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Why Is Knowledge Sharing Important? A Matter of Survival - Luis Suarez

I just wish that Patrick Lambe would be on Twitter. I surely do! That man has got plenty of golden nuggets to share around the topics of Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, Communities, Learning and Enterprise 2.0 to just be scattered around in multiple blog posts alone. Here and there.

He has been one of my favourite KM bloggers for years and just wished he would, finally, jump the shark and join us inside the lovely waters of the Twitter river streams. Have you checked out one of his most recent blog posts on Why is Knowledge Sharing Important? If you haven’t, you should! It will certainly help you understand why knowledge sharing is just so critical for organisations to survive in the 21st century.

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Web 2.0 gets serious – Getting Web 2.0 to work for your business

The central threads of Web 2.0 – blogs, wikis, user-generated content, bookmarking, social networking groups – are not just providing the wiring for the social web – they are beginning to make their presence felt within the business web too, with some excellent results.

Taking a leaf from their social brethern, some companies are infusing new life into intranets, and even corporate websites with these web 2.0 tools. The use of these tools is increasingly relevant for IT businesses given that they are so knowledge centric.

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Ten Corporate Social Media Mistakes -

This week I am channeling the wisdom of Christy Schoon--and adding a bit of my own. Schoon, director of business consulting at NewsGator, makes her living helping companies improve collaboration by implementing NewsGator's social media solution.

NewsGator's products use Microsoft SharePoint as a foundation, so Schoon often finds herself in situations in which companies have been attempting to get collaboration going for many years. Based on her experience in hundreds of client engagements, she has developed a top 10 list of mistakes that she has seen over and over again when companies try to travel the road to Enterprise 2.0.

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netmedia » Enterprise 2.0 Wochenrückblick #35

Share Was sich unter der Woche in der Enterprise 2.0 Welt alles tut, ist häufig erstaunlich viel und gut. Mein persönlicher Eindruck ist, dass sich gute Videos, Präsentationen und Blogbeiträge häufen. Viele davon versuchen wir natürlich über Twitter zu streuen, doch leider geht auch einiges im täglichen Rauschen unter – was schade ist. Dabei gibt es immer auch großartige Meinungen und Ansichten die sich lohnen, in einem separaten Beitrag, erwähnt zu werden. Ich möchte daher beginnen, die für uns besten ...

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Tapping the Potential of Enterprise 2.0 for Workplace Learning - Bill Ives

I was very pleased to receive a review copy of The New Social Learning by Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner. Tony is President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). Marcia is a Partner at Altimeter Group, founder of the Twitter chat #lrnchat, and she writes the Fast Company column “Learn at All Levels.”

Getting a chance to read this timely work was exciting for several reasons. I began my consulting career in the learning space in the 80s and have remained convinced of its importance for accelerating business performance.

I presented at several ASTD sessions during this period. Marcia was also a colleague of mine at Pistachio Consulting where we did some projects together. I had a chance to review an earlier version of one of the chapters of this book. But most importantly, it is the first book I have seen to help organizations understand and harness the huge workplace learning potential of social media and enterprise 2.0.

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Don't Create a Social Frankenstein - Nathan Rawlins

Chances are you’ve experimented with all sorts of social technologies. You’ve got wikis, blogs and team collaboration sites. You may even have a public customer community. And now every legacy tool vendor under the sun is adding social bling to their software.

It might be tempting to try to stitch all of these things together to create a Social Business platform.


You’ll end up with a monster. A Social Frankenstein.

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Enterprise 2.0 & Social Media Strategies: Overview on 30+ active Enterprise 2.0 Blogs

The best way of course to search for up-to-date Enterprise 2.0-News is to throw on the Google search engine. Another additional way is to use the Google Blog Search function as it specifically allows you to search through current Enterprise 2.0 news on the most common blogs available on this topic.

Topic Blogs (e.g. Enterprise 2.0 Blogs) have risen to an excellent way of getting a quick overview as well as a deeper understanding of a topic you have not known much about before. So for people who are new...

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Enterprise 2.0 & Social Media Strategies: Social Software - An Enterprise Perspective - Part 1: SWOT Analysis of Wikis

One of the most common tools beside blogs in the development of an Enterprise 2.0- Environment are wikis.

History & Definition

The term wiki originally comes from the Hawaiian word “wiki wiki”, which simply means fast. In 1995 Ward Cunningham made it possible through the development of wikis to create and edit websites, one of the basic principles of the World Wide Web. Wikis allow the easy creation and editing of interlinked web pages using a simple text editor. They are often used to create col...

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7+ Social Software Platforms for Enterprise Collaboration

Well kids, the month has come to an end, and thus, so has our extra-focused focus on enterprise collaboration.

Hopefully you've garnered enough information over the last few weeks to make a decision that's right for you, but, just in case you need it, here's a last look at a few platforms that specialize in the social side of things...

  • Jive Software
  • Telligent
  • SharePoint 2010 + NewsGator
  • Drupal
  • INgage Networks
  • SocialText
  • Mzinga
  • Atlassian
  • Awareness
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Why transparency is key to Enterprise 2.0 - Oscar Berg

Transparency is about making our decisions and actions visible to others. It is about sharing information. It is about knowing who provided a certain piece of information. It is about accountability and recognition. It is about credibility.

It is about increasing our trust in the information that is shared, and the people who shared it. It is about bringing people and their ideas together. It is about finding out what we don't know we don’t know.

