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Is your governance good enough for SharePoint? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I have written many blog posts on SharePoint based on my first-hand experience from developing strategies through to the full implementation of features such as TeamSites, MyProfile, etc.

One of the most common requests I get from clients is “How is the best way to manage their intranet while using SharePoint?”  This question is asked because SharePoint is a ‘big beast’ and needs a more rigorous and broad governance framework that is good enough for the challenge.

Your approach needs to consider:Restricting use: stopping some features from being used...

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Go on! Inspire other intranet professionals… | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Have you recently worked hard making some improvements to your intranet?  Did you get recognised within your organisation for your efforts?  Are people using your intranet giving great feedback about the changes?  If you answered “Yes” to these questions then you should consider sharing your intranet with other professionals to help inspire them!

The Intranet Innovation Awards are the premier awards for intranet professionals. Drawing on the best of intranet work around the world, these awards are unique in their recognition of individual improvements, and not intranets as ...

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Is your intranet legal? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I recently wrote about how you should manage your intranet.  A governance framework based on your business requirements is a good approach to take to achieve a well-managed intranet.

Part of your business requirements will need your organisation to comply any laws that apply in any country you operate in.  A strong governance framework will help avoid the risks of non-compliance with all legal requirements in the most effective way.  It is better to look at the bigger picture and be consistent rather than have a local, fragmented, approach....

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Why you should go to Intranatverk 2014 | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Are you going to one of the best conferences in Sweden for 2014?  I’m talking about Intranatverk 2014 of course!

Intranätverk is an intranet conference for those of you who want more than presentations.  You will help to create an engaging, fun and participating conference, where everyone can learn from each other.

Intranätverk 2014 takes place, 20-22 May, 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden at Folkets Hus Konferens.20 May is swedish intranet day, all presentations in Swedish.21 May is the international intranet day and the presentations will be in English.22 May is the works...

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How to manage your intranet | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

After you have developed a clear intranet strategy as explained in my post ‘How to develop an intranet strategy‘ you then need to follow this with an implementation plan, publishing standards and a governance framework.

While every intranet is different there are some common factors that need to be considered so your intranet supports your business requirements:The size of your organisation will affect how you manage your intranet.  If it is based in one location and you know everyone by their first name then it is likely you can manage your intranet on your...

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How to collaborate while you are mobile | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I am looking forward to participating at the World Class Mobile and Social- Enabled Enterprises event on 5 and 6 June in Frankfurt, Germany.

If you are thinking of coming to one of the best mobile events in 2014 please use this code WCMSSPEAKYOURLASTNAME in the special requirements section on the registration form.

I will be running a workshop on mobile collaboration.  I intend to cover how to can be worthwhile, making it easy, and gain the benefits of people collaborating while using their mobile device.

I will also be finding out...

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Chaotic or consistent: What is your intranet experience? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I recently wrote a guest post on how you can change a chaotic intranet experience into a more consistent and better experience.  I showed how a governance framework that has roles, responsibilities, and publishing standards that are implemented smartly can encourage people to use the tools and information more frequently and deeply with consistent design, features and structure.

You can read ‘Chaotic or consistent: What is your intranet experience?’ here.....

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How to develop a mobile strategy | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Recently I posted on how to develop an intranet strategy and how to develop a digital workplace strategy.  One of the key factors either strategy must consider is the growing needs of people who use mobile devices to access information needed to help with their work.  I believe it is so important that it justifies its own strategy to help achieve the full benefits.

When developing a strategy for people who are mobile it is important you consider the following factors....

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How to develop a strategy for SharePoint | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Recently I posted on how to develop an intranet strategy and how to develop a digital workplace strategy.  I now want to cover SharePoint because it is used by so many organisations.  I have covered in earlier post if SharePoint is good or bad and what organisations need to do to help decide if it is.

This post focuses on a strategy for using SharePoint.  Note it is NOT a SharePoint strategy!  This is a mistake organisations have made and it can have serious consequences.  A strategy for SharePoint needs to consider far more than just implementing technology...

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The Digital Workplace in the connected organisation | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I have recently been reading Jane McConnell’s report ‘The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization‘.  You will have to go a long way and use a lot of effort to find another research report that will be as interesting, insightful and better value for money.  If you haven’t bought a copy then please consider seriously doing so.

