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Are employees rejecting SharePoint?

Are employees rejecting SharePoint?

Each month, we ask two communication experts to argue respective sides of a burning issue. Here, Sam Marshall and Camilla Herrmann debate whether employees are rejecting Microsoft SharePoint or not.

YES, says Sam Marshall, director of ClearBox Consulting Ltd. SharePoint is unquestionably a success from a licensing perspective, but dig behind the firewall and the picture looks more chequered. For example in a uSamp survey last year, 80 percent of organizations usi...

NO, says Camilla Herrmann, internal and digital communications consultant There are two key points to define here:

What is collaboration?
What exactly is SharePoint?

Collaboration is not about using the latest sexy tool demonstrated to the CIO, whether that’s Yammer, Salesforce or external social tools like Twitter. It’s about employees working together by any means they can, whether it’s shouting across the desk or using BlackBerry Messenger.

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Are you capturing employee stories and turning them into content? - Listen to the smokers

I was interviewing the CEO of a Silicon Valley company as part of an internal communications audit. “How does knowledge move most effectively through your organization?” I asked.

He pondered the question for a minute, then said, “If you really want to know, step outside and hang out with the smokers.”

I haven’t had a cigarette in 20 years, but I remember well the outdoor smoking circle. Four or five times a day, I’d congregate with eight or 10 people, most of whom didn’t know each other, around the ashtray—and it was a different eight or 10 people every time. With only work in common, we wound up talking about work. Each of us learned what was going on in other departments.

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Top 10 Must Haves For Every Good Social Intranet - Sean R. Nicholson (@SocMedSean)

Okay Intranet fans, here it is…the completely unofficial list of must have functionality for every Intranet.

Read in this article from Sean R. Nicholson why Application Interoperability, A Clean Design, A Good Name, A Strong Navigation Taxonomy, Personalization, A Good Rich Text Editor, Governance, A Strong Collaboration Toolset, A Federated Search Engine and Meaningful Content are must haves for a succesful intranet

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Winners of the 2011 Forrester Groundswell Awards

Forrester Groundswell Awards announced the winners, with applications aimed at employees in the categories: Collaboration System, Innovation System and Employee Mobile Application.

Deloitte Australia Yammer Network by Yammer

The Australian affiliate of Deloitte, deployed Yammer in 2008 with no plans for mass adoption. But usage rapidly exploded, spreading to 5000 of the company's staff and 12 national offices. Yammer users have lower staff turnover and Deloitte says Yammer has reduced costs, broken down silos, and accelerated innovation. It also builds culture, improves connections for mobile workers, and makes it easier to leverage knowledge and expertise.

Innovation @ HCL: The Value Portal

All HCL employees have access to the Value Portal, a platform for innovation and collaboration. The key factor leading to the success of the system was management's encouragement of rank and file employees to contribute ideas. Employees using the Value Portal have generated 7,312 ideas so far, of which 860 have been implemented.

Enabling Medtronics' Global Sales Force with Mobile Content Management

Medtronic's Mobile Content Management System enables sales reps to download collateral into folders on their iPads. As a result, sales reps can quickly call up the latest videos, presentations and PDFs when visiting customers.

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Connecting Employees to Social Media: New Possibilities - Dion Hinchcliffe

Social media policy is usually not perceived as an exciting topic, yet at this stage of the industry nothing could be further from the truth.

It should now be considered a primary enabler as enterprises develop — or update — their social business strategies. Because of this perception, one of the more powerful and transformative tools in the social business arsenal will be left to languish unmodernized by many, making the organization do too much work, assume too much downside, and ignore important upsides.

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App stores-They're not just for consumers any more, as more enterprises adopt the model to support mobile work - ZDNet

Mobile and all these other things that are being bundled up with it that are going to drive probably an order of magnitude bigger shift in IT and the CIO’s organization than the PC did 20 years ago.

The skyrocketing popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has, on one hand, energized users, but on the other hand, it has caused IT and business leaders and CIOs to scramble to support these new clients productively and safely.

In order to explore how enterprise app stores are part of the equation for better mobile management and overall mobility-enabled work success, we examine the trends driving enterprise mobility with a principal analyst from Forrester Research....

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Social Business Software or Enterprise 2.0 Platform? - Jed Cawthorne (@jedpc)

I don't dread its constant proliferation and its rather odd use in certain scenarios because I am anti-social (I have no criminal record!), but because I am truly fed up with the “trendy” use of the word and the persistent fallback on its use to describe software products that are somehow new and different.

I can share Excel spreadsheets with colleagues via a text-based email client from a Linux command terminal — how is that not social?

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5 ways to energize and engage employees - Bill Hogg

When employees are engaged, they work harder and help the company perform better. To create more powerful employee engagement in your organization, try implementing these five tips.

  1. Clarify what's expected of employees
  2. Offer internal career opportunities
  3. Empower frontline employees
  4. Encourage teamwork
  5. Provide regular feedback
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What message does your intranet send to your staff? - James Robertson

You’re a powerful and highly respected professional services firm, with offices high up in a tower building overlooking a spectacular view.

You’re a major consumer goods company that delivers products designed for the fashion elite, constantly at the leading edge.

You’re a global technology company, that attracts the brightest minds to deliver the most innovative solutions.

You’re a worldwide non-profit that attracts those who are looking to make the world a better place, drawing on great people to solve world hunger.

Yet in all four cases, your intranet is out-of-date, poorly designed, hard to use, under-resourced and non-functional.

What message does this send to your staff?

