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Intranet Now – the UK’s first intranet (un)conference | Intranetizen

Here at Intranetizen we’ve long wondered why the UK doesn’t have its own fully-fledged intranet conference. It seems we weren’t alone – but now two intranet practitioners have taken matters into their own hands and organised the UK’s first independent intranet conference, Intranet Now.

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DWG facilitates intranet and digital workplace peer learning at June London and Minneapolis member meetings « Digital Workplace Group

An important pillar of membership for Digital Workplace Group is peer learning; the opportunity for our community to share their knowledge, reveal their challenges, network and learn from each other is a key experience of being part of the DWG family.

Next month, we have two in-person member meetings lined up: in London on Wednesday June 11th and Minneapolis on Wednesday June 18th to Thursday June 19th. Each has an exciting, thought-provoking and practical agenda, which will allow attendees to hear from an array of practitioners; participate in workshops; and take advantage of networking opportunities. Whilst these meetings are reserved for our members, we do sometimes invite guests who are considering DWG membership. If you are interested in attending either the London or the Minneapolis meeting, or in finding out more about becoming a member, please complete the form in the post.

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Presentations from Intranets2013 - Column Two

Life has returned to normal at the Step Two offices, now that Intranets2013 is safely in the bag. We had a ball running the conference, and from everything we’ve heard, everyone else enjoyed it too!

For us, there were some key themes to come out of the conference, including the power of storytelling, the importance of being effective as a team, and the greater pace of intranet innovation (with Australia on par with the rest of the world).

Now time to wrap up the conference, including sharing links to the presentations given over the two days. Enjoy!

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IntraTeam 2012 round-up - Intranetizen

by @sharonodea

Last week your intrepid bloggers, Luke and Sharon, jetted off to Copenhagen for a conference put on by Scandinavian intranet specialists IntraTeam. The IntraTeam Event, now in its fifth year, brought together intranet specialists from across Europe and further afield for three days of talks and workshops – not to mention a lot of meat and beer.

Day one... Day two... Day Three...

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What’s happening in Intranets and the Digital Workplace – IntraTeam 2012

Sam Marshall is at IntraTeam 2012 in Denmark and will be blogging his take on the highlights... (Sam apologies to the speakers in tracks he missed)

  • Jim Ylisela on Writing for the internal Web

  • Martin White on Virtual Teams

  • …and Martin White again on Mobile Intranets

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KM World Session Notes: Digital Workplace Trends - Bill Ives

I am attending the KM World 2011 conference in Washington DC this week. Here is the first in a series on my notes from the event. I attended the session, Digital Workplace Trends, by Jane McConnell, Intranet Strategy Consultant - NetStrategy/JMC. Here is the session description.

“Join the official release of the results of the 6th annual Digital Workplace Trends study (previously Global Intranet Trends) and hear the latest from leading organizations around the world. Here are some of the hot topics covered: Is the mobile intranet a reality? Has social computing killed the intranet? What is the state of enterprise search? What are the top five things leading organizations are doing differently in their digital workplaces? What can you learn from the pioneers? Where should you be investing your time and resources?”

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Intranet events 2011

The year 2011 is already in its second half, but there are still many great intranet events organised.

We composed a list of upcoming intranet and digital workplace events, seminars and workshops. A great opportunity to connect with colleagues from other organisations and share ideas and thoughts.

intranet events 2011

You can find the list here: Intranet events 2011

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Social Business Forum Highlights – Highlights from Breakout Sessions and Final Keynote - Elsua

Once again, I am on the road on to another business trip. This time around to Boston, MA, to attend and present at the Enterprise 2.0 event of events. Of course, I am referring to the Enterprise 2.0 Event, a.k.a. #e2conf. So over the next few days you will see how this blog, once again, is going to go a bit dormant, as I doubt I would have some spare time to keep writing some articles;

you know how it goes for these kinds of live events, face to face social networking will trump all attempts and efforts to go virtual this week, at least, for me, so I think I’d rather focus on attempting plenty of live tweeting while the event takes place, reporting further on the various sessions I will be attending, and then on my way back home, and seeing how I don’t have any other business trip coming up any time soon I will do a proper catch up on the blog about the event posting another series of highlights entries.

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Social Intranet: Focus on Solutions, not on Features - Michael Hafner

Just on the way home from Copenhaguen - I had the pleasure to give a talk on training editors for their work with a social intranet and to host a round table discussion on social intranets for the JBoye "Intranets at Work" conference.

