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Contextual integration: how it can transform your intranet

Explains how you can improve the way staff find information on the intranet by provindg a structured context around information types.

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What cloud computing can and can't do - David Linthicum

Kill enterprise architecture, provide infinite scalability, cost pennies per day -- these are just a few of our overblown expectations for the cloud

A recent post by Deloitte asked whether cloud computing makes enterprise architecture irrelevant: "With less reliance on massive, monolithic enterprise solutions, it's tempting to think that the hard work of creating a sustainable enterprise architecture (EA) is also behind us.

So, as many companies make the move to cloud computing, they anticipate leaving behind a lot of the headaches of enterprise architecture."

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Why the EA isn't ready for #E20 - Martijn Linssen

As an enterprise Architect, I like to think in little cubicles.

If you look closely at the TOGAF picture you'll see the cornerstones of an enterprise: Principles, Strategy, Objectives, Drivers, Vision, Goals and Measures even, and on the other hand: Business, Technology, Information Systems, Stakeholders

Missing something there? Well there also are Organisation, Location, Actors and Roles, Processes, Events, Controls, Products, Functions. Still missing something?

Where's the customer?

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Information architecture design philosophy - Simonrawson's Blog

General Design for Information Architectures Relating to Intranet and Knowledge Management Systems

There are many possible organisation structures and information architectures for an Intranet or knowledge management system. The easiest to envisage and explain is based on an organisation’s structure, and key processes within each organisation unit.

However organisation structures change. In some cases frequently, and reorganisations tend to render large slabs of content out of date or incorrectly organised.

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