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Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC): Delivering an interactive intranet: case study from #1 ranked interactive intranet: nSynergy

People want more interactive intranets in their workplace. But what does it take to deliver an intranet that is will help people collaborate more effectively in the workplace? Find out from this case study of an intranet that has been there and done that.

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Eight and a half ways to collect feedback with SharePoint. « Ellen's Digital Workplace

Are you interested in what all employees think about your company’s latest product launch, or do you want to know which date would be preferred for that training session? Regardless of your role in the organization, I am sure that you will have asked your team members for feedback or data. How do you usually find out the answers; do you send an email, perhaps even with an Excel file attached? Why not try using your SharePoint intranet? Collecting and managing data is so much easier!There are different ways to enable and collect feedback, depending on your needs and your experience. Are you looking for individual opinions or do you want to know if version A is preferred over version B?

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A cure for “Social Media” allergy. « Ellen's Digital Workplace

It still happens…managers who do not want “Social Media” in their organization, since they think this means “wasting valuable working time”.  Sometimes it is Communications who resist, because they think Social Media will remove the focus from their Corporate News items. Or it could be HR or Legal, because they are afraid that people will say inappropriate things. Are you convinced that a social intranet is a good thing for your organization, but you feel that senior management blocks it because they do not like the word and therefore refuse to understand the concept and the benefits? Why not use a better word for it? Here are some real-life examples.

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Satisfying Your Gen X and Gen Y Intranet Users | Intranet Connections Blog

Tara Clark | No comments | Add a comment With the boom of tech-savvy employees in the workforce, companies are in search of unique engagement tools to keep the Gen X and Gen Y employees interested.  In Dana LaSalvia’s article called “Building an Employee-Enriched Culture with Social Media” she wrote that “organizations should think about integrating companywide marketing messages and upgrading their employee’s recognition programs to be more virtual.” To do this, implement an intranet! A social intranet...

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Emergency Preparedness on your Social Intranet | Intranet Connections Blog

Tara Clark | No comments | Add a comment I had a call from one of our healthcare customers and we worked together on ways they could inform employees about hospital emergencies. We acknowledged that it’s difficult to predict when a workplace crisis will occur, but you always want to be prepared in the event of one.  If your company has mapped out safe zones, prepared emergency protocols, and printed safety guides then you are on your way to being able to manage an unexpected pressing situation. Here ar...

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Is the Social workplace too touchy feely?

“Can our intranet be more like Facebook?”

Indeed. Nearly a billion users can’t be wrong, can they? The last few years has seen a big interest in the development of so called ‘social intranets’ or the social workplace. And with Microsoft’s takeover of social workplace and collaboration platform, Yammer, it’s been getting plenty of attention lately.

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Top 20 SharePoint Alternatives – LinkedIn Poll | Intranet Connections Blog

Carolyn Douglas | No comments | Add a comment Andrew Wright, founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, recently started a poll on the Intranet Professionals LinkedIn Group asking the question: What technology is your intranet based? A total of 379 participants showed that almost 50% of the respondents selected options other than SharePoint as their intranet technology. Andrew shared the results on his popular Worldwide Intranet Challenge Blog:Top 20 Alternative Intranet Technologies to SharePoint...

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Let the London 2012 Olympics…and the digital workplace begin! « Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

After a fantastic opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics there is a real buzz with everyone across the UK! People are energised, excited, and upbeat about what will be happening here for the next two weeks.

And the really important thing is how they will be spending their time, especially their working time, during the next two weeks that will herald the digital workplace becoming more of a reality and less of a phrase that organisations quote.......

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Intranet Managers Share their Summertime Secrets | Intranet Connections Blog

Tara Clark | No comments | Add a comment It’s summertime. Humid air mixed with sweltering sunshine can make any employee want to hit the pool with their family and friends. While most of the office is off enjoying summer vacation, what are intranet managers keeping the intranet from going stale? I took to the Intranet Professionals and Worldwide Intranet Challenge LinkedIn groups to ask this question and received some great feedback on the topic. See how you can combat the heat wave with these intranet ...

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On Collaboration and Recognition: Intranet Best Practices, Part 3

n part one of this blog series, we established how intranets standardize work processes and connect employees to others who can help them do their jobs. In part two, we looked at some of the best search, personalization, communications, training and support features of effective intranets. Another prime feature of great intranets is the opportunity for collaboration and recognition.

