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Avoid These Big Data Mistakes + Next Gen of Intranet Portals

It may have been a short work week but that didn't slow things down at CMSWire. This week, we kicked off our month long focus on Big Data — we talked big data mistakes marketers commonly make and how smart marketers extract value from Big Social Data. Over in our information space we took another look at SharePoint on premises vs Office 365 and in Social Business we discussed the importance of SharePoint user training.

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Book Review by @jedpc: Essential Intranets by James Robertson

"I built my first small “departmental intranet” back in 2000. Like many others I suppose, when searching for resources, I soon became used to hitting the website of James Robertson and Step Two Designs to read their articles and blogposts, so it seemed appropriate that I should review his new book, Essential Intranets."

Although James and his Step Two colleagues have a wealth of real world intranet experience, James took the interesting route of reaching out to practitioners and experts from around the world to join his “advisory panel” for writing the book, so you're not just getting one persons opinions, but content that was potentially discussed at length before reaching its final published form.

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Google+ Focuses on Territory Facebook is Not Interested In: Corporate Social Networks

August 14, amid another release widely shared across the press, Google launched an important feature that enhances Google+ (read Google Plus) as a key part of the company's approach to the Social Business market: the Google+ API Domains.

The feature, which will allow companies to develop business tools over the Google+ platform, consolidates the social network as a solution that aims to meet the needs of the enterprise user not only in making connections and social relations within the corporation, but also as an enterprise tool for communication and collaboration - a niche which has never attracted interest from Facebook.

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Showing the value of your information | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I want to help you to show to people using your information how valuable it is. Information should be something that can be used to help you with your work and be useful to you.

What is it you can do for people to realise your content is of value, it is useful, reliable, and authoritative? What pitfalls should you avoid so people avoid your information!

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How to Manage Tech and Creative People when you're In-between the Two

As tech seeps deeper into our work and the digital and real worlds combine, a whole new demand is rising for people who can bridge the ‘in-between’ space – a place that straddles both creativity and technology, and takes two very distinct areas of expertise and melds them together.

If I have just described you and your predicament, read on. Maybe you are tasked with managing cross-functional teams, with a creative objective grounded in digital and tech. To succeed, you have to be fluid enough to pass between both ends of the spectrum before reaching a final goal. In fact, oftentimes thriving in that space is just as much about your mindset as it is about your skill set.

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How to Recognize and Remove Success Barriers In the Social Enterprise

Employees like to be productive. They also like to have accomplishment attached to their names.

Defining The Problem So what’s stopping your employees from being productive? Where in your enterprise collaboration strategy are the failures?

When there are too many administrative routines to take care of, people can’t fully focus on their main tasks," Filev says. "Everyone’s personal productivity suffers from this, and, consequentially, it slows down your whole team. Sending out requests for status updates and waiting for information slows down everyone. We are all humans, and we want to do something meaningful at our work, not just fight with email, write reports and sit at meetings.

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5 intranet trends for 2013 and beyond - Guy van Leemput

Two years ago I wrote about 5 intranet trends that we at J. Boye saw emerging among our group members and consulting customers. Looking back at these predictions, it’s interesting to see which trends have really lived up to the promise – Cloud, knowledge sharing, usage of SharePoint – and which ones didn’t: mobile, for instance, is in many organisations still stuck in the ‘roadmap’ or ‘planning’ stage.

So let me make another attempt at defining (in some cases it is just re-fining) 5 trends for the future.

  1. Integration: The return of the porta
  2. Unlocking tacit knowledge
  3. Delivering business value: the intranet as a business tool
  4. Search: Reality sets in
  5. SharePoint 2013: The breakthrough release
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Charity intranets: volunteer and share your #intranet skills - Intranetizen

At Intranetizen, we believe great intranets make organisations better. They improve collaboration, boost engagement, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Nowhere is that need to do more with less and become more efficient more pressing than in the voluntary sector – yet charities often lack the resources to deliver the intranets they need.

This week we’re calling on intranet pros to volunteer their time, skills and expertise to help make charity intranets better.

Our friends over at Interact Intranet this week announced the winners of their charity intranet competition. Maggie’s, which runs 15 centres offering help to people with cancer and their families, has ambitious plans for the coming years. In their winning submission, they explained how an intranet will help them achieve those. They’ve won Interact software licences, plus project management and consultancy to help them make their intranet plans a reality.

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10 Things Every Intranet Should Have

These are 10 things every intranet should have to ensure a healthy, vital, essential intranet that engages people, supports their daily activities, reflects the company ethos and ultimately and helps people get work done. This is the vision and should be the aim of every intranet manager. So where do you start? Start here, looking at the…

Read more

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Intranet and portals : between decentralization and deconcentration

I recently predicted the possible comeback of enterprise portal. Not to make it a basic host for a CMS as it’s been for long – what made it lose credit – but as a service integrator. In the same line, Claude Malaison wondered if the advent of social caused the death of portals[FR].

