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The SharePoint Question: 2.0 be or not 2.0 be? - the Parallax View

It’s some nine months now since Microsoft released their latest iteration of SharePoint, SP2010. This was done with no small degree of fanfare:

Web 2.0 applications are all the rage now. Different apps delivering different capabilities aim to tackle blogging, wikis, discussion boards, document management, and more all try to deliver great “best of breed” experiences. Trying to implement a hodge podge of applications in a piecemeal fashion presents a number of challenges to any Enterprise implementation.

It was against this backdrop that good deal of traffic was generated in response to a couple of blogs from SharePoint expert Michael Sampson about the ratio of costs to customise Microsoft SharePoint compared to the license cost. The ratio turns out to be up to 9:1 – for every $1 spent on licenses, $9 get spent on customisation

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Authentic concerns about social media by Oscar Berg

"Why do you think I would want my employees to waste their valuable time on Facebook?"This is a question that I have heard many times, expressed in different ways but always with the same subtext:

“Social networking is about socializing with friends and it has no place at work - it affects employee productivity negatively” (it's always managers who express this kind of concern

I’ve never heard this kind of question from anyone that hasn’t a management position).

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Why Banning Social Media Often Backfires

Humans have a natural proclivity to want what they cannot have. Our insatiable appetite for sharing information, combined with the nearly limitless ways to access the web have thus far frustrated the most sophisticated attempts to block access to social media services.

From the Great Firewall of China to the public schools of Britain, IT security experts are finding that restricting Internet access can have the unintended consequences of civic backlash, poor worker productivity, and students unprepared for cyber threats. Here are a few examples that illustrate the ban and backfire.

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