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Managing requests during an intranet project - Step Two Designs

Written by Rebecca Rodgers, published August 22nd, 2013

The intranet project is gaining momentum, excitement is growing and everyone’s keen to just get in and start creating, but the intranet team isn’t quite ready yet. Sound familiar?

A common outcome of crucial needs analysis and strategy work (see the article Conducting intranet needs analysis) is excitement about what the intranet can become. This is key to a successful intranet project and assists in managing the change but can also open the flood gates for authors keen to ‘get stuck in’.

This article focuses on techniques that can help you capture all the needs (and weed out all the wants) while busily working on your intranet redesign project.

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Digital Maturity: Ignite New Revenues, Better Profits, and Much More

In the digital workplace, realizing Digital Maturity is an achievement. It is a quality others notice as a badge of authority. It not only has financial pay-back, it also honors those individuals and companies who have gained the experience to operate using this “Digital Advantage”.

Digital Maturity is an emerging concept that originates from a 2012 MIT/Sloan Management study. The study measured and compared nearly 400 companies over two years and found companies that had achieved a “Digital Advantage” were 9% to 26% more profitable. These progressive companies are leaping ahead of competitors and leading their industry sectors by using two main levers:

  1. Digital Intensity – the level of investment in technology-enabled initiatives meant to change how the company operates. This includes long-term financial and HR commitments.

  2. Transformation Management Intensity – the investment in the leadership needed to create Digital Transformation within an organization. Digital, social and cultural direction.

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It’s about the personality, not the role - Intranetizen

by @danaleeson, August 22, 2013

There’s a never ending debate on where internal communications or the intranet team should sit within an organisation. Should it be in HR? In Communications? Should intranet teams sit in IT? It has been debated in conferences, workshops and even between the Intranetizen team.

What can be agreed is that there is no perfect or clear answer; it all depends on your organisation. But that’s the problem, some organisations want to know the market trends, want to know what others are doing so they can implement it.

We ask, is that really the best thing to do?

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Getting Creative with Intranet Names - Intranet Blog & Intranet Articles

Martino Knight

Ok, so you have done your due diligence and research on different intranet solutions and you probably have a phone book of criteria and vendor matrix’s.

You have researched all the different vendors, gone through all of the demos, listened to all the different sales reps rattle on about how great their solution is, how much it’s going to save you over time and increase productivity, to the point that if someone even says the word intranet one more time...

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Re-Imagining the Old Company Intranet

Re-Imagining the Old Company IntranetPosted by Jason Corsello Every company has one, and, let’s be honest, the vast majority of them stink.

I’m talking about the standard-issue (and still industry standard) Company Intranet — typically, a collection of Web pages where companies stockpile resources like employee handbooks and policies, the company directory, health and benefit portals and other content that sees some activity during new-hire orientation and are is usually forgotten about shortly thereaf...

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So You Have A Dead Intranet, Now What? - GovLoop

Yesterday's post on Intranets focused on control issues and how to resolve them. It consisted of notes from a keynote presentation at Drupal4Gov featuring a three-year case study on this subject.

For the sake of focus I left a very important piece of the talk on the cutting room floor, and so will expand on it a bit in this post. This is the implementation portion of the engagement piece: How do you go from a website nobody visits or uses, to one that engages the workforce?

The basic idea is to think of your job as starting a conversation. "Encourage participation and don't interfere...start a discussion, build momentum."

You may think that not enough people are participating in the space but it takes time for people to work up the courage...

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Why having no intranet budget can be a great thing - Lau Andreasen

Having little or no budget is the reality for a lot of intranet teams these days.

This can obviously cause a lot of frustration. But perhaps you can indeed do more with less? Have you stopped to consider the benefits?

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Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC): 50 ways to a better intranet

Based on feedback from leading intranets, the following is a list of tasks that can improve your intranet. They are grouped into the following topics.

  • Finding information

  • Completing work tasks

  • Interactivity (staff contributions)

  • Performance

  • Look and feel

  • Content Maintenance (governance)

  • Other

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The moral of my medieval fable ( #intranet #digitalworkplace )

Following my last post, several people asked me to explain further what I meant by my Medieval Fable … some even seemed a little upset (<- sorry about that) … so, here goes!

Evolution of the intranet Simple diagram on the left In May 2011, I published the simple diagram on the left asking the question about the relationship between the intranet as we then knew it and this new-fangled Digital Workplace thingy which people were beginning to talk about (if you have time to read through the comments on the original post, they make quite interesting reading).

You see the ‘graph’ on the right of the simple diagram on the left … er … well, that’s the moral of my fable.

WHAT, you need MORE explanation??? Seriously, what’s not to get???

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Digital Workplace : Swiss Army Knife or Plumbing ?

The point everyone agrees on when it comes to digital workplace is the “all in one side”. A single place to work whatever the activity, action or tool is. A single point of entry. A single place for all employees. What leads to a logical question : should it be a single tool ?

As a matter of fact there are two options here : using a single tool or a bunch of specific ones that will need integration.Swiss Army Knife or Best Of Breed ?