He came to a similar conclusion : there’s no absolute answer. The portal as we knew it does not make any sense anymore but if we come with a new mindset it may become the pillar it’s always been supposed to be.

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The Failure of the Corporate Intranet - Enterprisingly Social

This is the 6th part of The Business Communication Revolution, a 15-part series on improving the efficiency of communication in business. Continue reading the series on this blog, or at

Businessman with red umbrella under huge wave of documentsAround 10 years ago, corporate intranets were seen by many as the potential solution to the problem of keeping employees informed. These days it is often said that intranets are “where knowledge goes to die”. That is probably a little unfair in most cases, but it is certainly true that few intranets have delivered a knowledge management nirvana. So what went wrong?

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A single sentence about your intranet that says it all - jesperby

Can you state the essence about your intranet in a single sentence? You should, because then you have a chance to make the intranet stick in the minds of your executive board.

A declaration that says something like “Our intranet is mainly for solving [...] and providing [...] with a broad selection of [...]. The main target groups are [...] and [...]. Our goal is to give the key users a [...], reflect the company values, [...] and an excellent user experience.” is simply too long. The executive board will have stopped listen halfway. No one listens to a babbling fool.

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Announcing the winners of the 2013 Intranet Innovation Awards - Step Two

Today, we’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Intranet Innovation Awards, who this year come from USA, Canada, UK, France, China and Australia.

These winners represent the leading edge of intranets, with their solutions providing invaluable inspiration for all intranet teams.

This year was very tough to judge, with so many strong entries. For this reason, we’ve awarded two Platinum winners for the first time...

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Getting Creative with Intranet Names - Business 2 Community

Ok, so you have done your due diligence and research on different intranet solutions and you probably have a phone book of criteria and vendor matrix’s.

You have researched all the different vendors, gone through all of the demos, listened to all the different sales reps rattle on about how great their solution is, how much it’s going to save you over time and increase productivity, to the point that if someone even says the word intranet one more time you will probably quit your job and go into sheep herding.

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Intranets – the early history - @IntranetFocus

by Martin White

A Twitter post today from Ellen van Aken via Sam Marshall about the early history of the intranet prompted me to dig back into my paper files and also looking back at some web resources.

In doing so I also discovered I had been rightly taken to task by Richard Wiggins for a rather error-strewn blog post of mine back in 2010!  I first became aware of the intranet concept in around 1995 when I joined TPFL, a London-based company providing a range of services to the information profession.

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Essential Intranets – a new book by James Robertson - bookreview by @IntranetFocus

The first place we go to look for a book is Amazon. offers me over 2000 books, the first two of which are by James Robertson, Designing Intranets and What Every Intranet Team Should Know. The third is my own Intranet Management Handbook which Amazon indicates incorrectly is co-authored by James.

After that you enter a world of SharePoint books which mention the word intranet somewhere in the description and then begin to find books written ten or more years ago.

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Collaboration on the Intranet - by Michael Sampson

Consider these two situations: your intranet is mainly for publishing corporate news, and your intranet is a place where people come to get their work done (sometimes alone and often in collaboration with other people).

What’s important to get right in each situation is vastly different – when publishing news you need to ensure the news is findable, readable, and relevant. When supporting collaboration on the intranet, you need to provide effective ways for people to share their own expertise and insight in pursuit of a common goal. Read More

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Managing the risks from mobile - Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Recently I have talked a lot about mobile ranging from selling the idea to senior people, creating a great mobile experience, how to develop a strategy to what are good governance principles.

Some organisations are starting to realise the potential of mobile working can help employee’s productivity, engagement, and their work/life balance. But the reality is a lot of organisations aren’t there yet. Most will provide a poor user experience and be reluctant to invest time and money developing a rich mobile user experience.

Security and risk are concerns that often create the barriers to further mobile integration. How can you overcome these barriers?

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SharePoint 2013: it’s not about the technology

I’m here to deliver a message that you might find surprising, maybe even perplexing. Actually, it’s not my message, it’s a message from Sam Marshall, author of IBF’s new report on SharePoint 2013.

And to be totally accurate, the message isn’t just from Sam: his report not only resulted from his hands-on research into SharePoint 2013, but also quotes OpenText and even Microsoft itself...

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Winner of Interact’s charity intranet competition with 7 great reasons » Interact Intranet Software

After 7 weeks and a huge number of charity entries from around the world, we are pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s Interact charity intranet competition was Maggie’s Cancer Centres who submitted a brilliant video giving 7 great reasons why they deserved to win Interact Intranet 7Read More >>

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