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The Movement of Ideas Through a Social Intranet | Intranet Connections Blog

Carolyn Douglas | No comments | Add a comment It was back in February that I last attended an IBF broadcast and wrote the blog post “The Garden: Inside an Award Winning Intranet”, so it was with great pleasure that I tuned in again this week to learn about the implementation of innovation and ideation through a company intranet. Vincent Carbone Vincent Carbone, Founder and COO of BrightIdea is an excellent speaker. I was furiously typing notes as he spoke about how the use of an ideation platform can ...

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Could this be the world's most effective intranet?

The Weston Solution's intranet is currently the #1 ranked intranet (from over 100 participating organisations) in the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) web based benchmarking service. This means that the people who use the intranet - their own employees - believe their intranet delivers real value to the organisation. Read this article to find out why.

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How to Use Social Networking on Your Intranet | Intranet Connections Blog

Tara Clark | No comments | Add a comment I was recently on an online forum where someone commented: “We already have access to Facebook walls. Why have another wall on our intranet? Two message walls confuse people.” I thought this was an interesting question and it’s one that can be answered with examples of how leveraging a social intranet can facilitate conversations and help to gather information. Facebook-like message walls provide an internal networking space for collaboration and resource shari...

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infoarch: Building Your Social Intranet – Step 5 Measure

In the last couple of weeks I wrote some posts describing steps that help you build your social intranet. I’ll round up this series of post in two final posts. The last two steps towards a social intranet are: measure and cultivate your community. This post will address measuring.

As we know from many intranet studies measuring is almost always forgotten. Not many organizations have metrics to know how well their intranet is received and used. In my experience the same goes for social intranets or elem...

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How to Fetch a Better Intranet | Intranet Connections Blog

Tara Clark | No comments | Add a comment Last week we shared how Elkie Wills from San Diego Humane Society set goals and built a solid intranet roll-out plan. Developing and implementing objectives and timelines for launching an intranet has proven to be a valuable factor in building a successful intranet for SDHS. Today we are going to take an in-depth look inside SDHS’s intranet called Fetch. San Diego Humane Society’s intranet is playful and stays true to their organizations focus of finding homes f...

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Why Microsoft wants Yammer - enterprise social is booming

Microsoft’s quest to acquire enterprise social software player Yammer for more than US$1bn is being driven by the growing adoption of social media as the lynchpin of enterprise communications and collaboration.

New research from IDC shows that enterprise social software adoption has accelerated significantly, finding use cases across almost all industry verticals as it continues to become a critical decision support and worker productivity tool.

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Social Intranets: Evolution or Revolution?

There has been a lot of talk about the use of social media in corporate intranets lately. As more organisations implement social technologies to improve their internal communications and enhance engagement, we set out to explore the pros and cons of this movement.

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The Digital Workplace: Social Integration Through Activity Streams

"Rather than following a process, I follow a cloud of activities.”

That’s how a colleague of mine, a software developer, described the nature of his work. To me this also captures the nature of how knowledge work is evolving: it is becoming more fluid and unpredictable, with little structure and repeatability. Add to this that knowledge work is becoming increasingly interdependent; completing a task often requires many interactions with information entities from different sources as well as with people from different locations, organizations and time zones.

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What Ever Happened to Intranets?

Back in the mid-1990s when the Web was young, corporate Intranets were popping up at companies all over the place. They were usually quick and dirty efforts that often involved off-the-shelf parts and little (if any) programming. The idea was to produce a corporate Web portal that was just for internal use, enabling staff to share documents, best practices, customer information and the like.

But corporate intranets are mostly historical artifacts now. What happened?

No one saw it coming at the time, but in retrospect the failure of the corporate Intranet offers a classic lesson in how even popular categories of products can be quickly made obsolete by seemingly unrelated technological advances and social changes.

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Social Intranets and Organizational Collaboration - Softjoe

“Intranet” is an outdated concept and word. Can it be rehabilitated with “Social” as its first name? There have been some excellent articles and posts recently that help articulate the evolution of enterprise Intranets especially as social collaboration factors are considered.

In a recent article entitled Why Social Networks Are Replacing Intranets (subscription required), Aragon Research makes the case that Social Business environments like Convo are increasingly being considered for corporate Intranets. We’ve definitely seen this trend among our users.

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If employees spend more time on the intranet, does this mean it is more valuable?

Is it a good thing if your employees spend more time on their intranet? Does this mean it's actually helping the business? Research based on the feedback of over 27,000 intranet end users can help shed some light on these questions.

