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How Analytics Can Support Intranet Management - Jed Cawthorne

A lot of the big data noise revolves around how marketers use data analytics to improve marketing performance. But how do these tools and techniques effect what is going on behind the scenes?

Conceptually there is nothing new here, nor is this rocket science, and yet the built in analytics of intranet CMS solutions are often lacking in features and functionality. However if you have the latest all singing all dancing version of Webtrends, or IBM's analytics suite, or some cool open source tool kit, do you have the in resources in the form of people, expertise and time to make the fullest use of these capabilities on the digital marketing front?

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Your Intranet: A Strategic Planning Necessity

As the CEO of NeoStream Technologies, I know our annual strategic planning session isStrategic Planning the glue that keeps everyone focused and working in alignment for the upcoming year. There’s a lot riding on these sessions.

A company intranet is a powerful tool to help you plan, collaborate and communicate all activities and outcomes related to the annual planning session.

Here are four ways your intranet can improve your approach to strategic planning....

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How I archive a SharePoint Team Site | Ellen's Digital Workplace

As you may know from earlier posts, I am always struggling with the amount of storage space in my site collections. So whenever I find a site that appears not to have been used for a long time, I ask the Site Owner if the site can be deleted or archived. I have a dedicated site collection for archiving, so moving a site there allows me space in the original location.

Archiving a site involves some actions to make it clear that this site is in “no-change”  mode. Please read on to see how I do it. Is that how you do it? Suggestions welcome!

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Valuing information tip 2: can you rely on your content ? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

What is it you can do for people to realise your content is of value, it is useful, reliable, and authoritative?  In my previous posts in the series of ‘Showing the value of your information’ I help you to show to people how valuable it is.

Making sure your content is up to date so people using it can rely on it is vital to showing its value to everyone.

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4 Tactics to Justify a New Intranet Solution - ThoughtFarmer Blog

Trying to decide whether it’s worth it to upgrade to a new intranet this year or next year? While we have a lot of resources to guide you through the process of starting a new intranet project, we still know it’s a significant undertaking. Many businesses come to us to discuss the problem of their intranet. It’s messy, out-of-date, confusing, unattractive, or unreliable. But how do you even start to fix it?

Here are four tactics to start building your business case for a new intranet solution.

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Two trends that transform the intranet manager role - J. Boye

Concerned about your career as an intranet manager? Overwhelmed by the latest in social, collaboration and mobile software? Unsure how the 'digital workplace' will affect your job? One thing is certain: you're not alone!

Let's have a closer look at two areas where most intranet investments are being made, and discuss how you as an intranet manager can stay on top of things.

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Valuing information tip 1: Show who owns your content | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

In my post ‘Showing the value of your information’ I wanted to help you to show to people using your information how valuable it is. I asked ‘What is it you can do for people to realise your content is of value, it is useful, reliable, and authoritative?’ and what pitfalls should you avoid.

I want to show you how knowing who owns your content can help people realise how valuable it can be.....

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5 Tips for Intranet System Success - IntraTeam

A successful intranet system is one that keeps employees engaged and assists them in performing the daily tasks they need to complete their job more efficiently. The problem is, too often intranets do not live up to their potential because employees don’t know how to use it, or don’t have a good reason to. Here are five tips from our 101 Intranet Ideas e-book to help ensure intranet system success in your organization...

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Do-it-yourself intranet personas - Rebecca Jackson

When considering what topic I could present about at this week’s Ark Intranet Yousability forum intranet personas were not far from my mind. It’s something that comes up for a lot of intranet managers. Deciding whether or not to do personas, how to demonstrate value to leaders and whether to do them in-house or hire a consultant. Having developed ours in-house earlier this year I thought I could share our approach for the benefit of other intranet managers.

To persona or not to persona

We made the decision to include personas in our intranet project as one of our key objectives centered on user experience. I knew from research ...

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The Intranet of the Future: Less Stuffy, More Engaging?

A new study from Appirio and the International Association for Human Resource Information Management suggests that successful employee intranets will begin taking more cues from social media. The office intranet is still important, but it could stand to learn a few new tricks, according to a new study.

The 2013 Appirio Employee Portal/Social Intranet Survey, based on research done by the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM), suggests that the employee information stalwart is taking some cues from social media—and as a result, has the potential to be a major engagement tool. Among the key study points...

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Intranetizen explained

We often get asked what the long term plan for intranetizen is. Tongue-in-cheek, we suspect a few consultants are slightly worried we might sneak on to their patch! But it’s a great question and one that we had struggled to answer.

Recently, the team gathered to discuss our long range plan and in the spirit of transparency that we hope you’ve come to enjoy, we thought we’d share it.