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The Failure of the Corporate Intranet

Around 10 years ago, corporate intranets were seen by many as the potential solution to the problem of keeping employees informed.

These days it is often said that intranets are “where knowledge goes to die”. That is probably a little unfair in most cases, but it is certainly true that few intranets have delivered a knowledge management nirvana.

So what went wrong?

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Low Intranet User Adoption: The Saga Continues

The never-ending problem for intranets is getting staff to actually use them.

In this recent article, Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst at MWD Advisors, analyzes why no one uses the company intranet. Ashenden attributes low intranet user adoption primarily to outdated publishing models, where a handful of authors create the intranet content.

Ashenden used this diagram to show the contrast between traditional intranets and social intranets...

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DW Trends: what’s hot, what’s not - @NetJMC

The state of affairs in the digital workplace has been at least partially revealed by the results of the 2014 Digital Workplace Trends pre-survey quick poll. It’s a fast way to see what DW people are thinking about and working on.

These results triggered several fundamental questions for me. I’ll be publishing a short post for each one over the coming days:

  • Social collaboration: What’s blocking?

  • Mobile: need for speed?

  • ROI: what do we have to prove?

  • Floor-field workforce: the forgotten people?

  • Customers: our raison d’être?

  • Language: head in the sand?

  • Governance: a new era?

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The Value of Collaboration #4: Reducing the cost of internal communications - johnstepper

How much does your intranet cost?

The Intranet

In addition to the core infrastructure, add all the different applications – content management systems, Sharepoint, blogs, wikis, etc. Then add the engineers that customize the tools to make them look like modern websites. Then add the people dedicated to producing the newsletter and e-zines and other corporate content.

How much does all of that cost? You probably have no idea.

It turns out that most large firms can comfortably reduce their total intranet spend by $3 million to $7 million if you effectively use modern social platforms and practices.

The problem...

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Intranet Excellence Awards 2013 - Interact Intranet Software

Interact’s Annual Customer Intranet Excellence Awards are now open and ready for our customers to enter! Put your intranet into the spotlight and shine! All entries this year will receive a free online consultancy session with our experienced intranet strategists to provide you with the experience, expertise and support to make your intranet a complete success.

The overall winner will receive a two-day bespoke intranet consultancy session, with our intranet strategists worth £1700.

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Social Intranet Insider: A Chat with Amy Cisneroz of Virgin America

As many CIOs are finding out, today’s workforce is demanding a consumer-grade experience--like they enjoy in their personal lives--to access company services and collaborate with their colleagues whether they’re at the office or on the go.

Cloud, mobile and social technologies offer ways to expand the delivery of company information to employees using a set of robust tools that provide anytime, anywhere access to organizational information, knowledge, expertise and tools--all designed with the emplo...

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Intranet governance first – intranet launch next | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I have seen many intranets over the years. One thing that always makes me sad is when I see a new intranet launched with a great design, clear structure, interesting content……but no or poor governance.

It is sad to see all the time, effort, and money slowly being wasted away as the effects of little or no governance inevitably start to take effect with more and more problems appearing as the weeks go by.

What governance problems? Where do they appear? What is their impact? Well, I’m thinking about these examples......

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The fall of the house of intranet – a cautionary fairy tale for intranet managers

Once upon a time, workers lived among reams of paper – newsletters; memos; phone books; and much more besides … as soon as these bits of paper were spewed out of printers, they were out of date … the cunning and ruthless Sir Lever Arch infiltrated himself into every aspect of corporate life.

Like rising damp, armies of managers emerged from under rocks and from within cracks to manage each other and all sorts of other stuff which oiled the wheels of the corporation, but which were ultimately pointless.

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How to run intranet projects in a rush - Step Two Designs

In the ‘good old days’ when the world economy was strong and resources were plentiful, intranet projects were often given the luxury of a year (or longer) to deliver an outcome.

These projects could conduct robust research phases, extensive user testing, measured development and steady content migration.

Those days are long gone, and may not return for some time. In the current business environment, times are tight in both for-profit companies and government agencies.

Intranet projects are now expected to deliver in a rush, with durations of 3-6 months being common. We’ve even seen teams being instructed to design and launch new sites in weeks, not months!

This briefing outlines the practical approaches that can be taken to make even these rushed projects successful.

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New #intranet videos: four mythbuster sessions from Intranets2013 - Column Two

We like to mix it up at our conferences, to keep everyone awake and engaged. At Intranets2013, held in Sydney in May 2013, this included an intranet mythbuster session at the end of day one. Four of our presenters were brave enough to don white lab coats, to bust the myths that you voted on.

With five minutes each, they busted the following myths:

  • Jonathan Phillips (Coca-Cola Enterprises, UK): Social collaboration replaces traditional intranets

  • Sam Marshall (Clearbox Consulting, UK): Everything must be 3 clicks or less from the home page

  • Michal Pisarek (Dynamic Owl, Canada): Intranets don’t need navigation, only search

  • James Robertson (Step Two Designs, Australia): Scrolling pages are evil

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