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Watch. Intranets. Innovate. | Ellen's Digital Workplace

In the old days, it was customary to receive a gold watch from your employer, after you had worked there for 25 or 40 years or when you retired. Today, it is more likely you will receive a watch when you START your new job. It will not be gold, it will be smart. :-) I really like watches, but I have trouble imagining how a smartwatch could add something to my day. Do I really need another kind of noise? Is there any essential functionality that would not involve a notification? Perhaps you already have implemented smartwatch functionalities or other wearable tech on your intranet. Perhaps you have something else which is really innovative on your intranet. If you have, please think about sharing this by submitting your intranet to the Intranet Innovations Awards 2014.

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Enter two top intranet contests and get value beyond the trophy « Digital Workplace Group

There are a number of intranet and digital workplace-related awards and competitions now running around the globe. Two of the most well-established have recently opened for business and are currently seeking entries.Two contests — Two chances to win

Here at Digital Workplace Group (DWG), we have recently launched this year’s My Beautiful Intranet contest. Entries are coming in thick and fast, with votes for your favourites steadily accumulating. Now Step Two Designs, run by James Robertson, has launched its eighth annual Intranet Innovation Awards.

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IBF Live report: Make your intranet a mirror for culture « Intranet Benchmarking Forum

Some companies just don’t need fancy social tools to make their intranets effective; what works is what employees need. “Intranets hold up a mirror to the culture they serve.” That’s the ideal, anyway, James Robertson, managing director at Step Two Designs, told the hosts of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum’s monthly IBF Live broadcast this week. Each year, Step Two judges intranets from companies around the globe in its Intranet Innovation Awards. Robertson said the judging panel isn’t particularly interested in whether something “is just a cool idea.”

“It’s the value that it’s all about,” he said.

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3 Ways Communication and Intranet Professionals Can Become Linchpins

In what ways can intranet professionals contribute value to an organisation by facilitating innovation or improving operations?

Read about the innovation to operation life-cycle and how intranet and communication professionals can contribute and all phases of this life-cycle.

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From innovation to operation: the role of the intranet

The goal of any innovation, idea or continuous improvement is to ultimately increase profit (either through less costs or greater revenue).  The quicker an organisation (or a project within an organisation) can move from an 'innovative' state to an 'operational' state, the quicker an organisation can begin to reap the benefits. This article looks at how the intranet can help with this process.

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How to develop a culture of innovation - Randal Moss

Innovation: It’s a hot-button word in every small business — and in nonprofits, where I come from.

It used to be that the word “innovation” could grab the ear and eye of every executive this side of the Mississippi. But as companies undertook and struggled with innovation makeovers, innovation became a scary word. So instead, their offices took the easy route and became “transformative,” “re-energized” or went through a “renaissance.”

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Get the recognition you deserve for your intranet innovation « Mark Morrell

Do you feel like me sometimes that you don’t get the recognition you deserve? Isn’t it difficult to win awards which recognise your intranet achievements?  Are you nodding your head like me to these questions? If yes, then you can do something about it!  Enter for the 2011 Intranet Innovation Awards now! The Intranet Innovation Awards are global awards that celebrate new ideas and innovative approaches to the enhancement and delivery of intranets.  This is your chance to win a global Intranet Innovat...

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Information overload and innovation - Robert Hillard

I often hear people talking about the amount of data that is being created as being unprecedented. It isn’t. What is unprecedented is its retention. We are all conditioned to the “growth of data”. This is really lazy language and should be changed to the “growth of the retention of data”. A business process which creates data has probably been always creating it, but until recently it was probably just transient.

Modern business has evolved from the industrial revolution. The problem we face today in navigating the information revolution is that the industrial revolution taught us to use the principles of processes.

Two centuries of business has slavishly adhered to the idea that commercial and government enterprises are nothing more than the aggregate output of thousands of individual business processes.

Because no-one alive today has experienced any other form of business interaction we can be forgiven for thinking that there is no other alternative.

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The Idea-driven Workforce: Employee Innovation in Action - Allison Dahl

In part one of the Idea-driven Workforce, we discussed ways to engage employees in innovation and the five characteristics of effective employee innovation. In part two, we will look at operating a successful employee-driven innovation program in your organization — what works and what doesn't.

Pitney Bowes, a US$ 5.4 billion provider of software, hardware and services that integrate physical and digital communications channels with 33,000 employees across the globe, has long understood the connection between an engaged employee base, innovation and growth.

