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An Employee Engagement Snapshot - Employee Engagement with David Zinger

I worry about internal social media burning itself out a bit too. It can be a great tool used judiciously but almost too much excitement about it and then getting tired of it. Right now I notice lots of activity on LinkedIn as people jump on board this platform.

This reminds me of blog comments about 7 years ago and some of the other tools from a few years ago that have faded away. Once all the hype dies down perhaps we will integrate social media as a vital community and collaboration tool. Having said that some are doing it well and some are just dismissive without looking at what is going on.

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Top 10 Social Intranet Trends

Some interesting stats have emerged from CMS provider Bitrix who claim demand for Social Intranet is ‘exploding’ among small businesses. Their data is based on 40,000 signups of their social intranet platform and 5,000 Intranet installations ranging from 2 to 4,000+ users.

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Communication and cognition - Esko Kilpi on Interactive Value Creation

Economic growth is about value added. In manufacturing adding value was a transformation process from physical raw materials to physical goods. Economic growth is still today about value added. The difference is that the generic, homogeneous raw materials of the industrial era are now unique ideas and the transformation process is an iterative, interactive, non-linear movement, rather than a linear, sequential chain of acts.

The worlds of manufacturing-based added value and knowledge-based added value r...

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KUDOS: Employee Recognition on Your Intranet - Intranet Connections

Are you building an employee recognition rich culture?  You should be. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, creating a ‘recognition-rich culture’ can increase employee retention by up to 31%. Now that is a number worth investing in.

Employee recognition should not just be based on seniority or years-served. It should happen much more frequently.  Employee recognition should also reward performance and actions that support company goals and i...

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Marcia Wieder: Effective Collaboration - Marcia Wieder

Welcome to the generation of effective and generous collaboration. Gone are the days where it was every man for himself at the office. With the Internet at our fingertips and smartphones, the standard we're in an era where online collaboration is not only encouraged in the workplace and with our customers, but the norm.

Obviously, social media has changed the way companies do business. We can now instantly attract and engage with our customers with super-ninja-marketing power beyond sending out a single email and hoping it gets opened....

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Redesigning the Intranet: How CMS Technologies & Social Tools Engage & Excite

Usually, the words ‘intranet’ and ‘exciting’ aren’t used together in the same sentence. But the days of traditional intranets serving as pure document repositories are long gone.

The explosion of social tools and CMS technologies has given birth to the next generation of dynamic websites, including the corporate intranet. Once viewed as dry, stale sites — the corporate intranet is now coming to life as innovative tools and technologies are reaching beyond the public sphere and being applied to private, ...

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How To Build An Internal Social Network That Your Company Loves - Chris Dannen

The newly hired CEO of Possible Worldwide needed a way to unify a company with 32 global offices and four fresh acquisitions. So he set up a secret C-suite skunkworks to launch a custom social network from scratch.

The corporate intranet was okay for sharing templates and forms but terrible for sharing knowledge. Atchison figured he could kill both problems with a social network. Not Facebook, not LinkedIn, not Tumblr or National Field, but a brand new one, built specifically for them. “We’re in the business of creating social communities and connecting the relationship between brand and customer, so I thought it would be fairly hypocritical of us to go license Yammer,” Atchison says.

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Reduced staff turnover savings in a digital workplace | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

This is the third in my series of posts showing examples of the savings organisations have made by shifting work to a digital workplace. It draws on my previous posts on how you need to plan your strategy, governance, and management of content, tools, and services for a digital workplace. This is essential to transform your intranet into a digital workplace. The previous posts covered productivity savings and reduced absenteeism.

I will be using examples from the Digital Workplace Group‘s report ‘What is the financial value of investing in digital working?‘ that show what organisations taking the right approach can achieve. This example covers how reduced staff turnover can improve engagement save costs impacting on your organisation’s financial bottom line....

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Gamification: The Secret Weapon of Employee Engagement

Collaboration. Engagement. The Consumerization of the Enterprise.

Today, global businesses are beginning to realize that driving and sustaining an engaged workforce is a necessity to increase efficiency and profits. Yet four out of ten employees worldwide are not engaged, according to an AON Hewitt study, and this lack of engagement is crippling business growth potential.

Software Isn't the Answer

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How empowered employees can increase productivity - Business Technology

Workplace intranet can aid connectivity and efficiency

How many times have you overheard a conversation in your office and taken positive action as a result? Imagine accessing all the conversations in your company and filtering the ones relevant to you.

