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A review of the 2011 in Intranets and the Digital Workplace - ClearBox Consulting

Many people are boldly doing 2012 predictions, which is nice guesswork if you can get it. I’m going to stick to more certain ground and talk about the 10 things that stood out for me in 2011.

1) Intranets remained stubbornly not dead. There seemed to be a rash of articles by people writing headlines “the Intranet is dead” and then saying why it wasn’t...

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Meet Less. Do More. (And Save A LOT of $$$ Too!) - Elle Dmytryszyn

Meetings. We all have them. Most of us dread them. Lately, I’ve been wondering – have meetings become an unnecessary evil in the corporate world? Think about how many times you have thought, “Wow, this is a waste of my time. I have more important things I could be doing right now.”

While this is probably true, I believe meetings are wasting more than just your time – they are wasting the company’s money as well. (Time equals money, right?) This b...

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Intranets: global and local - James Robertson

Not all staff needs are the same. Staff in different parts of the organisation, located in different areas and doing different jobs will have quite distinct needs.

In a globe-spanning manufacturing business, these differences are very obvious: individual countries sell different products; the sales division operates very differently from product development; and field engineers are not office-based designers.

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Who Owns the Intranet? - Joel's SharePoint Land

In a world of Intranet turf battles, the easy answer is… well, uh… IT, HR, Corp Communication, Marketing, and so on, but in this social world isn't it really the end user should own its destiny?

I reference an article from 2001 "Our intranet doesn't need an owner. It belongs to all of us -- and to none of us.

Fortunately, that freewheeling approach is picking up surprising support from managers, consultants, and intranet users." Amazing that 11 years later, we are still trying to move in that direction.

Social Business would dictate that it isn't owned by any department if the platform is governed and setup properly.

The personalization and needs of all should be surfaced in a way that it serves the user. Join in the poll. I've created a poll to see who you think owns the Intranet. I'll replace your results with this best guess.

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IBF announces in-depth intranet research program for 2012 - IBF

The Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF), the global leader in benchmarking, interaction and research for intranets has announced its research program for 2012. Topics include intranet strategy and governance and the next generation of intranets.

Elizabeth Marsh, IBF’s Chief Knowledge Officer, said “We’re excited about the 2012 research program.  Over the years IBF has built up a rich library of intranet-related research for its members, and there will be some great additions nex...

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How successful is your intranet? - Rachel Lewis

Thanks to Steve Osborne for sharing his knowledge on Statistics & Benchmarking Intranets, it was a very successful event with over 50 attendees.

Steve shared some interesting facts about intranets that Interact have surveyed, for example it is possible to get 25% of users to participate in forums. He also shared different ways you can measure the success of your intranet, what per cent of users comment on documents & blogs?

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5 Ways to Engage Employees with Your Intranet - Christopher Swan

The company intranet is kind of like the middle child in a family. We care about it, but its siblings usually get more attention. In this scenario, the siblings are external websites and social media channels. Websites always seem to get the makeover and the budget allocations when push comes to shove. Since social media is the last born, it’s the pride and joy of the company and leaders are focusing on this fun and energizing medium.

What many companies and leaders do not understand is that the intranet connects employees with the company and is an important engagement tool. Engagement equals happy employees, less turnover, increased innovation and savings on the bottom line. These things matter.

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Managing an intranet - what would you do? - The Running Librarian

I've been in my current post for just over two years and have been thinking about what I've achieved in that time. That time has certainly flown by, but I'm able to point at some tangible improvements I've made to both the intranet and to our enterprise search tool.

When I joined my current firm I'd never managed an intranet before, although I'd been heavily involved in looking after my previous firms intranet it had never officially been my job. So starting here and actually managing an intranet has...

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Is it wrong to love your own intranet? - IBF

Without question, intranet managers should care about the communities they curate. But should they be in love with them? According to the Intranet Benchmarking Forum, they should.

There is something about how good an intranet is that is down to the personality of the person managing it,” Mark Morell, “the intranet pioneer” and a benchmarker, told the hosts of this month’s IBF Live broadcast. “If you get the right person with the right qualities, you can achieve a lot more than a similar organization in...

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The 5 worst things you can do to your intranet - Content Formula

The 5 worst things you can do to your intranet Some companies see their intranets much as they do potted plants: mainly decorative, placed with the intention of cheering up the workplace. Like plants, intranets appear easy to maintain at first glance – but this is not the case.

Intranets are fickle and easy to kill: too little attention and the site will wither and die; too much water – or information – and it will drown in a puddle of inaccessibility.

Intranets are an essential tool in the modern work...

