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Using Social Software to Increase Business Performance - Bill Ives

The Deloitte Center for the Edge has issued a new paper, “Social Software for Business Performance” that discusses how companies can leverage social software to improve business performance in the short-term and transform it in the long-term.

It states that early adopters of social software have the potential for gaining financial benefits. They can also develop skills and experience that can help build a stronger competitive position over time. It claims that social software has unique capabilities to address current operating challenges and improve operating metrics.

I would agree.

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Socialize Your Intranet and Help Your Employees Innovate Faster - Azita Martin

Most corporate intranets lack the social and dynamic elements of social networking to better engage employees in driving innovation and corporate-wide initiatives. Corporate Intranet’s that leverage social networking in a private and secure model can not only better engage employees, but can make work a lot more fun and help employees accelerate innovation. So what are the best practices to socialize your intranet?

Designed for the Way People Work

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Make Serendipity Work for You - Mark de Rond, Adrian Moorhouse, and Matt Rogan - HBR

Serendipity has been voted one of the most popular words in the English language.

It is also one of the hardest to translate. Conversationally, it is used as tantamount to luck, providence or chance. It has brought us Aspirin, the Pill, insulin, Viagra, penicillin, antihistamines and the smallpox vaccine, Scotchgard, Teflon, Velcro, Nylon, Ivory Soap, the Post-It note, and the technology behind the HP Inkjet printer.

Google outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt liked to think of his online search tool as a "serendipity engine."

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6 steps to gaining company backing for social media

Having trouble getting buy-in from your company on your social media campaign? Maybe it’s because you’ve set the wrong priorities.

The first bullet point of any campaign should not be to amass Twitter followers or Facebook friends but to restate your organization’s mission, said Renee Alexander, social media manager for UNICEF USA.

Here are some of her tips..

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Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at Penn State Part Two: Change Management around Culture - Jacob Morgan

This is two in a multi-part series on how Pennsylvania State University is implementing Enterprise 2.0. Part one covered the business drivers of Enterprise 2.0 for Penn State University.

Today we are going to take a look at where the push for E2.0 came from as well as change management issues around culture. Prior case studies in this E2.0 series have been done in a similar fashion on Oce, Vistaprint, and Intuit.

This case study was conducted with information provided by Bevin Hernandez who was the project manager when this initiative was completed.

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The pros and cons of private Facebook groups | Articles

Name the first things that pop into your head when you think of Facebook. Finding old friends, maybe? Sharing pictures? Sending promotional messages through a fan page? Privacy issues?

What about internal communication? For some industry pros, Facebook’s private groups feature has proven useful.

“Everyone knows Facebook,” says Arik Hanson of ACH Communications. “They know how to use the tools; they know how it operates.”

Still, there are limitations when it comes to using Facebook for corporate communication, and still other options for internal social networking. asked some pros to weigh the pros and cons.

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Changing IT Mindsets From Deployment To Adoption (Collaborative Thinking) - @MikeGotta

I’ve always found it interesting why the various tools we’ve previously thoughts as the “right answer” are continually replace by tools we believe to be “the next right answer”.

We used to love e-mail back in the nineties – now we know hold it in disregard. We now think micro-blogging and activity streams will solve the e-mail problem.

I wonder how long it will take for us to complain about those tools and pontificate eloquently about the next right answer that should replace them.

The point? Almost every widely deployed technology today that has failed to meet expectations over time....

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Social Collaboration: A Retrospective and Outlook - Oscar Berg

A lot of things happened in the social collaboration space during 2010, several of which have created ripple effects to be seen in 2011 and beyond. This article discusses three stand-out Social Collaboration trends.

The Rise of the Social Intranet

For me, one of the most obvious ways to make an enterprise more responsive, innovative and agile is to integrate and shrink the enterprise by tying the employees, customers and partners closer together. Technology has a key role to play because it helps us overcome the barriers of time and space. However, if we try to do this by implementing new IT solutions that are not integrated and merged with existing solutions, the risk is substantial.

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Collaboration 2.0 – A Game-Changing Social Strategy That Radically Evolved Our Employee-Client Ecosystem

To put it simply, Collaboration 2.0 is Accenture’s Industrial Revolution: it has changed the way we work, learn, communicate and collaborate.

As director of social computing and collaboration, I’m amazed at how viral our social computing platform has become, creating one of the largest suites of enterprise social computing tools on the planet. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, we put our people’s needs front and center in our approach to social media.

We first determined why we should add the capabilities (by examining which existing public tools were generating groundswell in our organization) and then determined how we should get there. And for us, the “we” encompasses a magnitude of 190,000 people across 120 countries.

