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IBF 24 archive: John Abell,

John Abell, New York Bureau Chief for, discusses current and future trends in technology, and their influence on the digital workplace

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Enterprise 2.0 & Social Media Strategies: Review des IBM WebTake-off - Teil 1: IBM Project Northstar

Wie versprochen, hier nun der erste Teil unserer Nachberichterstattung vom IBM Web Take-Off am 16. September 2010 in Frankfurt. Im Vorfeld der Veranstaltung gab es hierzu einige Überlegungen. Wie z.B. soll die Zukunft der Webseiten beleuchtet werden und zum anderen welche Bausteine müssen oder sollten in Zukunft auf den Webseiten vertreten sein? Wie sollen Social Media Inhalte in Zukunft auf Webseiten integriert werden? Auf welche Inhalte sollte man sich konzentrieren? Können gar Social Media Inhalte ode...

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Intranet redesign, Phase 1: research, surveys and brief - Luke Oatham

I have been meaning to write up the phases of our intranet redesign project for a long time.  I'm going to blog the 6 phases of the project leading up to launch on New Year's Day 2010.  The project took around a year and half to complete, with a core team of 4 people, working in addition to our day to day jobs of intranet publishing, website builds and the usual internal comms intranet panics.  This was a major overhaul project, aiming at a big-bang relaunch.

Phase 1

This initial phase of the project produced a brief containing the aims, scope and deliverables for the project plus a detailed research analysis.

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Intranet redesign, Phase 2: information architecture and content audit - Luke Oatham

Phase 2

Content audit

Back in the good old days when the IT department allowed me to use DOS (the operating system that I was brought up on,) I managed to do some jiggery-pokery and get a complete intranet file-listing. And a few deft keystrokes later, I was spreadsheet-a-go-go.

My previous analysis already told me what was popular content on the intranet.  The spreadsheet gave me the complete picture and what kind of state it was in, structurally.

Using our Google Search Appliance, I als...

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The social intranet is growing: what are you doing about it? - Julian Mills

Prescient’s Intranet 2.0 Global Study has found that 87% of organizations have at least one social media tool on the intranet, but the statistics also reveal discrepancy in satisfaction, usage and measurement, challenging the teams tasked with implementing social media tools to determine where best to start.

In our complex business environment, taking action becomes challenging. Conflicting data, viewpoints and expectations raise questions that can stimulate analysis rather than activity: will we gain market share? How can we realize efficiency? Are we attracting and retaining the right talent? But in a dynamic market, stasis can lead to falling behind more agile competitors.

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The Morning After: A Realistic View on Microblogging - Martin Böhringer

The initial use case

When talking to companies, some people tell me that they do not see any use case for microblogging in their organisation.

That is a very strange statement.

The use case for microblogging is information. It is about information publishing, information allocation, information crowdsourcing and information reuse, to name just a few.

Twitter itself is a huge exchange machine between millions of information hubs. The idea behind this exchange machine is that only the user themselves can know what kind of information they need. And only the user can adjust these information needs timely to new contexts and requirements. If we could know who in the enterprise needs what information at what time and from whom, then of course we could build a suitable information system which might fit better than microblogging. However, we do not.

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The Case For Enterprise Microblogging - Visual

A nice visual! A must see when interested in microblogging.

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How to Beat the Social Software Adoption Blues - Michael Idinopulos

Does social software adoption have you singing the blues? If so, you're not alone.

In the enterprise social software world, everyone's talking about adoption. There are breakouts on it at Enterprise 2.0. Lots of smart people are blogging about it. There's LinkedIn forum. There's even a whole Council dedicated to social software adoption.

Why is adoption such an issue?

The standard response is to blame organizational culture. Eavesdrop on adoption conversations and you'll hear things like this

  • "Corporations incentivize for knowledge-hoarding."
  • "People over 30 just don't get social networking."
  • "Workers aren't comfortable with transparency."
  • "We have a culture of email that's hard to change."

To borrow a phrase from always-quotable Dennis Howlett: What a crock.

To borrow another phrase from the also-quotable Pogo: We have met the enemy and he is us.

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What Twitter Can Teach Leaders About Effective Communication - Tanveer Naseer

What Twitter Can Teach Leaders About Effective Communication

As the number of people who use social media sites continues to grow, it’s only natural that there will be more discussion and debate over how these sites are used for communication and the dissemination of information.

In fact, over the last few weeks, I’ve had several discussions with friends and colleagues about how the growing popularity of Twitter might impact the way the site is used or the kind of content that users share.

There are some practical guidelines leaders can draw from using Twitter on how to effectively communicate with the various departments and employees within their organization.

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Intranet redesign, Phase 3: wireframe designs and user testing - Luke Oatham

The previous phase of the project gave me 4 main intranet sections with specific content functions and a detailed map of all the content that was cherry-picked to make the migration to the new intranet. There were going to be a fair few chunks of content left ashore, and no doubt a few stowaways.

The top-level, homepage, main navigation options, as voted for by the willing and much appreciated members of staff who took part in the online experiments were:

  • News & features
  • Guidance & support
  • Ministers & parliament
  • Organisation & vision
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10 Signs Your Organization Hasn't Quite Figured Out Enterprise 2.0 | Intranet Experience Blog

Ready to roll out your new Enterprise 2.0 Strategy? Looking to save the company millions by implementing an internal social strategy? Think that implementing a blog will help you increase sales, cut support calls, and help unclutter your email Inbox?