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Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

In the corporate world where deadlines are rampant, constant innovation is indispensable, workloads are mounting, and financial pressures are omnipresent, it’s no wonder the employees of many organisations feel as though they are disconnected from one another. Many employees have become disenfranchised or disengaged and as a consequence, it has led to poor business results and lost opportunities.

In late 2010, the Corporate Leadership Council released its quarterly engagement trends report. Results indicated that only 22% of employees planned on staying in their current positions. Supplementing the point, 21.6% of all employees surveyed described themselves as highly disengaged. As a consequence and according to Gallup Management Journal, this disengaged and disconnected culture (in US-based organisations) is costing $300b per year in lost revenues alone.

Is there a remedy for such calamitous organisational health?

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25 Ways to Use Wikis in Your Intranet

The wiki is one of the most useful applications in an intranet. It’s certainly one of the most popular applications among Noodle users. And why not? It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s accessible anywhere. Wikis can be edited on the fly, and the more users are given access to create and edit them, the more collaboration can occur.

Organizations are using intranet wikis to document and share knowledge, promote collaboration, and even enhance learning. Below are 25 specific ways you can use wikis in your intranet:

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infoarch: Building Your Social Intranet - Step 4 Choose your platform(s)

The last couple of weeks I've been blogging about my experiences with social intranet. I started out by defining 'social intranet', then moved on to the first three steps towards a social intranet: listen, define goal(s), and choose a roll-out strategy. It's great to see the posts are being shared and appreciated!

Step 4 is about choosing a platform for your social intranet. I'm not going to give lengthy advise about how to do this. I hope to do that in a separate post. My short advice is to choose a...

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infoarch: Building Your Social Intranet – Step 3 Top-down vs. bottom-up roll-out

OK, we defined the goal(s) of our social intranet. Now we have to get commitment from high-level management, right? It depends. I don’t think this is the only way to go, although we have learned to do it this way: write a plan, get budget by getting commitment from management, get IT on board and start rolling out. This type of planning always lead to long projects.

I think internal social media concepts and tools challenge us to think differently. Mostly the tools are really cheap and everybody can...

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Intranet Trends in Australia: 2012 is no time to stand still - Headshift

I’ve never been much of a futurist, which you might find odd since I spend a lot of time talking about new fangled ideas like ‘social business’ and ‘government 2.0’. From my perspective, none of this is futuristic – it is happening right here, right now if you look around. Reflecting on this week’s Intranets2012 conference and Dion Hinchcliffe’s visit to Australia, I thought it might be worthwhile identifying some of the ideas and trends that I see impacting intranets right now and into the immediate future.

Social Intranets… Social Workplaces

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Free Webinar: #1 ranked WIC intranet: Weston Solutions Case Study

What does it take to deliver an intranet that your staff will love? Hear from someone who has been there and done that and has the evidence to prove it. Register for this webinar to hear about the #1 ranked intranet in the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) benchmark service.

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10 ways to make an intranet managers life easier « Interact Intranet is Intelligent Intranet Software

10 ways to make an intranet managers life easier

An Intranet Managers job can be a constant balancing act – ensuring user adoption, encouraging collaboration and creating a site that is well-used and fulfils the unique requirements of their business can make them feel like they are re-enacting the stage act of spinning plates. Interact Intranet is packed with many nifty features that are designed to make an intranet managers day to day life easier, here are just 10 of them that are designed to do the hard work for you.

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Clarifying the word “collaboration” to reduce confusion and conflict - NetJMC

Confusion and misunderstandings around “collaboration”

The word “collaboration” is creating lots of confusion these days. In several recent client projects, I’ve seen firsthand to what extent different interpretations of “collaboration” have triggered serious misunderstandings and even internal conflict. I can’t count the number of meetings I’ve been in where people use the word collaboration to describe quite different things.

It is important to clarify the type of collaboration you are talking about. Although the different types are not black and white, there are fundamental differences. Why is it important to clarify?

  • It influences the coherence of your whole digital workplace, in particular your entry point strategy.

  • It will reduce conflict among digital teams and bring understanding of how different pieces fit together to serve the people.

  • To some extent, it impacts the roles and scopes of members of the digital teams. It partially answers the question of “who is in charge of what”.

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10 Ways a Social Intranet Can Help You Cut Down on Email

Social intranets benefit the enterprise by facilitating communication. The ability to connect with others through the intranet reduces our reliance on email which tends to be slower and less effective than tools like instant messaging and microblogs. Besides, we lose a significant amount of time and productivity every day, because we have to process so much email.

In this post, I’m going to show how many of the things you are currently accomplishing with email can easily be replaced by internal social networking applications.

These apps often do an even better job than emails, especially if you want immediate response or better archiving.

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