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Demo video: Expertise locator fully integrated in a social intranet - Intranet Blog - ThoughtFarmer

A searchable people directory is the most common “killer app” on an intranet and this feature kicks butt in ThoughtFarmer, social intranet software. The people directory includes faceted search that lets you narrow down results and the search engine indexes expertise tags on the built-in rich user profiles. Expertise location is easy and fully integrated with the rest of the social i...

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Does your intranet make a difference for your customers? @NetJMC

How does your intranet help your customers? I mean your external customers. The ones who buy and use your services and products. The ultimate purpose of an intranet

The ultimate purpose of an intranet is to help an organization better serve its customers or the public in the case of governments.

In the “intranet world” there’s a tendency to forget that. We too often talk about improved communication, collaboration and task efficiency as if they were objectives in themselves. There might have been more executive support years earlier if our language had been more business-oriented.

But times are changing and the results from this year’s Digital Workplace Trends survey will hopefully provide 2 things:

  1. A sense of progress in aligning intranets to business needs, be it business towards customers or services for users

  2. Ammunition for those who need to push internally to go further in this direction

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- The Obvious? - Ten ways to create a knowledge ecology

A tweet yesterday prompted me to remember sage advice from Dave Snowden which I took to heart in my work with social tools at the BBC. "You can't manage knowledge but you can create a knowledge ecology". I thought it might be useful to others to list the ten most important things I learned about doing this.

1, Have a variety of tools rather than a single system. Not everyone sees the world the same way or has the same needs so mixing up different tools with different strengths allows people to find one ...

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SharePoint Intranet Implementation – Bob Mixon

Many Intranets I have seen over the years have been implemented with the focus being on a single consumer audience. This model may work well for an Internet (public facing) site; however, I contest it is a model that doesn’t work well for Intranet implementations.

First and foremost, we have to implement a consistent model that makes the contribution and management easy for those who are performing updates and managing content on a day-by-day basis. This requires us to separate the content contribution model from the visual representation of that content.

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Should organizations limit collaboration ? - Bertrand Duperrin

With the coming of social media in the workplace, organizations began to dream of a spontaneous self-driven collaboration that would get rid of rules and organization frameworks to deliver outstanding results. Today we all have to acknowledge that reality is quite different.

Facing an impressive amount of possible options, employees are lost, all the more since the value proposition that’s been made to them made no sense regarding to their daily goals and constraints. Tom Davenport suggests us to limit the scope of collaboration in order to reinforce sense and focus : specific tools for a specific goal for a specific amount of time.

But even if this way of doing things was proven successful with average uses, we should not throw the to throw the baby out with the bath water and forget community and serendipity principles : both can work together but are not about the same tasks, the same needs. However, Davenport’s idea may work for most people and, mot of all, directly applies to what’s key for them and impacts value creation.

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Designing Social Workplaces - James Dellow

Writing on the ebizQ site, my Dachis Group colleague, Dion Hinchcliffe, asks what do social business approach offer for enterprise collaboration?

In answering this question, Dion highlights three important and overlapping patterns that all relate to our ability to make previously hidden organisational activity visible, which I summarise here:

  • Social networks amongst workers – How employees relate to each other, beyond the mechanistic view presented by the organisaional chart.

  • Observable work – Effectively creating a digital open plan environment that isn’t constrained by the limits of the physical work environment.

  • Insights and analysis – Our ability to aggregate this activity and related information together into an organisational context.

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Intranet Content Tug-of-War - Katrina Marques

There are many challenges we face as Intranet/Content Managers. I have two in particular surrounding Intranet Content that I am facing now and so I appeal to you, the wider Intranet Community, what are your thoughts and experience in these. I will attempt to clarify my thoughts and articulate them as concisely as possible…

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Ten laws for intranet managers – @Wedge

Luke Mepham (et al.) has made a list of ten laws that intranet managers and communicators in the UK should be aware of to a fair degree.

It’s a fantastic list, over at Intranetizen* and a resource I shall refer to time and time again, and so I wanted to share it with you. I have been greatly annoyed in the past when certain colleagues have flouted the laws of the land merely because they felt it more convenient, or worse, assumed that the laws and morality don’t apply to ‘internal’ work… “Copyright? But I got it off Google…”

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Does your intranet solve problems or create them? - Elizabeth Lupfer

If there is one thing that became pointedly clear when I spoke at the J. Boye intranet conference, it's that we are all experiencing different aspects of what it means to become a world-class corporate (social) intranet.

The typical shelf life of an intranet implementation averages about 18 months. You can easily extend this timeline when you add on the complexities of social layers. So, if you feel that your company has been struggling with not only the correct strategy but also the implementation tactics of a social intranet, don't feel bad. You are not alone.

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My Beautiful Intranet Winner Announced! - @IBF

The Government of British Columbia has the ‘most beautiful intranet’ of 2011, as voted by a panel of IBF experts during the finale of this year’s IBF 24.

Our three judges, IBF managing director Helen Day, art critic Jane Singer and former BT intranet manager Mark Morrell, singled out the Canadian province’s site for its stunning use of colour and photography, which it combines with strong functional elements.

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Teach Social Media Savvy - Kim Dwyer

With social media tools present on over 87% of organizations’ intranets (regardless of organization size) no one can dispute the impact these tools will have on business and internal communications. But in order for employees to adopt them as critical business tools an effective training program needs to be part of your social intranet strategy.

Gartner predicts by 2014, 20% of organizations will rely on social media rather than email as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications, mirroring our experience in which the intuitiveness and social appeal of this new technology is displacing e-mail in our internet activity.

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