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Are you an intranet optimist or pessimist?

Last week James Robertson did a great post which outlined six reasons why he was optimistic about the future of intranets. These reasons include the way intranets are finally proving their value by being essential work tools rather than purely corporate comms channels, as well as the breadth of knowledge of intranet teams. James finished his post by saying:

Those who say that “intranets are dead” are flat-out wrong. Instead, intranets are now starting to emerge from their “adolescence”, to play a much more important role in organisations.

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How To Measure Intranet Engagement - Do Mobile Apps Offer A Clue?

Measuring intranet engagement is an important task for any intranet vendor, developer or manager. After all, intranet is often touted as a miracle cure that fosters collaboration, increases productivity, improves internal communications and makes employees more engaged. When reality turns out different, the shortfall is blamed on the wrong ‘implementation strategy‘ or lack of training.

But is it really true? Does it make no difference what platform you chose for intranet or do some intranet platforms advance engagement, while others hinder it? This answer is extremely hard to answer. At Bitrix24 we use a number of tools to mea...

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Intranet broken? This might be why

“Our intranet sucks.”

“Why is our intranet so unusable?”

“Intranet? No, we just use Dropbox.”

Those quotes, and many, many more just like them, can be found sprinkled throughout my notebooks from my time as a consultant with our enterprise division. Time and time again, with clients of every size and vertical, our consultations and end-user interviews turned up feedback just like that.

What is it about the lowly corporate intranet that tends to strike such discontent among users?

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Getting Your Website or Intranet Under Control: the Power of Information Architecture

This blog looks at how to direct and control your web application, be it a website or Intranet. What is often forgotten is that information architecture is fundamental to what a web application is and does: it defines its scope. A good information architecture meets both business and user objectives by means of a user experience strategy.

Previously, I gave a general introduction to information architecture and I referred to a supermarket website and how you might group things together and label them in a way that users understand. This is generally a good idea, as long as it’s aligned with business objectives: we have to be realistic here. Sometimes it’s...

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The Digital Workplace Trends 2014 survey is now open! | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

The 8th annual survey – Digital Workplace Trends 2014 – is now open. It will close mid-October. You are invited to participate in the survey and in return you will receive:

A free copy of the “Digital Workplace Trends 2014″ report on 31 January 2014. (This report is commercialized at US$ 530 for non participants.) A customized Digital Workplace Scorecard. The scorecard is calculated based on responses to a selection of questions in the survey. It gives a sense of where the organization is at compared to other similar organizations. (Available in the first part of February.)

The survey will take you from 45 to 60 minutes to complete....

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Why do we need a full intranet if we have Network Drives?

Most of our clients that I visit before we implement their intranets rely heavily on shared network drives.  This is where they keep everything from newsletters to their policies and procedures.  It works okay, but other alternatives work even better…way better.  We recommend that our clients put these documents on their hospital’s intranet for several reasons. 

One reason why we recommend using an intranet to host things like newsletters and policies is because it makes these documents easier to access. There is no need to map to a drive when the documents are on your intranet. You can navigate to the document as if you were clicking through your favorite website instead of going through some complicated folder structure. Since most people are now familiar with the layout of websites, this should be an easy transition. Also search functions are usually a lot faster and more robust than Windows Explorer in many ways.

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Sometimes ignored, intranets can make a difference

Company intranet portals often sit unused. Granted, they do not tend to have the splashy impact of other newer technology deployments, and as a result, IT leaders may prioritize the latest trends. Ignoring your company’s intranet – the primary knowledge repository of the enterprise – can create a snowball effect wherein the portals can go unused and, due to the dearth of incoming user content, stagnate. Breaking this cycle and introducing dynamic new capabilities for these systems can streamline office workflows and operations for the better.

Having a single place to communicate with coworkers and access relevant internal information based on employee roles and responsibilities can help employees make sound, informed decisions. The data sunk out of view in the intranet is meant to be close at hand, and restoring it to easy access can unlock the agility leaders didn’t know was missing.

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Recipe for a Successful Long-Life Company Intranet System

A company intranet will work only when it works for you, but to achieve a successfully functioning company intranet, you need to put some work into it as well.

It is common for company intranet systems to have a limited life span. It is not that the system itself fails, but the users of the system subtly, gradually and unintentionally pulls the plug on it.

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How to Push Engagement. Push it REAL Good.

You’ve been hearing it for years: Highly engaged workplaces grow faster, adapt quicker, and innovate more. You, yourself, understand the value and even the financial gain; however, you have yet to fully convince your senior leadership that employee engagement has financial results. So you need proof points that you can really push to your senior leaders so that they see results not just in theory but with weight they feel in their pockets.

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