Here's my talk; the points I'm trying to make are: Try to use as little of these social buzzwords as possible; not even the word "social" is ok

Dont try to give definitions for what a blog or a wiki is and what it should be used for - that creates wrong expectations

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Day 1 at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen by @Wedge

With two rooms, I didn’t get to attend every talk, but let me tell you who I heard today, and how we focused on good communications, intranet strategy and podcasting.

Straight away William Amurgis said hello to me, and I hope to see him and his wife again this evening. William’s intranet at AEP is award winning, and in an unrelated manner, William often judges intranets in the annual awards. I don’t think he’s written a book yet, but I always read any blog he’s contributed to.

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Two Law Firms, Two Intranets - Connie Crosby

If you are a law firm starting from scratch looking to build an intranet, what would you do? Would you emulate many of the big US and Canadian firms and implement MS Sharepoint? Or look for a different solution? So often firms look over each others’ shoulder to see what the other is doing. But with intranets one size does not fit all.

I am currently in Washington, DC for KM World 2010 and was fortunate to have a good discussion with Gordon Ross, Vice President of Open Road Communications Ltd., web consultants and creators of the social intranet platform ThoughtFarmer. Our discussion naturally turned to two talks hosted by Knowledge Workers Toronto, a meetup group I co-organize along with fellow consultants Stephanie Barnes and Martin Cleaver (which incidentally we are just in the process of rebranding as Knowledge Workers: Methods)

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Intranet conferences - September to December 2010 - Intranet Focus

This is undoubtedly not a complete list of conferences that might be of interest to intranet managers, but currently these are the conferences I am aware of. If you know of any others please let me know and I'll update the calendar.

  • 22 September, London Intranets at Work
  • 5 and 6 October, Stockholm IntraTeam Event 2010
  • 12 and 13 October, Copenhangen IntraTeam Workshops
  • 2 - 4 November, Aarhus JBoye Aarhus 2010
  • 15-18 November, Washington, DC. Enterprise Search Summit Fall/KMWorld
  • 30 November - 2 December, London. Online Information Conference and Exhibition

Read the article for detailed information

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Ten Tips From The Enterprise 2.0 Conference - CIO

This year’s Boston Enterprise 2.0 Conference highlighted good examples of how companies are tapping into social technologies to empower their employees. For example, Mitre Corporation showed how they have successfully developed a collaboration community using open source technology.

Despite all the new technology, the shared wisdom from the deployment perspective seemed to distill down to learning how to manage the human side of Enterprise 2.0. Distilling down three days of insight isn’t easy, so I thought I’d share my top 10 tips from the conference no particular order:


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10 Take Aways from Enterprise 2.0 Conference Boston - Peter Modigliani

Last week I attended my first Enterprise 2.0 Conference and overall I think it was a great conference. There were so many industry leading experts amassed in a single location it was an invaluable event.

It was great to finally meet face-to-face many who I collaborated with on Twitter as well as expanding my professional network among the 1,500 attendees.

My focus for the conference was to refine my Enterprise 2.0 advocacy pitch, understand implementation and community management issues, network with oth...

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How to Manage an Intranet. by William Amurgis, AEP

Video interview of William after his presentation on IntraTeam Event 2009

American Electric Power's intranet was recognized in 2007 as one of the world's 10 best by Jakob Nielsen and the Nielsen Norman Group.

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Main Conclusions from the Global Intranet Trends Report by Jane McConnell, NetJMC

Video interview of Jane McConnell after her presentation on IntraTeam Event 2009

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Build you own Intranet in Stead of Buying Standard Software by Don Dehoff, American Electric Power

Video interview of Don Dehoff, AEP, American Electric Power) after his presentation at IntraTeam Event 2009.

American Electric Power's intranet was recognized in 2007 as one of the world's 10 best by Jakob Nielsen and the Nielsen Norman Group.

The interview is made by Jonas Løvstad,

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Why Social Media is Important for BT by Richard Dennison, BT

Video interview of Richard after his presentation on IntraTeam Event 2009.

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Why is an Intranet Strategy Important by Martin White

Video interview of Martin after her presentation on IntraTeam Event 2009.

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Eric Reiss - Social media behind the firewall - Keynote IntraTeam Event 2010

Eric Reiss - Social media behind the firewall - Keynote IntraTeam Event 2010. Eric was interviewed after his keynote at IntraTeam Event 2010.

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