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Could this be the start of a social intranet? (Intranet diary)

It's 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, the day after our office Christmas party and I'm very much looking forward to going home. Just as I'm packing my things away I'm approached by one of the comms team...

"The Director General is going on the road next week and wants to be able to tweet what she's doing and display it on the intranet," he demands.

"I want to go home and if she waits another few months for our Twitter policy to be approved then perhaps I can do something," I think to myself.


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Lackluster social intranet? 3 things you're (probably) not doing

For years, employees have been subjected to the "Godspeed" method of their employers introducing new communication technologies to the workplace. Here's how it works:

The IT department configures the new technology, subjecting it to rigorous testing to ensure that the bits get to where they're supposed to go and that the tool works they way it's supposed to without interfering with other systems. Once they're sure the technology works right, they issue the following instructions to the workforce: "Godspeed."

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Most organizations have at least one social media tool on their intranet, with blogs being the most popular - IABC

Social media tools are now present on most corporate intranets with 61% of companies reporting at least one social media tool available to some or all employees.

The most popular Intranet 2.0 tools are blogs (75%), discussion forums (65%), instant messaging (63%), and wikis (61%) while social networking for employees and microblogging are on the rise at 43% and 42% respectively.

These are the results of a new Social Intranet Study, released by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and Prescient Digital Media.

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From social intranets to collaboration ecosystems - Forbes

Social intranet is a hot topic. With the rise of social software, the next step to the enterprise social nirvana is the intranet. Hopefully, nobody is considering Facebook as a model anymore (like in “our new intranet will be like Facebook“), but there is still some confusion in what “social” stands for in the enterprise.

So first of all, let’s try to find the correct definition for “ social intranet“. Wikipedia is providing the following definition: “An intranet is a...

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Corporate Culture Meets the Digital Era - SMinOrgs

A case study about the role social media plays in maintaining and growing a powerful, engaging, and results-producing culture at a Chicago area custom software development firm, Geneca. Written by guest blogger Jerry Carducci.


A few months ago, in his most recent SMinOrgs S.M.A.R.T. News Digest, Jerry Carducci shared ideas and examples of how social media can be used to build and reinforce organizational culture. As promised, he now follows up that post with a case study about the role social ...

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Social Intranets & digital natives - Beantin

One particular statistic from the Swedish internet use report for 2011 was how everyone in Sweden in the 16-25 age group uses social media.

For a fair while we’ve been discussing the expectations of young employees in the workplace, but this statistic is about as big as a wake-up call as an organisation can get.

It’s time for companies to stop slacking, pull their intranet socks up and get social.

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The top 3 obstacles to a social intranet (and how to overcome them)

Although they offer many benefits, implementing a social intranet can be challenging. Here’s what to do.

Social networking has been widely adopted by the public. We use it to share pictures, thoughts on current events, and invitations to parties, as well as to engage in collaborative play. We connect with family, friends, business associates, and strangers. It’s a platform pioneered by the young, but adopted by the masses. And now it’s so ingrained in our personal lives that employees are starting to demand in the workplace the same ease of communication and collaboration they have at home.

So, what makes an intranet social?

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A new social contract for creative work - Harold Jarche

In the TechCrunch article, What if this is no accident?, Jon Evans looks at the current boom in software engineering jobs in comparison to the lack of jobs elsewhere. He wonders if this is how the new economy will look for a while.

I’ve been saying for a while that simple and merely complicated work will continue to get automated and outsourced (read this post if you don’t believe it or look at this example of legal work getting automated). To keep a job in the creative economy (with core skills of Initiative, Creativity & Passion) one must become an indispensable linchpin in the organization.

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Which Departments are Most Actively Engaged in Enterprise 2.0 (or Emergent Collaboration) - Jocab Morgan

A few weeks ago Chess Media Group released a no-cost research report we put together on the “State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration.”

The report was put together from survey responses of 234 executives, decision makers, and practitioners at companies around the world who are implementing emergent collaboration solutions at their organizations. One of the questions we sought to answer was which departments are most actively engaged in or involved with Enterprise 2.0 efforts?

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What is a social intranet? - James Robertson

The phrase ‘social intranet’, while appearing more commonly, still generates both interest and confusion.

