transfer that statement to every single staff member. Enter the intranet and you have a primary driver to making your intranet site a critical component of your competitive advantage and company health....

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7 Common Mistakes That An Intranet Administrator Should Not Do | Intranet Extranet Blog

We all love intranets (at least in Claromentis). Intranets don’t just allow you to manage and organize your precious data in your corporation, but it also encourages your users to get involved in the workplace; if it is used correctly. In this article, I am going to list the 7 common mistakes that an intranet administrator shouldn’t do. I hope this helps you optimize your intranet and make it work more efficiently for both you and your users.Keep It Simple, Yet Efficient

We all are busy, aren’t we? Nobody wants to come to an office and see a load of irrelevant documents nagging them and announcements that they have no interest...

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From intranet to iPad: Top tips to repurpose online content - Melcrum | Effective internal communication

With employees more mobile, informed and influential than ever before, dynamic access to quality intranet and website content has never been more critical. Better business results depend on it. Are you making the most of your virtual potential? Chevron’s Allyson Ward Neal explored precisely this at IABC’s recent 2013 World International Conference in New York.

By Allyson Ward Neal and Megan Sheerin.

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How Analytics Can Support Intranet Management - Jed Cawthorne

A lot of the big data noise revolves around how marketers use data analytics to improve marketing performance. But how do these tools and techniques effect what is going on behind the scenes?

Conceptually there is nothing new here, nor is this rocket science, and yet the built in analytics of intranet CMS solutions are often lacking in features and functionality. However if you have the latest all singing all dancing version of Webtrends, or IBM's analytics suite, or some cool open source tool kit, do you have the in resources in the form of people, expertise and time to make the fullest use of these capabilities on the digital marketing front?

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Your Intranet: A Strategic Planning Necessity

As the CEO of NeoStream Technologies, I know our annual strategic planning session isStrategic Planning the glue that keeps everyone focused and working in alignment for the upcoming year. There’s a lot riding on these sessions.

A company intranet is a powerful tool to help you plan, collaborate and communicate all activities and outcomes related to the annual planning session.

Here are four ways your intranet can improve your approach to strategic planning....

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How I archive a SharePoint Team Site | Ellen's Digital Workplace

As you may know from earlier posts, I am always struggling with the amount of storage space in my site collections. So whenever I find a site that appears not to have been used for a long time, I ask the Site Owner if the site can be deleted or archived. I have a dedicated site collection for archiving, so moving a site there allows me space in the original location.

Archiving a site involves some actions to make it clear that this site is in “no-change”  mode. Please read on to see how I do it. Is that how you do it? Suggestions welcome!

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Valuing information tip 2: can you rely on your content ? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

What is it you can do for people to realise your content is of value, it is useful, reliable, and authoritative?  In my previous posts in the series of ‘Showing the value of your information’ I help you to show to people how valuable it is.

Making sure your content is up to date so people using it can rely on it is vital to showing its value to everyone.

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4 Tactics to Justify a New Intranet Solution - ThoughtFarmer Blog

Trying to decide whether it’s worth it to upgrade to a new intranet this year or next year? While we have a lot of resources to guide you through the process of starting a new intranet project, we still know it’s a significant undertaking. Many businesses come to us to discuss the problem of their intranet. It’s messy, out-of-date, confusing, unattractive, or unreliable. But how do you even start to fix it?

Here are four tactics to start building your business case for a new intranet solution.

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