Consider the time saved and reduction in duplicated effort.  

This is happening in companies adopting intelligent social intranets, which McKinsey estimates increases efficiency by 25 per cent. That company could be a competitor; they may not be more cu...

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Summary of Euan Semple's keynote at CongresIntranet 2013

The Future Proof Intranet, business as usual?

  • Euan was inspired by what employees were doing in the evenings on the internet on bulletin boards.

  • Spent £200 on a bulletin board for 25.000 people

  • Bring outside tools into the organisation

  • But worries about facebook in the organisation (because you don't own the content)

  • How can you be a thought leader when nobody knows what you think?

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infoarch: Intranet as digital workplace by @markmorrell #intra13

First of all we should be clear what a digital workplace is. Mark’s definition of a digital workplace is: work is something you do not a place you go to.

In a digital workplace you can: work from any location or while mobile have the same or similar online experiencecollaborate, search, and complete tasks online choose what tools you can use to do this feel comfortable whenever you are using feel comfortable whenever you are using it be confident you can use it when you need tohave a better work/life ba...

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infoarch: A World without Email by @elsua #intra13

We started out the workshop with sharing who we are and how we cope with email. Surprisingly most says they cope with email quite well and don't experience email as a huge issue. But all would like to use email in a better way and get others to do so as well. All participants have some kind of collaboration tool inside their firewall (not saying it's used well or not).

Luis Suarez finds many high-level manager balk when they hear the word 'social', so he uses 'open' more. He stresses that email is a g...

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how to foster peer to peer recognition inside your company

One of my favorite things to do as a manager is to take a team that’s not functioning and make it function. There are many reasons why a team isn’t producing what it could, from limited resources, negative personalities, personality conflicts, individuals in bad-fit roles, demoralized members, to lack of direction (or too much direction) from a supervisor. Just as significant as the reasons why a t...

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Making the same mistake

Every day I see a greater digital divide within companies. I recently worked on a collaboration project that involved both groups of apprentices / graduates and those that are more used to faxes than Facebook. It made me realise we are making the same mistakes with collaboration tools (open, social, transparent working etc.) as we did with email and Knowledge Management tools of the 1990s.   Apprentices and graduates ‘just get it’ in terms of understanding how to use technology to...

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On the way to a social business analytics framework!

At E20 SUMMIT we are discussing all kind of project challenges for the E20 adoption and social enterprise transformation initiatives. While the actions for the adoption and transformation process have been widely discussed, the possibilities of tracking, measuring and analysing the progress of the adoption and transformation process is still a badly treated topic in the discussion.

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Great examples of digital workplace savings:absenteeism | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

This is the second in my series of posts showing examples of the benefits and savings organisations have gained by shifting work to a digital workplace. It draws on my previous posts on how you need to plan your strategy, governance, and management of content, tools, and services for a digital workplace. This is essential when transforming your intranet into a digital workplace. The first post ‘Great examples of Digital Workplace productivity savings‘ covered productivity.

I will be using examples from the Digital Workplace Group‘s report ‘What is the financial value of investing in digital working?‘ that show what can be achieved if your organisation can take the right approach. My second example is how reduced absenteeism can lead to savings in your time working and show on your organisation’s financial bottom line.....

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HR Magazine - Liable For libel on social media?

Employers need to stress the importance of clear policies to help avoid libel risk on social media among their employees.

The unprecedented growth of social media has seen the number of defamation cases involving online content rapidly increase. The popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter and the ability for users to share their views, or 'retweet' defamatory or potentially harmful statements, can present a huge problem for individuals and corporates trying to protect their reputations from harmful user-generated content.

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How Gamification Can Impact Employee Engagement [Infographic]

Why Gamification?

When done correctly, gamification can inspire, motivate and help team members collaborate more effectively and more organically overtime. And face it, most us need to feel inspired and could use to be motivated about work, these days. In fact, according to the recent Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index, seventy-one percent of American workers are not actively engaged at work and as a result are less likely to be productive. Lack of productivity doesn't just mean lack of innovation or decreased revenues, it also means lower morales and bad attitudes.

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Social Learning in Organizations and the role of HR - @AnaDataGirl

Enter Social Learning, the ability to connect with others, individually or through communities, to make sense and understand the current landscape that surrounds knowledge workers, allowing each of us to access the knowledge embedded in others, contributing also to their own learning through our interactions.

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