What makes an intranet ‘social’, and what are the differences between ‘social intranets’ and ‘traditional intranets’?

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Why Traditional Intranets Fail and how Social Media Can Help - 7Summits Blog

In recent community intranet strategy sessions, we’ve listened to employees from various departments across organizations discuss the shortfalls of intranets that are in the way of increasing productivity not enabling it. While they are a hindrance to business efficiencies, it is not an uncommon scenario inside even today’s biggest organizations.

The number of conversations around utilizing social media inside the organization is growing rapidly. Companies are looking to benefit from the efficiency and cost savings others have seen with social media marketing, and the first element to tackle is often transitioning from an out of date intranet to a community based one. Why the intranet?

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Connect, exchange, contribute by Harold Jarche

Highlights from Skills for Learning & Development Professionals (an article I wrote for T&D Magazine in 2008).

My experiences over the past three years have shown that these skills are still necessary in the workplace.

  • Attitude
  • Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Flow
  • Critical Thinking


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Understanding How to Create a Successful Social Intranet: 3 Tips for Optimizing Collaboration

Intranets have long been the standard for sharing secure information within an organization, but they can be challenging to manage, especially when left to one person or group, and consequently, the information could become stale or employee involvement low.

So how do we make sure our intranet is valuable and the investment maximized?

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Private social networks playing Facebook role in more workplaces

From retail chains to electric utilities to manufacturers, a growing number of U.S. corporations are harnessing the power of social networks to modernize how their employees communicate with each other, business partners and customers -- making these firms more nimble in the marketplace and leaving their less Facebook-savvy rivals trailing.

In the last 18 months, hundreds of thousands of companies have signed up for private cloud-based social networking services such as Yammer, Chatter, Huddle and Jive -- all of which are modeled after Facebook.

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Launch a project with a social intranet

As business increasingly becomes either knowledge- or service-based, constant communication is necessary for employees to collaborate. Traditionally, “internal communication” has been driven from the top down and involved generic and superficial corporate information of use only to the entire organization, rather than specific project groups within it.

Social platforms, or intranets, have emerged as the leading technology for collaboration at companies. Social intranets apply the cross-communication capability familiar to us from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to internal communication and collaboration platforms.

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Capitalizing on Social to Prop Up Intranets

No single Web technology has survived longer on life support than the intranet - the broader goal of employee intercommunication and content management, to which enterprises still aspire. Despite an over-abundance of very capable tools over the years, including content management systems and collaboration platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, the element that companies have lacked to date has been inspiration.

It's as if a construction firm had dumped all the best building materials into one big pit: With that much treasure in one place, how come no one builds houses with it?

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A small, but very important, step for the intranet - Martin Risgaard

Monday last week we launched a new and improved way of publishing news on our intranet – possibly the biggest change in our intranet communication in 5 years. Along with this we introduced interactive features in the shape of comments and just as important – thumbs. Both up and down.

Interactive features in the broad perspective this is not new, but...

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Despite SharePoint's Success, The Social Intranet is Still Rare - @tobyward

Microsoft’s takeover of the corporate intranet has been rapid, and nearly overwhelming. Nearly two-thirds of all organizations (all except the very smallest) in the Western World use SharePoint, in some shape or form (according to multiple surveys).

Despite its most unimpressive start and growth as a second-tier technology just a few years ago – lagging well-behind IBM’s Websphere and other commercial portal and CMS technologies – SharePoint has become the leader of the pack, powering more intranets than any other solution.

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Enable commenting on intranet news - James Robertson

Two major trends are affecting how intranets are used to communicate to, and connect with, staff.

The first is the move by internal communications teams away from just top-down corporate communications to two-way communication and dialogue.

The second is the rise of collaborative and social tools, which promise to transform how staff find each other, connect, and work together.

Both of these trends have driven the adoption of increasingly sophisticated collaboration tools, including team sites, blogs, wikis, microblogging and rich staff profiles.

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Content curation on the social intranet - Intranet Blog

Curation is a relatively new trend online, and is absolutely vital to an organization; not an option, organizations must start looking at curation as a core activity.”

Content curation is loosely defined as finding, filtering and sharing valuable content with context with others. To see content curation at work, see the new, updated, or Storify.

Read the full story at Intranet Blog

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