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3 ways to create a workforce of social intranet evangelists - Matt Morse

From blogs to wikis and activity streams to social networking sites, businesses today have a plethora of options to choose from when they select a vehicle for implementing a social strategy. Determining how your organization enhances its intranet with social collaboration ideas depends on the needs and behaviors of your employees. Each business has a different sweet spot when it comes to creating an engaging social environment that sparks collaboration and meaningful dialogue, and its success is dependent on unearthing your employees' key motivational drivers and tailoring a strategy to meet them.

Here are the top three things your organization can do to tailor an approach that will appeal to your employees and drive engagement and participation...

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Reinventing the Intranet From the Ground Up - Stephen Fishman (@trivoca)

There has been a lot of coverage lately on the future prospects of corporate intranets. Some say the intranet is dead, some say the intranet is alive but "limping" into the future. I somehow manage to agree with both.

The intranet as we know it is dead and it is currently limping into a new future where, once we arrive, we will not be able to recognize old-school intranets as intranets anymore. It wouldn't surprise me if the intranet concept undergoes a total rebranding and drops the moniker of "intranet." In predicting this future and how it will become concrete, one must understand many different perspectives.

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The only way to create a successful intranet - Wedge

There are many features, functions and elements that go into a great intranet, innumerable perhaps. We mean to create an intranet that is useful and helps people with their daily tasks; that is part of their professional toolset. The intranet has to be useful and useable, and actually have an impact on the business.

There are a great many elements that go into a fully-functioning intranet, but there’s only one way to create a successful intranet, one that is used and relied upon. There’s only one thing that you should focus on – the users.

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World-class intranets

There’s a lot to learn from the best: what to do, what not to do, and how to do it. So goes the old proverb: You are doing your best only when you are trying to improve what you are doing.

Amongst the very best, elite intranets on the planet were on showcase at the 2011 Intranet Global Forum 2011: IBM, Cisco, Pepsi, Verizon, Tetra Pak, and dozens of others.

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A Matter Of Degree: Why Intranet Adoption Is Like The Color White (or, Adoption Doesn't Exist)

Last week a client asked me, “How do we get better adoption?  It’s such a challenge.”  At this point I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked how to improve adoption of SharePoint intranets or applications.  I have plenty of recommendations.  And I know that the number of presentations, training courses, articles and opinions out there on the subject are also beyond counting. 

Clearly there’s a problem and the community is doing the best it can to address it.

When I was asked this last week for...

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Four questions for digital leaders - NetJMC

I’m running a round table discussion Wednesday, November 16th 2011 at the 10th edition of the “Rencontre Internationale des Responsables Intranet” in Paris. This conference gathers from 150 to 180 people every year and is a top event for the French-speaking intranet world (which extends beyond France).


The conference closes with a round table with participants from Alcatel-Lucent, IBM and Renault – all leaders in intranet practices today. I will be asking them 4 key questions and will report back to you on their responses:

  • Are we reaching the end of the intranet as we know it? How do you imagine intranets to be in the future?

  • Enterprise search seems to be essential in today’s world of masses of content in the managed intranet, in collaborative spaces and in enterprise social networks. Some people see "search" as the logical point of convergence and the ideal user interface for the "digital workplace". What is your vision of search and its role in the digital enterprise?

  • How do you see the evolution of “governance’ in a world where managed content and user-generated, spontaneous content are blended?

  • If you were to give one piece of advice to organizations just starting the social (or 2.0) journey, what would it be?

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Death of the Intranet - Tony Byrne

Intranets are dead. Long live the Digital Workplace!

OK, this is partly an argument about labels, but labels matter. What most employees understand as their "intranet" -- updates from corporate communications, some HR forms, and a mountain of outdated docs -- is increasingly irrelevant.

The issue here is not that traditional intranet services have somehow lost value. Rather, it's that business units are moving on. They don't want to be "lured" to your vision of an intranet. They want some fairly specific services. From what I can see, there is a confluence of factors here...

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Reports of Intranet's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated - Josette Rigsby (@techielicous)

The Intranet is Maturing Very, Very Slowly

In late 2010, Forrester defined a four-stage maturity model to describe the evolution of corporate intranets from static content repositories to context-sensitive, interactive tools to enable productivity.

Information workplace
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Death of the Intranet: 'The Times They are a-changin' - Martin White

As a teenager this Bob Dylan track, released in 1964, seemed to me to capture the changes that were taking place on the political and social landscape.

Over the last few months I have started to feel it is more like an anthem for doomed intranets.

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Intranet resources – the eternal vicious circle - Patrick Walsh

Intranets don’t work. Why? Because  not enough resources are given to them to ensure they have a chance of success. Why aren’t resources made available? Because intranets don’t work. A vicious circle is born.

In this post I’m attempting to provide an approach that may help intranet teams to make the case for better resources and to break out of this vicious circle for good.

Why intranets are a low priority in most organizations

Intranets in trying to be everything to everyone have generally failed to ...

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