Before you jump into the deep end and propose implementing any E2.0 solutions, you might want to take a look around and assess whether your organization has an understanding of what E2.0 really is and whether it is ready to take on an internal social strategy.

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Create an intranet using custom WordPress themes and plugins

WordPress is the ideal software publishing platform for creating a robust intranet for your small to mid-sized company. It's no wonder that it has just been voted as the Overall Best Open Source CMS for 2009.

This puts WordPress ahead of Joomla and Drupal as the leading content management system for not only blogging, but corporate intranets as well. This open source software is optimized and tested by a community of literally millions of developers and users.

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Your intranet language reveals your intranet attitude - Jane McConnell

The words people use when talking about their intranet often reveal more than they realize. At the risk of over-simplifying, I’d like to share some impressions.

1. Which word do you use when talking about your intranet?(My impressions in parentheses!)

  • Users(Sounds passive, very IT-oriented, makes me think of “user manuals”.)

  • Clients(“They are outside, we are inside.” “They are separate from us.” IT often use this term to refer to the business managers in their organizations which suggests IT and business ...)

  • Staff (I dislike this collective noun - like sugar, coffee, etc. - not a group of diverse, living individuals.)
  • Employees (At least is has an ’s’ on it!, still on the receiving end because opposed to employer, reminds me of now, out-dated B2E portals.)

2. How do you react if I ask “Do you have any user-generated content on your intranet?”

4. Do you have an overall intranet role called ‘”editor” or an “editorial policy” for your intranet?

5. Which of the following terms do you use?

Of course, there’s no “perfect language”. Every word has connotations.

What are your likes and dislikes in intranet-speak?

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Implementing Yammer within Your Organization Using Twitter Best Practices - Elizabeth C. Castro

There’s a joke in the Facebook community that says if you’re not on Facebook, you’re deceased. It sounds morbid, of course, but it speaks volumes about the power of social media: If you’re not using it, you’re not communicating with others or the world around you.

The staggering numbers of individuals who flock social media sites from nearly all age groups continues to grow. They use these communities as the primary way to keep in touch with friends and family, connect with brands and companies and hear from news outlets.

And with each post they read, they’re able to broadcast their support, or lack thereof with just a few strokes of the keyboard and a click of the mouse.

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New navigation for our intranet - please help! - The Intranet Professor

The Intranet Professor provide advice about re-designing a new intranet navigation structure in isolation of other intranet improvement activities.

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Governance and management in the “social” intranet - Jane McConnell

Governance has been my own pet topic for a couple of years. I’ve run workshops on intranet governance at several conferences over the past 12 months. The next one is scheduled for the JBoye Aarhus conference in early November. This time, we will be focusing on the social dimension of intranets.Governance and management are different

There is a tendency to place management-related items under the governance label and the word “governance” ends up as a catch-all term. Governance documents become monster...

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Intranet Lessons from Fortune’s #1 Company to Work For | Intranet Connections Blog

This week, I had the pleasure of attending The Communicating to the Public and Employees in the Age of Social Media conference hosted by Ragan Communicators and the BC Public Service Agency. While all the presentations were valuable, Monday’s session on SAS’s intranet struck a particular chord with me.

SAS’s intranet has been designed as a completely collaborative environment promoting a culture of trust and employee engagement. The site plays a key role in making SAS’s workplace such a success by focusing on some important employee engagement strategies.

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Bitrix Releases World’s First Website Management System With Built-in Web Anti-Virus

ALEXANDRIA, VA. – Sep 14, 2010 – Bitrix, Inc. (, a technology trendsetter in web-based business communications, announces the availability of Bitrix® Site Manager 9.0 - a new incarnation of the company’s flagship website management solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

The 100+ new features and improvements reinforce the product’s claim to the title of the world’s most secure web content management solution and delivers new opportunities for fast and painless launch of a high-quality online presence to customers.

Additional Resources

• What’s new presentation:

• Instant online demo:

• Free 30-day trial download:

• Video guides:

• Online press office:

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Report: Collaboration in the Enterprise - Summer 2010 - E2.0 Pros

This report provides an overview and gives recommendations based on research collected from over 500 participants during June and July, 2010. These individuals come from a diverse range of companies and industries, from small to extremely large enterprises. The goal is to better understand the interplay of technology, collaborative work cultures and leadership.

First, we cover Enterprise 2.0 adoption, and examine the collaboration tools and technologies that are used in today’s American businesses. We all have heard and possibly experienced the web 2.0 revolution, now this movement is readily occurring in companies.

This reports highlights how well businesses integrate Enterprise Collaboration Technologies (ECT), whether social media policies are in place and how workers perceive collaboration and its impacts. We ask participants to list tools which they officially use for work, and tools they informally utilize to get their job tasks done.

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What do your staff want from KM? - Nick Milton

One of my friends asked his organisation "what does your team want from the KM project"?

That's a very good question, and these are the answers he got back.

Note that there is a lot there about finding stuff, a lot there about not losing knowledge, and a lot about "who knows who" and general connectivity.

  • A central place to be able to store and find key information and knowledge in an organised and easily accessible way.
  • A clear place to be able to show new staff where key information is kept, as part of their orientation.
  • and more...
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