The Enterprise Value of Social Software

Tens of millions of employees around the world are using web-based tools to share information and expertise with co-workers, both within their offices and with remote users. A McKinsey research study on collaborative technologies in the workplace reported that many of these companies report significant organizational impact in increased information sharing, less hierarchical information flows, and collaboration across organization silos. But the way in which social mechanisms contribute to ROI is often indirect or unclear and therefore often undervalued.

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Social intranets part 2: leadership support and presenting content - IBF

The term ‘social intranet’ is now firmly established in the intranet industry. It describes intranets which have moved from a more traditional model, based on centralized corporate communications, to those that are more focused on user-generated content, collaboration, two-way communication and a variety of ’social’ tools. Moving to a greater participatory model changes the fundamental dynamic of the intranet so that it is more people-centered.  In this series of five blog posts we examine some of the a...

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Queen’s U Intranet Design Aims for Top 10 | Intranet Connections Blog

Tara Clark | No comments | Add a comment The Nielsen Norman Group’s Intranet Design Annual is a competition to identify the 10 best intranets from around the globe. This year, we are pleased to announce that two Intranet Connections customers submitted their intranets for this celebrated award. A big thanks goes out to Kevin Lackie, Associate Director of Systems and Infrastructure at Queen’s University, for sharing his contest entry which explains why their intranet is an invaluable business tool that ...

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The Movement of Ideas Through a Social Intranet | Intranet Connections Blog

Carolyn Douglas | No comments | Add a comment It was back in February that I last attended an IBF broadcast and wrote the blog post “The Garden: Inside an Award Winning Intranet”, so it was with great pleasure that I tuned in again this week to learn about the implementation of innovation and ideation through a company intranet. Vincent Carbone Vincent Carbone, Founder and COO of BrightIdea is an excellent speaker. I was furiously typing notes as he spoke about how the use of an ideation platform can ...

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Could this be the world's most effective intranet?

The Weston Solution's intranet is currently the #1 ranked intranet (from over 100 participating organisations) in the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) web based benchmarking service. This means that the people who use the intranet - their own employees - believe their intranet delivers real value to the organisation. Read this article to find out why.

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How to Use Social Networking on Your Intranet | Intranet Connections Blog

Tara Clark | No comments | Add a comment I was recently on an online forum where someone commented: “We already have access to Facebook walls. Why have another wall on our intranet? Two message walls confuse people.” I thought this was an interesting question and it’s one that can be answered with examples of how leveraging a social intranet can facilitate conversations and help to gather information. Facebook-like message walls provide an internal networking space for collaboration and resource shari...

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infoarch: Building Your Social Intranet – Step 5 Measure

In the last couple of weeks I wrote some posts describing steps that help you build your social intranet. I’ll round up this series of post in two final posts. The last two steps towards a social intranet are: measure and cultivate your community. This post will address measuring.

As we know from many intranet studies measuring is almost always forgotten. Not many organizations have metrics to know how well their intranet is received and used. In my experience the same goes for social intranets or elem...

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How to Fetch a Better Intranet | Intranet Connections Blog

Tara Clark | No comments | Add a comment Last week we shared how Elkie Wills from San Diego Humane Society set goals and built a solid intranet roll-out plan. Developing and implementing objectives and timelines for launching an intranet has proven to be a valuable factor in building a successful intranet for SDHS. Today we are going to take an in-depth look inside SDHS’s intranet called Fetch. San Diego Humane Society’s intranet is playful and stays true to their organizations focus of finding homes f...

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Why Microsoft wants Yammer - enterprise social is booming

Microsoft’s quest to acquire enterprise social software player Yammer for more than US$1bn is being driven by the growing adoption of social media as the lynchpin of enterprise communications and collaboration.

New research from IDC shows that enterprise social software adoption has accelerated significantly, finding use cases across almost all industry verticals as it continues to become a critical decision support and worker productivity tool.

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Social Intranets: Evolution or Revolution?

There has been a lot of talk about the use of social media in corporate intranets lately. As more organisations implement social technologies to improve their internal communications and enhance engagement, we set out to explore the pros and cons of this movement.

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The Digital Workplace: Social Integration Through Activity Streams

"Rather than following a process, I follow a cloud of activities.”

That’s how a colleague of mine, a software developer, described the nature of his work. To me this also captures the nature of how knowledge work is evolving: it is becoming more fluid and unpredictable, with little structure and repeatability. Add to this that knowledge work is becoming increasingly interdependent; completing a task often requires many interactions with information entities from different sources as well as with people from different locations, organizations and time zones.

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