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Innovation 1.0, Served Here - Sameer Patel

Riveting article on Bloomberg / Businessweek about how leaders really don’t want employees to innovate. Rather: “Businesses need most of their workers to carry out their primary duties with enthusiasm and consistency,” writes Pat Lencioni”

As to how organizations should lead and execute, the article opines in two seperate areas:

“What should leaders do? Be more open to new ideas from employees? Probably not. Better yet, they should stop overhyping innovation to the masses and come to the realization that only a limited number of people in any company really needs to be innovative

As heretical as that may seem to those who want to believe that "innovation is everyone’s business," consider that even the most innovative and creative organizations need far more people to be dutiful, enthusiastic, and consistent in their work than innovative or creative.

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know that I’m all for respecting the realities of how organizations operate today and...

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Email's Role in an Enterprise 2.0 Environment: Signal Not Source - Ethan Yarbrough

Is Enterprise 2.0 an evolution of business or a revolution? If I had to be pinned down to an answer, I’d say “evolution”. Or to be more accurate: it's a revolutionary idea that I think will emerge gradually, in an incremental, evolutionary fashion.

Take the replacement of email for example. I’ve railed against email before. But the fact is it is a foundational tool of internal communications in business and while Enterprise 2.0 flirts with the promise of eliminating it, that’s not going to happen any time soon. What is likely to happen instead is a transformation of the role email plays. I’ve seen that happen in my own company.

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Two Common Mistakes of Millennials at Work - Andrew McAfee

My previous post here highlighted the smart practices that the digital-native Millennials are bringing to the workplace. Here I want to talk about a couple not-so-smart ones.

The first is simple oversharing. I wrote before how narrating your work is a very smart strategy because it lets you be helpful to others, and also increases the chances that they can help you. But narrating your every opinion, emotion, lunch, happy hour, hangover, etc. on your company's emergent social software platforms is just narcissistic clutter....

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netmedia » Enterprise 2.0 braucht intelligente Hierarchien

“In der Veränderung der Arbeitswelt setzt sich nur ein Prozess fort, der in der Renaissance seinen Anfang nahm, in der Aufklärung zur Blüte kam, in der Moderne kritisiert wurde und heute als Fakt akzeptiert ist: die zunehmende Individualisierung der Gesellschaft”.

Lebenswege sind heute nicht mehr vorgezeichnet, wie sie es noch vor ein paar Jahren waren. Die Umwelt ändert sich rasant und bildet  neue Wege, die man gehen kann – oder auch nicht. Viele der gefragtesten Jobs im Jahre 2010 waren 2...

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Social Software Needs to Be a Layer, Not a Feature, In the Enterprise - Eugene Lee

If you spend any time reading about enterprise software these days, headlines and phrases like this have become pretty common:

  • Social software is an entirely new way to work!
  • We can break free of the tyranny of email.
  • Web 2.0 is so much easier to use than those clunky old enterprise applications – and Enterprise 2.0 means we don’t have to use them any more.

Passionate evangelism often stimulates new movements. Enterprise 2.0 has been no exception. Our company played a big part ...

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The Socialization of the Enterprise - Dana Gardner

We're seeing more social media techniques and approaches entering the enterprise, from's Chatter to the forthcoming beta of HP's 48Upper. The trend is undeniable. A recent Trend Micro survey reveals social media use in the workplace has risen from 19 percent to 24 percent in the last two years.

Strategies to resist the socialization of the enterprise may be futile. So Metastorm is suggesting enterprises embrace it, using tools that foster rather than squash social productivity in the workplace.

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The Benefits Of Enterprise Social Media -

Social media use in the workplaces, for work purposes, is gathering steam. IBM is one of several large companies that offer an integrated collection of collaboration and social media technology. Its Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections technology create a collaborative dial tone that brings the benefits of social media, wikis, blogs, micro-blogs and real-time messaging to the corporate world.

Jeff Schick, vice president for social software at IBM, is in charge of these products. Building on the thread began in my column "Giving Shape to Collaboration Tech," I asked Schick to explain how this new generation of Enterprise 2.0 technology allows knowledge and processes to be captured and defined gradually.

Here's some of our discussion:

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Networked Workplaces and The Evolving Social Organization - Jon Husband

Simplicity and the Enterprise

Most companies start simple, with a few people gathering together around an idea. For small companies, decision-making, task assignments and direct interaction with clients are rather straightforward. With growth, the simplicity ends. As every entrepreneur knows, the initial growth of a company is often synonymous with efficiency drops and decreases in profits, since administrative tasks, indirect structural costs and middle-term forecasts add financial and human pressure on early growth.

Overcoming these obstacles is one of the main burdens of start-ups and young businesses. Innovation abounds in the early stages and knowledge capitalization is aided by a common vision of the business. Further growth equates to sustainable efficiencies and market share increases. For decades, organizational growth has been viewed as a positive development, but it has come at a cost.

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The Importance of Context: Why Enterprise 2.0 Still Fails to Deliver Value

Enterprise 2.0 has been cited by analysts, vendors and consumers as one of the most important emerging trends in business technology in the last decade. Yet we still haven’t witnessed a glut of measurably successful Enterprise 2.0 deployments.

This is not a measurability problem — it stems primarily from the rampant misapplication of consumer technologies in the form of point applications. As the name indicates, Enterprise 2.0 requires enterprise-ready technologies. This requires more than tossing handfuls of disconnected and undirected blogs, forums, social networks, micro-blogs and wikis into the enterprise. Indeed, successful Enterprise 2.0 deployments begin by focusing on business problems and succeed by creating an integrated enterprise solution.

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Maybe Enterprise 2.0 Just Isn't for You

I used to think any company could benefit from collaboration, and the sooner the better. That was before a project with everything going for it — budget, executive support — went sideways, and I came to an important realization: readiness is vital. If your organization isn’t ready for E2.0, don’t push it.

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