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How To Develop A Social Innovation Network - Forrester Blogs

Customers already use social technologies to wrest power away from large corporations. Now employees are adapting social technologies in pursuit of innovations to support these empowered customers; Forrester calls these employees HEROes (highly empowered and resourceful operatives).

By designing social technologies as part of their Innovation Networks, CIOs and their IT teams help establish new Social Innovation Networks — innovation ecosystems employing social technologies to enhance HEROes' innovations.

These Social Innovation Networks help drive faster, more effective innovation across the enterprise. And CIOs must rise to the challenge of nurturing and developing these networks while structuring their IT teams to fully support them.

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15 intranet case studies and over 200 intranet screenshots -

Alongside the announcement of the 2010 Intranet Innovation Award winners, Step Two Designs has published the Intranet Innovations 2010 report. This features 15 detailed case studies of the winners and commended entries this year, and over 200 screenshots in full colour.

It's a must-have for intranet teams, who rarely get to see the work of others in their field.

I also think this year's Platinum winner, Canadian law firm Bennett Jones, has created one of the most sophisticated, fit-for-purpose and busi...

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Group Genius and Collective Intelligence - keithsawyer

A new study in Science magazine* provides additional evidence for group genius.

My own research with collaborating groups has repeatedly demonstrated that groups manifest emergent properties, that are not reducible to the individual characteristics of the group members; this new study confirms my own findings, using a novel qualitative approach combined with “smart badges” designed by MIT’s Alex “Sandy” Pentland.

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Winners of the 2010 Forrester Groundswell Awards

We continue the list of finalists and winners with the management division -- internal applications aimed at employees.

We got a good crop of entries in this division as well, since companies are increasingly adopting social applications for internal use as well as with customers. The diverse management winners included the US military, Intuit (its second award this year), and a company that makes and sells cement.

  • Employee Social Application
  • Innovation System
  • Collaboration System
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Social Software - What Is Your Intent? - Spigit Blog

Union Square Ventures' Fred Wilson wrote a post titled Social Layers and Social Intention. In it, he asked why the simple, 140-character maximum Twitter has succeeded, while the more ambitious FriendFeed ultimately failed to make it big. His answer?

Because FriendFeed was largely a social aggregator whereas Twitter is a service with specific social intent.

"Specific social intent". Yes, that's a great term. What focus does your site have? It's a powerful way to characterize the basis upon which software succeeds or fails. This comes from Fred Wilson, who has been right about things quite often with his firm's investments in Twitter, Zynga, Foursquare, Tumblr and others.

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Innovation 1.0, Served Here - Sameer Patel

Riveting article on Bloomberg / Businessweek about how leaders really don’t want employees to innovate. Rather: “Businesses need most of their workers to carry out their primary duties with enthusiasm and consistency,” writes Pat Lencioni”

As to how organizations should lead and execute, the article opines in two seperate areas:

“What should leaders do? Be more open to new ideas from employees? Probably not. Better yet, they should stop overhyping innovation to the masses and come to the realization that only a limited number of people in any company really needs to be innovative

As heretical as that may seem to those who want to believe that "innovation is everyone’s business," consider that even the most innovative and creative organizations need far more people to be dutiful, enthusiastic, and consistent in their work than innovative or creative.

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know that I’m all for respecting the realities of how organizations operate today and...

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The Beautiful Question: Intranets and innovation - Barry Bassnett

I’ve been working on one truly inspirational and breathtaking charity web based project for over eight months now. It is just mind boggling and humbling to log on every day or so and see what the boys and girls have achieved. No-one can say that web technology hasn’t taken massive leaps forward over the last few years and changed our horizons and expectations of how we find information and interact massively. Except, that is, if they look at one specific area. Intranets.

Almost without exception they look exactly the same as they did five years ago. While the wide-scale adoption of social networking and the early stages of true Web-based rich media applications are part of our daily out-of-office lives we haven’t seemed to connect our intranets, our most powerful internal communications tool, to the benefits and opportunities they provide. Sure, they may have added a few tweaks and funky functions but actually and fundamentally not much has changed.

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Employees Hold the Key to Innovation - JC Spender and Bruce Strong

Most great ideas for enhancing corporate growth and profits aren't discovered in the lab late at night, or in the isolation of the executive suite. They come from the people who daily fight the company's battles, who serve the customers, explore new markets and fend off the competition.

In other words, the employees.

Companies that have successfully made innovation part of their regular continuing strategy did so by harnessing the creative energies and the insights of their employees across functions and ranks. That's easy to say. But how, exactly, did they do it? One powerful answer, we found, is in what we like to call innovation communities.

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