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How to make your Intranet Suck Less in 2011

Engaging with users and changing with ROI in mind Every year Intranets become more important to corporations and with the rise of familiar social networking tools in 2010 this year was no different.  I don’t know of any published statistics but I bet Corporate Intranets were likely accessed more in 2010 then they were in 2009.  However just because a site was accessed frequently doesn’t mean those visits...

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Get Business Intelligence Ready for the Real-Time Web

If you’ve been wondering why Enterprise 2.0 still hasn’t taken off like it should, maybe it’s because we’ve forgotten about business intelligence, which essentially hasn’t changed much since the ’90s. While the rest of the world has moved on, BI is still stuck in 1.0.

The latest research shows that ‘mo apps, ‘mo problems for enterprises, unless they can fix their underlying business intelligence processes first (which also explains why BI adoption rates may actually be declining since last year).

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Lotus Connections matures with version 3 - Angela Ashenden

Later this month, IBM is releasing the next version of its social collaboration product, Lotus Connections.

When it was first launched in June 2007, Connections provided a sort of electric shock for the enterprise collaboration software market, showing that an industry giant can indeed be innovative and market defining, and of course in the three years that have followed we have seen the social collaboration market explode around it with small, medium and large players keen to get in on the action.

With its combination of communities, social networking and task-based activities, as well as a host of supporting social capabilities, Lotus Connections is unusual in that it spans both the people-centric, social side of collaboration and the (currently less fashionable, and yet perhaps more valuable from a business justification viewpoint) project-centric side which is more commonly associated with document-focused team workspaces.

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Search Usability - Why Lance Armstrong doesn't ride a Mountain Bike - John Brunswick

Would Lance Armstrong use a mountain bike to race in the Tour De France? Of course not. Why do we try to do the same with search in our enterprise?

When it comes to enterprise search most implementations are fixated on what metadata and what weighting should be applied to documents and other information - without ever stopping to ask “what is driving people to search”?

  • Are people looking for documentation on a particular product or subject?
  • Is the end user attempting to locate details about a support request that they filed?
  • Or is the person looking for a particular discussion on a certain topic?
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Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2010 – Day 1

Dr. Frank Schönefeld, Chief Technology Officer, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, GermanyHere we are at the opening of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2010 in Frankfurt. I will try to cover most of the sessions that I’ll be following during today and tomorrow.

After the opening speeches, the conference will have two tracks: one addressing specific project issues/aspects and a second one delivered through case studies and focused on success stories. The final part of the conference will feature some workshop and a final keynote.

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Engaged and empowered employees create profit, finds new briefing from Ethical Corporation

A 10-page management briefing published in the October 2010 edition of Ethical Corporation magazine shows that employees engaged with the mission and values of a company work harder and stay in their jobs longer.

The new research also show they are more likely to spot and implement improvements to a company’s product or service if engaged and motivated

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netmedia » Enterprise 2.0 Akzeptanzstrategien

Share Eine wesentliche Frage bei der Einführung von Enterprise 2.0 Systemen ist: Wie stellen wir es an, dass auch Karlheinz, der 57-jährige Bilanzbuchhalter, mit 40 Jahren Firmenzugehörigkeit, das neue Wiki nutzt? Eine pauschale Antwort gibt es natürlich nicht – aber Wege, die die Erfolgsaussichten erhöhen.

Der erste Eindruck

Einer der größten Erfolge von Google ist seine extrem aufgeräumte Suchmaschinenoberfläche. Der Nutzer sieht vor allem eins: Das Suchfeld. Anders als andere Suchmaschinen bedient...

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netmedia » Enterprise 2.0 Wochenrückblick #35

Share Was sich unter der Woche in der Enterprise 2.0 Welt alles tut, ist häufig erstaunlich viel und gut. Mein persönlicher Eindruck ist, dass sich gute Videos, Präsentationen und Blogbeiträge häufen. Viele davon versuchen wir natürlich über Twitter zu streuen, doch leider geht auch einiges im täglichen Rauschen unter – was schade ist. Dabei gibt es immer auch großartige Meinungen und Ansichten die sich lohnen, in einem separaten Beitrag, erwähnt zu werden. Ich möchte daher beginnen, die für uns besten ...

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netmedia » Enterprise 2.0 braucht intelligente Hierarchien

“In der Veränderung der Arbeitswelt setzt sich nur ein Prozess fort, der in der Renaissance seinen Anfang nahm, in der Aufklärung zur Blüte kam, in der Moderne kritisiert wurde und heute als Fakt akzeptiert ist: die zunehmende Individualisierung der Gesellschaft”.

Lebenswege sind heute nicht mehr vorgezeichnet, wie sie es noch vor ein paar Jahren waren. Die Umwelt ändert sich rasant und bildet  neue Wege, die man gehen kann – oder auch nicht. Viele der gefragtesten Jobs im Jahre 2010 waren 2...

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