What is new this year..................?

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How to develop an intranet strategy | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I have found from working with clients there are several common reasons why this is so: Size: A small start-up company with a close-knit team will have a different approach to a global organisation with over 100,000 employees in many locations. Type: What makes sense for a large manufacturing company won’t necessarily work for a government body or a small business. Purpose: What is different about your organisation? What is its purpose e.g. online marketing company, charity or public sector?...

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A recipe for managing your intranet | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

There are many ingredients that go into your recipe for how you can manage your intranet well. Few organisations are excellent with how they manage their intranet. Even fewer are prepared for their intranets to transform into digital workplaces and take advantage of the benefits on offer.

It is no good looking at a menu for managing an intranet and choosing a few items from the menu that are easy to do. If you are expecting by doing this people using your intranet will get an improved, consistent, experience you will be sadly disappointed. If only it is that simple!

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10 free guides to help you create intranet content | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

It is not often that I recommend on my blog information to read that I believe is helpful and easy to read. Today is an exception (not just because I played a very small part in its creation)! :)

ClearBox Consulting with Kilobox Communiqué noticed that while on the top level of intranet sites there is good quality content, as you get into the lower levels standards start to drop. Often people have been trained on the publishing tool but had little guidance on how to get the most from an intranet as a channel e.g. how to write headlines, how to phrase links, etc.

They have created an excellent set of 10 FREE guidelines, each 1-2 pages long...

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Strengthen employee engagement while working remotely | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Happy New Year to you!  I hope you had a relaxing break and have recharged your batteries for 2014.

I was recently asked by Simply Communicate to follow up my 2014 predictions with one for internal communications.  Here it is:

Organisations increasingly face the challenge of how to strengthen employee engagement while their workforce increasingly work from remote locations or while mobile. There is a great opportunity for internal communications to take a leading role with developing a plan that addresses these challenges with greater use of communications channels.....

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My 2014 predictions | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I reviewed my predictions for 2013 and believe they are happening more as we move towards 2014.  So what has 2014 got in store for us?  Here are my five predictions: Cloud, Mobile, Collaboration, Governance and Value....

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SharePoint: what does good look like? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

A little while ago I asked ‘Is SharePoint ‘good’ or ‘bad?‘. I believe it is how an organisation implements SharePoint that helps you feel if it is good or bad.

Building on this theme I will be presented the keynote address at IntraTeam’s event in Gothenburg on 4 December ‘SharePoint: What does good look like for?’.

I will cover how your approach is critical to achieving a good SharePoint experience.....

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Digital Workplace or digital working? | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

In my last two posts about the digital workplace I have covered an example of how field-based people use the digital workplace. I then covered how people’s perception of the digital workplace should be more than just considering it is for office-based people only.

But is the digital workplace the best term to describe the new ways of working that people are adopting? Is a term like ‘digital working’ a better description than ‘digital workplace’?

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Selling the idea of mobile | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I have the great privilege of delivering the keynote address on 13 November at the IntraTeam Event in Stockholm.  I will be showing delegates how to sell the idea of mobile to senior executives with examples of how a good experience along with a great plan can convince decision makers in your organisation.

This builds on previous posts on mobile which you may have missed before over the past year.  I have shared my presentation here for you to find out more mobile......

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The digital workplace is for everyone (not just office-based workers) | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

In my last post ‘BT field-based workers use the digital workplace‘ I talked about the benefits and drawbacks of people who work remotely adjusting to huge changes in the way they work.

It made me think of when I have discussed with clients or people at workshops or after presentations who had the view the digital workplace only affected people in offices or more specifically ‘knowledge workers’. They were surprised this wasn’t the case.

So, let me say now very clearly (big drum roll please) the digital workplace is for all employees......

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BT field-based workers use the digital workplace | Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

I read Jane McConnell’s latest blog post ‘Floor-field workforce: the forgotten people?‘ with great interest. I agree with Jane that office workers are currently the main focus for digital workplace transformations. But there are some enterprises who lead the game for field-based workers.

It reminded me of when I was the BT intranet manager. BT had employees who worked mainly from offices or while mobile or remotely from home or local hubs. I was involved in a project to give everyone, including field-based workers, access to BT’s intranet and developing digital workplace..........

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